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  1. I got the k55 RGB keyboard around a week ago and there are some issues with the macro keys. I have followed the guide on the instruction manual that came with the keyboard. Here is a link to a copy of the instructions online. I have followed all the instructions on page three to set the macros, and when I go to press the macro on the keyboard it does the key press/key presses but along with that, lots more key presses. For example if I press the g1 key assigned to the windows key, the start menu appears but along with that the pause/play music button is pressed and oddly microsoft powerpoint, settings and around 10 tabs at http://www.office.com are opened (probably related to powerpoint opening), and occasionaly random letters are typed into the start menu search bar. I have tried resetting the keyboard by holding the function key and f4 while plugging the keyboard in. It worked because the macros were reset. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver which hasn't fixed the problem either. I know it isn't OS specific either because I have tried this in my linux installation and I still get the random text being typed and music being paused. Edit: I think this might work using the iCue software but I would prefer to not use iCue because it uses a lot of cpu usage and I would like to be able to have the macros saved when I switch to a different computer or operating system
  2. I have 2 macros that type repeated text automatically. Recently the phrases changed so naturally, I edited them. It never saves and I'm stuck editing them every time I have to restart. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. So I have the k95 and I love this keyboard and software combo. I have some old pc games I like to play that didn't have a keybinding option back in the day, so the fact that I can completely lay this keyboard out differently is great. I can even have the modified profiles only open when the specific games are launched. I ran into a problem though when I put together a pretty large macro to farm treasure chests in one of my games. I'm trying to find a way to copy that whole sequence and paste it in again. I need to tweak certain aspects each run if I'm going to have the macro farm the same area multiple times. I cannot find a solution for this.
  4. What is your most used macro(s) for RPG games? If you have any game suggestions that use macro(s), post those titles here too! (A Wow macro example by an employee)
  5. From 4.+ iCUE version, we finally can run 2 macros in the same time, but it's working unstable, sometimes it's output something like 122222222, and other time 1212121212. Fix it please. Also, when you try change profile from system tray, but before you open iCUE to foreground (when PC just start), it's not changing, just nothing happens. P.S. Sorry for mispelling, english is not my native language.
  6. Product used with: K55 RGB Extended Gaming keyboard with Macro Keys. Certain macros like "Key press M Delay 60 ms Key release M" on key G(1-6) or keystroke M assigned to G(1-6) assignments are no longer working with Elite Dangerous for some reason. Requesting some help with that please.
  7. I guess this will never get fixed, so I accepted the need to repair the ICue Application everytime my macros stop working (Corsair Scimitar so a lot of buttons with different macros i have on it) But since the last few weeks (2 updates I think) it now requires a PC restart every single time? So before that I just needed to repair it, didnt need to close the game I was in and so on, unplugging or closing the programm wouldnt help. But now I need to restart my whole PC? I even thought its bc of Gforce experience, so now tried uninstalling that, which seemed to help because it didnt happen again... but bc of background recording requirements I reinstalled Gforce Experience and now the macros crash nearly every single day.... is there any fix for it? disabling plugins and other recommended settings didnt help heard, that its bc ICue uses hooking methods which are used by other programms too even tho ICue doesnt really need those Now that im also using the virtuoso headset, the restarting needs of the software are really really annoying for devices in total of 400$ When ICue would have any background recording feature like shadowplay which doesnt impact pc performance a lot I would be able to enjoy it... maybe Corsair thinks about that idea :(:
  8. Hey, Happy new year to you all :) Ok so I wanted to buy a Corsair K70 mk2 low profile keyboard to replace my current one. But the most important things for me are macros. In the past I have read that there was a "problem" that macros don't properly work with the "no delay" feature. See here: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=172616 And here: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=926843 Apparently even with the "no delay" toggled on, it still had some sort of 20ms delays or something similar between every keystroke. It is VERY important for me that I can set a 0ms delay between keystrokes and edit a custom delay afterwards when I need 50-80 delays between two certain butttons. Sooo long story short: Is it possible to have an actual 0ms delay by now? I hope someone can answer this :)
  9. Hello, I have had an issue of unresponsive macros and remaps for a while and am coming back to try to solve it for the 3rd time now. Since Corsair support has been pretty useless, telling me to do things I have already done, I will ask here. This article does help me: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044638712-How-to-Fix-unresponsive-macros-and-remaps Running the recovery process reinstalls the Corsair virtual composite input device and allows macros and remaps to work again; however, once I reboot it is again deleted. I have tried disabling auto-start up and launching manually after waiting a bit which reveals that the Human Interface Device is only deleted once iCUE starts up. I have also tried launching iCUE as administrator without any different results. Is there a fix to this? Or is this just an issue that Corsair isn't bothering to fix for some reason? Windows 10 Version 20H2 Build 19042.804, issue has existed in previous versions such as 2004 as well
  10. I have downloaded the ICUE program and attempted to make macros under hardware actions(attempted to bind SHIFT + Z) and save them but when I press the G1 key nothing is happening. I'm trying to use the keys to play World of Warcraft if that helps.
