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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have 3 SP120 RGB PRO fans connected to a Lightning Node Core from where I can find the profile "Rainbow Channel" which I like it. The thing is: I have six more fans, 3 ML RGB from my H150i Elite Capellix and 3 SP RGB ELITE from my 5000x RGB case. The 6 fans are connected to the iCUE Commander CORE that came with the H150i. I'm unable to set the same RGB lightning effect on the 9 fans, the Rainbow channel effect is only available in the 3 SP120 RGB PRO. Is there a way to make the effect available to all the fans? I'm able to setup lightning link over the 9 fans but the effect is not available there. Any help would be really appreciated also any recommendation about the changing of how these fans were connected. Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, First off, I am new to this form as well as iCue software, so bare with me. I just bought a set of QL fans: 3 in my front panel, 2 top exhaust and 1 rear exhaust. One my my favorite effects is the infinity loop, but I find it to look much better with it just having the effect only the front. However when I do this, the rest of the fans do not have any lights coming out of them. So my question is, is there a way to add another effect to these lights (static light even) while only having the front 3 fans infinity loop? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, Just a little Quality of Life suggestion. Could we get the ability to create sub-folders for the ACTIONS and ACTIONS LIBRARY, and the LIGHTING EFFECTS and LIGHTINGS LIBRARY, these rapidly get out of hand when creating custom mapping zones and complex lighting effects. I think this would greatly help everyone create awesome profiles.
  4. Hey guys, just got my new Vengeance RGB Pro RAM and I want to ask you something about the iCUE software: Is it possible, to have come effects looped? Like a rainbow effect for like a minute and then another effect like sequential for a minute and so on? So that the effects in iCUE switch after a specific time? Or do I have to stick with one effect at a time? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. Hi, When I plugged both my mouse and keyboard in to do some changes recently, I noticed even before I opened iCUE that they both had totally different profiles set than I had set the previous day. When I opened iCUE it had deleted all of the onboard storage. In addition, now it will not allow me to create new onboard storage profiles. It only allows me/gives me the option to create the profiles that are only stored on the computer. This is so frustrating! Now I cannot use any other device if I want to keep my profiles. How do I get iCUE to create new onboards? Do I need to factory reset? Keyboard: K55 non-RGB Red Mouse: Ironclaw RGB wired
  6. So, i just got my new Strafe RGB, and now i own the Harpoon RGB and the MM800. If i have advanced mode disabled i can sync up light effechts between those (e.g the Ripple goes on to the MM800 and my mouse). But once i activate the advanced button there is no option anymore to sync these devices, am i right? Is there a way to sync them anyway? I'd love to have custom effects which are synced up between those devices. Thank you!
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