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5 leds not lighting up in a sp120 rgb elite fan

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Hello, I recently noticed that 5 leds out of 8 on a corsair sp120 rgb elite fans are not lighting up. I bought the fan with my pc 4 months ago, and there are 3 of them, and the problem is only in one of them. The corsair icue software shows the leds are lighting up. I discovered that 5 leds are not lighting up. What should I do, how can I fix it without taking back to the store? Thanks.



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If the LEDs in the CUE software are lighting up, then the effect appears to be applied to all.  You can check by clicking the "all" button off/on.  


Most Corsair RGB controllers are a series circuit, so if LED #4 on fan 2 goes out, the lights will stop right there.  It is possible one LED on a fan has failed.  Is this on the "third" fan in your series?  The normal test is to move the fan to the #1 position on the controller.  In the back of the PC the Lighting Node Core should be attached and the RGB cables  connected to 1-2-3.  Switch 1 and 3.  If all the LEDs go out except the first 3, then you have a defective fan.  Contact Corsair Support through the link at the bottom of this page or the main website.  

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