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Found 11 results

  1. -Let us to stop macro by pressing the same button that starts it -Let us set one button which start the macro and second button that stops the macro (can be the same button) -Let us change profiles in software -Let us make normal gradient (Show us a rectangle similar to the keyboard and let us make some color points, ex left down corner blue right up corner pink this will look like you have beautiful gradient with two colors mixed in the middle of keyboard) -Let us make the same gradient but with animation (You will be able to record movement of single color point separately that will make chill color movement) -Add a box that can be checked to make macro repeat endless (ex press Ctrl delay 250ms) repeat endless to crouch and stand up, crouch and stand up infinitely -Let us use more than one macro at once, that will be sooo much easier for specific macro actions Don't thank me for making Icue more usefull for gamers, just apply those things, maby I will add some more points. I want everyone who want those features to like or something. Also I'm sorry for any mistakes couse my English is not perfect.
  2. At first, sorry for any mistakes - English is not my native language.. I just bought my iCue Nexus and to say the truth, I have a little "mixed" feelings. It is not a bad product, but with a little more effort in "controling software", it could be a MUCH BETTER product.. There are some ideas, i have been thinking of during setting up my nexus... 1) To have an ability to set our own tresholds for graphs - just like in this thread. - For graphs to have an actual use, it is vital to have an option to set fixed tresholds, because with variable tresholds, there isn't really much to read from them (apart from that they look nice :D ).. - I would suggest to take an inspiration from graphs situation in MSI Afterburner software, which I found very usefull in monitoring hardware 2) Adding MUCH MORE options for hardware monitoring. - Again, if I compare raw amount of data, which offers for example MSI Afterburner and iCue Nexus, it's a really big difference. - For example RAM usage, V-RAM usage and GPU load would be a nice additions (there are more, but this three I found vital). - There is also an potencial for CPU usage to shows all cores in one graph, but I don't know, if this is useful idea.. 3) Better ability to set brightness of iCue Nexus via different methods. - At first, I would like to see a touch button with that function on start screen - But it would be nice to have an opportunity to use my K100 control wheel to configure brightness of iCue Nexus in the same way, as it controls a brightness of keys. - With that in mind, there are many more possibilities in integrating K100 control wheel into iCue Nexus. 4) Possible integration with common media players (WMP, VLC, iTunes etc.) would be nice. - An integration with multimedia player (I mean showing "what's playing") would be nice - For example SteelSeries keyboards with displays have that ability - With sound in mind, an ability to dynamicaly show volume levels (in style of old "VU - Meters", or newer "db metters") would be a very cool feature as well Again, please don't take this post as complaining, I am very happy to have iCue Nexus (I always dreamed of having display on my keyboard), but in my opinion, there is so much wasted potencial in this device, that I just had to send here some suggestions and I would be thrilled to see at least some of them working.. Best Regards Pavel
  3. Would it be possible to have a feature where you put all your parts in order for a more synchronised feeling? For example, a feature where you can put devices in order of "Keyboard, mouse, front fans, top fans, led strips, pump, GPU block, RAM, CPU block" the lights would go either left or right following a set sequence, like the rainbow wave which goes from left side of keyboard and ends on the right side of mouse, only after the mouse, it would go up the fans, to the stuff inside.
  4. Hi! Recently upgraded to a 3900 that is currently being cooled by an H80i V2(2*ML120), however while boosting, it is getting slightly troublesome to keep liquid temps in check while also maintaining a decent noise level. I have been looking at picking up a new 280mm AIO in order to deal with this, my primary concern is performance at low noise level, but i am unsure which of the two listed products would be the best way of achieving this. Thanks for listening! :D:
  5. I'm in the middle of configuring a new Ryzen 3900x build. Amazon can't seem to actually deliver my boot drive. Go figure. When I was at Microcenter all they had left for 3600 MHz DDR4 was some H----X which is OK I suppose. But I'd love a Ryzen compatible 3600+ 32 or 64 GB set with RGB lights, and this is key, ECC. I don't think ECC is just for servers anymore. Gamers can love it too. It's very useful especially when overclocking and getting close to the edge on latency. Maybe I'm the only person who would buy such a thing, but I wish Corsair would consider it!