  11. So I have a K70 LUX RGB Keyboard alongside a Scimitar RGB. I have remapped all 12 side buttons on the Scimitar, and have a few macros on my keyboard. Unfortunately, none of the button remaps or macros are working for me, but things like "Profile Switch" or "Launch Application" work perfectly fine. I'm really hoping this is just some random setting I'm missing, because I've been searching the forums for the past 2 days and haven't found anything. I've tried reinstalling iCUE, turning off the computer, reloading profiles, running updates, but nothing seems to work.
  12. Self Explanatory but I would like if mouse macros were given the ability to be set within X and Y parameters and that the mouse moves to a coordinate within said parameters (for absolute) or move a random amount of X or Y within the parameters (for relative). Basically add the ability to make mouse movements random within the macro creator.
  13. Hello to all, Having recently purchased a complete Corsair setup, I have a question. Is it possible to press a special key (G1, G2 ...) in order to get the percentage of battery remaining in my wireless VOID headset? (like the female voice who tells how many %left we have) That would be very practical !!!
  14. Hey Yall, Im not sure anyone is on these boards, so little engagement lol. Anyway, Ive programmed a macro to paste in an email template I have, about three paragraphs. It always locks up and freezes, Ive tried adding pauses between characters, cant seem to get it to work. Sometimes it slows down to the point where I could easily type the whole email out myself faster. If yall have any ideas Id love to hear it. Id like to be able to program whole emails to various keys, it would save me so much time! Thanks _DCP :eek:
  15. iCue is up to date, mouse is functioning properly, side buttons work correctly in other games and in notepad, but when in Fallout 4, no input. I have gamepad turned off because it disabled my keyboard, I'm wondering if that has something to do with it?
  16. So I updated my keyboard firmware to the latest firmware version (3.08) and it seems like since I updated it none of my macros will execute. All the other functions, text, sounds from the macros being executed, lighting, everything works fine. Even profile switching works, but none of my macros work in the slightest. Is there anyway to rollback to the previous firmware version, or anyway to fix this on this version? And a quick btw, I tried repairing and reinstalling iCue, restarting my laptop, and changing the USB port it's plugged into. And to no avail does this work still. I'm stumped as to what to do. I made an account just to find a fix for this lol EDIT: So I don't know how, but I guess restarting my laptop a third time helped!
  17. DOES A SOLUTION EXIST? If anyone has posted a solution that I missed, I would greatly appreciate a link. PROBLEM: In Device Manager we are supposed to see: [Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device] The device successfully installs with installation of CUE and macros work. After a reboot or other unknown system event, the device disappears. Macro keys and the pause break key do not work because of this failure. TEMPORARY WORKAROUND What has worked ONCE for me was: 1. Uninstall CUE 2. Disconnect Keyboard 2. Restart 3. Install CUE 4. Connect Keyboard 5. Observe Device Manager 6. Repeat until [Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device] is visible in Device Manager.
