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Custom Watercooling + Asus Z790-E + Corsair iCue Link Hub and QX fans + iCue : where is the T-Sensor


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Hi to the Corsair iCue forum :)

My new PC build with a custom loop watercooling is all set.

In this custom loop, I have a G1/4 Temp Sensor straight out the pump pluged into my Asus Z790-E motherboard.

I have Corsair QX 120/140 fans for chassis and radiator fans so I have to use this new iCue Link Hub and not the commander hub.. so no temp sensor on the iCue Link Hub (it's a tach. plug) and that's why I'm forced to plug the temp. sensor on the MB.

I have no problem reading temperature of this specific sensor with HwInfo or Armoury Crate. But as soon as I try to locate this sensor with iCue using the Asus Plugin I have strange labelled temperatures showing that have absolutely no meaning and aren't showing the same values I get from AC or HwInfo :


How can I locate where is the T-Sensor on iCue ? I absolutely need this to set my fan curve with the water temp and not raw CPU or GPU temp on die.

Many thanks for your help :)

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