  6. Imagine if Corsair ICUE had IFTTT support because it would be awesome if someone followed my Twitch or someone Tweeted or something and a lighting profile is activated which makes my Keyboard all purple or something would be awesome to see this implemented (Plus corsair would be the first todo this ;): )
  7. So I've been watching some videos of Razer products and saw the software for the products and they have something which I wished Corsair ICUE did and that is to be able to rearrange where your Corsair Products are on the software to where the product actually is on your desk as not everyone has their ST100 between their Keyboard and Mouse so it would be nice to move the ST100 in the software to the location it is in Real Life so the lighting link is in sync.
  8. This is just a suggestion I'd hope they could integrate into the software. Currently my AX860i PSU is set to the default setting, It pulses up to speed for a brief second and then shuts off when under load. I did have a dabble at setting up a custom profile but it only seems to go off of temperature. My suggestion would be to go off of power supply load. If this is possible it would enable me to set the fan to kick it when it's drawing around 200 watts of power and keep the fan on whilst gaming or under a load. Currently mine only draws around 80-100 watts at idle so a custom curve would allow me to keep the fan off at idle and then stay on at a steady pace under load. Currently the only way to setup your own curve is via temperature, and as the fan would be cooling the PSU it will eventually get to a certain stage where the fan will kick in, cool off for a few moments, power down, heat up, repeat. I've also noticed that the lowest possible curve I can have is 40%, not 0%. Even if I wanted to setup a curve using the temperature the fan is going to be running constantly. Hopefully Corsair tweak the software and can implement something along those lines.
  9. Of all the keyboards I've owned I would have to say the K70 RGB was my favorite. I've owned everything from Madcat to a 300 dollar razer, but nothing has felt as good as a K70 and how sensitive the keys are. However as I still do own a PS4 to be able to play with real life friends as well. My favorite game to play I happen to play on both PC and PS4, but for PC I did play competitively for awhile in ESL. An incredible benefit of PS4 or any console for that matter have over us is that they can creep because they have analog controls. This got me thinking, why hasn't anyone made an analog enabled keyboard yet? I did some looking around and came across this Aimpad . This keyboard blew my mind and I was almost sold on it until I saw it, It's just too big. I love my K70 because its compact and the keys feel amazing. Looking at this Aimpad keyboard and I can't help but feel if corsair made one it would be the greatest thing to happen to PC gaming since LAN parties weren't the only feasible way to play CSS with friends. The ability to walk slower in games like siege can make the difference between an enemy hearing you and not. TL;DR Would you like to see Corsair make analog keys that acted on a % basis of how far the key was pressed in so you could make precise movements instead of having to tap fast and hoping you don't move too little or too much. I don't know how much or if at all anyone who could make a difference at Corsair checks the forums but maybe if this idea gets enough support then it would get considered at the very least.
  10. Hello, I thought I'd share a few points that I think would help make CUE easier to work with. #1 - Having the columns and the CUE window resizable would be great. Some colums are so narrow that you can barely see the text description. #2 - The ability to dismiss and ignore the warning about setting a key to switch modes and not having it duplicated to all the modes in the profile. You already have to untick a field to acknowledge that's what you want. Just like the other warnings it should be possible to have it ignored. #3 - The ability to have waves & ripples have a trigger frequency rather than a duration. As it stands you can't have repeating waves as each new wave cancels the other. #4 - Profile and mode exports should only contain the associated effects & macros. #5 - Pick screen color should work outside of the CUE window, IE pick a color from a picture/icon, etc. #6 - Have a way to prioritize foreground effects. From reading the descriptions about the RGB series on what is the difference between foreground and background, it stipulates that you can manage 'multiple layers' to create any effect you can imagine. That is currently not accurate. In reality CUE seems to be the one to randomly decide which foreground effect will take precedence over another. For example, I have modes which are cycling gradients applied throughout the entire keyboard. If I then set a wave effect to go 'over' the cycling gradient, each time I reboot, or change profile, the layering priority will change. Sometimes the wave will appear partially over the keys (over some groups and not others) sometimes it will 'meld' with the gradients, I can see the hue change slightly as the wave passes beneath the foreground effect. #7 - Make it easy to downgrade firmware/CUE version if someone encounters an issue with a more recent version. For some obscure reason I cannot go back to the last 1.1.x update after having installed 1.2.x. After having uninstalled the latest version, if I install the old one I can never successfully launch Cue. Maybe having an archive of firmwares and Cue versions? #8 - It would be great that the firmware package be named after the version that it represents. Currently all firmware packages were named 'K95RGB'. #9 - Have a option for users to get access to release candidates of firmwares and CUE Software updates. This will allow us to experiment with pre-existent/complex profiles, and give you a heads up if any obvious issues come to light. #10 - When setting a blinking effect using a solid alternating pattern, if it's used as a foreground at each cycle the background color will appear for a split second. It would be awesome if the foreground could cycle over the background color throughout. #11 - Have the ability to create 'folders' to help sort Actions & Lighting effects. I use prefixes to help sort them at a glance, but the ability to create 'groups' would be a blessing for those who are overly ambitious with macros for mmos and the likes. That's pretty much what comes to mind off the top of my head. I'll post more in here as time goes by.