  18. What I want to do on my macro is to press G which is registered as a keystroke then on release is another keystroke. And is it possible to make it like this? Press G(keystroke) hold Release(keystroke)
  19. Bonjours, j'ai acheté la souris M65 pro RGB (qui fonctionnait très bien) mais depuis la nouvelle mise à jour icue mes touches supplémentaires ne fonctionnent plus et il y a un message d'erreur qui dit: l'exécution des macros dans icue ne fonctionne pas correctement. Veuillez réparer l'installation de icue. J'ai tout essayé installer des anciennes version de icue, reforcer la mise à jour du micrologiciel et même redémarer mon ordi. je ne sais plus quoi faire.
  20. Hi there, The macros on my K95 keyboard stopped working. The only two macros that work are the ones that open programs. When I do a reinstall or repair of the CUE 2 software, the keyboard works again. It's because "Corsair composite virtual input device" does not stay in Task Manager. I can hear it "unplug" so to say with the Windows sounds for USB unplugged. I have tried what is described in this thread, unfortunately I did not work: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=140717 Comes down to uninstalling Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) and CUE, then uninstalling all USB Input Devices, then reinstalling CUE without LGS. I have also tried deleting the CUE folder in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Corsair My Device Manager: https://image.ibb.co/e14YBG/CUE_Broken_Keyboard_1.png I would greatly appreciate help as I highly depend on my 18 macro keys to keep me working fast. Thanks!
  21. So as the title states, albeit unclearly, is that I have a problem with Making a macro work in WoW. What I want to happen is I want to be able to use a skill and then immediately have a click function so as to execute that skill instantly where ever my pointer is at. To be more specific, for those who don't play WoW, some skills aren't instant cast when you use them, you have to select a place on the screen and then click to execute that skill where the mouse pointer was. On paper, it seems relatively easy right, record a new macro, push this key then depress and click. Well the issue is, in WoW, the only thing that seems to register is the the initial keystroke pressed in that macro, and the click never seems to happen. Sorta frustrating, when in certain situations you need to either be able to do those two things almost simultaneously or react very fast, or you could die. Now, I don't know if this is a Corsair problem or a WoW problem, but since you guys made it, I thought I would try here first. And No, I don't think it's a WoW problem since I have seen it done before. Anyone have any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?
  22. I want to record macros on my non rgb version of the k65 but I can not find out how to do this anywhere. Its like when I look for this product, it doesn't exist and only the rgb versions work with CUE. This is very frustrating. All I want is a multikey macro where if I press the spacebar once, it outputs 8 or so presses, with no delays. Is this impossible with the non rgb version?
  23. Hey, So i bought the K95 Platinum RGB about a month ago. I expereinced some issues with the ICUE at the start but got to fix them. The issue now is that my Macros randomly stop working. The ICUE is working fine and it also shows the macros on the ICUE profile. Now I can fix this issue by Restarting my Pc. I only use macros for Discord Mute & other "not that" important buttons. It's also "only" happening about once a day, still annoying. Didn't find anything in the internet about this issue. Problem isn't "that big" of a deal, still.. i kind of expect everything to work 100% for that price. Cheers.
  24. Today I updated CUE to version 2.24.35 and everything was fine until I noticed none of my macros were working. I restarted CUE and they worked again but after a while they stopped working again. So after some troubleshooting I found out that the macros stop working everytime I use the volume wheel. I mean like after using the volume wheel. I really hope they fix this glitch soon because it's extremly irritating having to restart CUE after everytime I use the volume wheel!!:mad: Like what the heck Corsair?:confused:
  25. I have recently purchased a second hand Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard hoping to use the 18 G keys for macros in Photoshop CC. Does anyone have any experience in doing so, or can anyone post a link where is is described in detail? I have gone through the manual, but having a hard time figuring this out other than assigning a profile in M2 for Photoshop. After assigning I thought it would be a matter of creating an Action in Photoshop, and then assign the G key to that action, but only the normal F keys showed up. Any help would be greatly appreciated Tore
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