  11. I would like to open a thread for people to start suggesting functionality for the CUE software. It's still pretty new and buggy, I thought we were just hanging but after following some posts Corsair James made, I can see the devs are actually hard at work trying to solve a wide range of problems. I would like to see some small functionality additions with each update, instead of just bug fixes. However, I don't think we can expect devs to brainstorm functionality updates while fixing bugs. Lets brainstorm ideas for them. The software is still new, and I think it has a lot of room to grow as people develop amazing lighting/macros for the boards. I'll get the ball trolling. Idea 1. I would like to see an option to select which keys qualify "on key press". Currently, AFAIK, when you set a lighting to activate on key press, it activates for any key in the group. I would like to have the option to select what key press activates it. I've seen people achieve this effect, though I have been unable to duplicate it, and the profiles are K70 not K95 so I can't reverse engineer. The converter isn't working for me atm. Either way, a simpler way would always be appreciated. Edit: Also, adding same idea to "on key release" would be great as well. As well as adding an option for "while a key is pressed". In one of my profiles I want to have the keys lighting in a pattern when any of the WASD keys are pressed. I have it said to start on press, and end on release. However, if I am holding W and then I press A and then release W, the keys stop lighting while I hold A. This is common for movement in games. Holding two keys at once for a moment before using just one. I think if I used the assignments page and assigned the keys to be themselves and activate lighting while pressed it would work around this. But again, adding functionality is the main purpose of this thread, not simply finding work around solutions. This doesn't mean I am opposed to work around solutions, they are welcome as I had said below. Suggestions of any kind are great, whether it's how you achieve something on the current release, or how you wish to achieve it in the future. Idea 2. Type Lighting per mode or even per selected keys. I have a profile I've been making for Mass Effect, and I would like to have key presses while I'm in the second mode (in a vehicle) start a ripple. I don't want it to continue in the first mode (walking), because it would get distracting. This is similar to the newest update to CUE that now allows each mode to have their own lighting groups. I think as people develop more complex profiles, allowing each mode to essentially be independent of other modes will be awesome. Of course, we can always use the "Copy to all Modes" feature when we want something to remain constant. Idea 3. Adding mode switch as a key press. Like in the keystrokes, be able to set M1 M2 M3, or mode cycle. For the same profile, I want to set a G-key to be the E key (Enter Vehicle) and M2, so that when I go to enter vehicle I can use the G-key as one press to switch my mode to the vehicle mode, and still enter the vehicle with one press rather than the current 2 key solution. In the second profile I'll set the key to Q (Exit Vehicle) and M1. The easiest implementation of this I can think of is to add mode switching to the macro recording options. Currently if I record the macro to be "E M2" when I press M2 it switches modes instead of recording it. Allowing it to even be an independent macro would let me select "Enable second macro on release" and chain them together. These are just a few of the things I have thought "Hey, this would be cool to do" then not been able to figure out a quick way to implement it. As I said, some people have found other solutions to some of these ideas, but more functionality may lead to better solutions for more elegant ideas. One way I know some of these can be done is through C#. I've seen people do amazing things by actually coding the profiles themselves. I'd like to get into this and I have a background in coding but it seems like it's a lot of work and I'm still just getting used to the CUE, no need to overload myself. I'll continue to log ideas I have here, feel free to add your own, or solutions to ideas posted here. Hopefully in time the "Enhancements" section of the updates will grow larger and the "Fixes" will grow smaller. I've not seen any threads dedicated to this sort of things, so my apologies if it's a re-post. I did a little search; I think I'm in the clear.
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