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  1. Hi, i have recently acquired a new corsair case, the fan lighting doesn't seem to be working correctly, as you can see it the photo the fans seem to get dimmer as they go down and i cant change anything in icue, everything is properly connected to the node core, I'm stuck, thank you in advance the photo is here, wont let me upload to this website: https://ibb.co/j8H3dRX
  2. hello, i have 4 sp120 pros connected to the lighting node core, i can only get 3 of them to light up, on icue i have selected ML PRO RGB SERIES FAN HUB (there is no SP120 PRO that i can select, just the standard sp120) when i select the number of fans two different channels seem to control the rgb on just 1 fan for example: if i select two fans it lights up two leds on fan 1 so if i select 6 fans it only lights up 3 fans (with 2 leds on each), i dont know what im doing wrong, any help appreciated
  3. Hello so Ive been dealing with profiles not being able to import without ICUE crashing so i did a clean install, finally got the profile installed but when I went to change the case fans (SP120s) RGB to match the profile by clicking on the lighting node core in ICUE it defaulted to LL fans so only 1 of them lit up. I changed the fan hub to SP 4 fan hub and it was stuck on that 1 fan. I swapped out the lighting node core that came with the case with a lighting node pro that my fans came with and the fans lit up initially when the computer booted and i thought everything was fine but as soon as i loaded icue to set the profile they reverted back to only 1 fan lighting up. Any idea how to fix? Im running 4 SP120s through a lighting node pro to a Commander pro right now. any help is appreciated. Also when attempting to move the rgb connectors for the fans from the commander pro to the commander core, and removing the ML120s that my H100i came with and the fans still dont respond to lighting changes
  4. So I bought the corsair lighting node core to connect my sp120 RGB fans to, the fans power works and I can control the speed, the only problem is the RGB. I contacted Corsair support and they said it was a faulty controller so I bought a new working one. I then plugged all my three fans in and nothing happened. I also have iCUE all set up with the right type of fans and everything but still the same result. I know the fan's RGB is in working order because I got the fans from a friend that had them working perfectly. Please help, Thanks!
  5. Bonjour, J'ai récemment monté un nouveau pc et je me trouve face à un problème un petit peu gênant : Icue ne me permet pas de contrôler mes ventilateurs ( Rgb ou vitesse ) J'ai acheté : un boitier : Icue 4000x Rgb ( 3 ventilos ) un Watercooling : H100i elite capellix 240mm ( 2 ventilos ) un ventilateur en plus : SP 120 Rgb Avec le Watercooling était fournit un Commander Core pour relier tout ça. J'ai donc 6 ventilateurs à relier et j'espérais pouvoir les contrôler via Icue. Ils sont donc tous branchés sur le Commander core ( les 3 du boitiers / le watercooling et le SP en plus ) Sauf que mon logiciel ICue à bien détecter le Commander Core mais il ne me permet pas de gérer ni la vitesses des ventilateurs ni leurs couleurs. A chaque fois que je souhaite changer la couleur rien ne se passe. ( ils fonctionnent via le pattern arc en ciel de base que je n'arrive pas à changer ) ( Icue reconnait cependant ma RAM et mon clavier que je peux modifier à ma guise ) ps : d'ailleurs mon boitier n'est pas reconnu non plus mais je ne sais pas si c'est normal ou pas ça par contre? Qu'est-ce qui coince ? :C
  6. Hi all, I just built my rig and have the h100i aio mounted at the top. I wanted to buy an SP120 rgb pro fan to replace my regular 120mm exhaust fan so I can use the same rgb. Does anyone know if it's possible? The h100i comes with two RGB connections that go directly into the aio fans, but I wanted to find out if I can use an rgb splitter for one of them so I can connect the exhaust fan to use the same rgb. I saw the RGB splitter on pirate dog tech so I wanted to be sure. Thanks
  7. Hello! This is going to be a fairly long, and drawn out post... These circumstances are extremely uncommon as far as I'm aware. Any help on the subject is much appreciated. So I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I have the corsair 460x RGB case which comes with a built in button controller for the SP120 fans that are included, and up to 6 total fans. That's great and all... But the button controller severely limits your colour choice as well as the lighting options. I want to remove the button controller, and swap my system over to iCUE-based lighting. Where I run into one of my biggest issues, is that my H100i v2 cooler failed on me a couple years back, and I requested an RMA. That RMA went through but they did not have the H100i v2 in stock, but instead asked if I was okay with upgraded to the H100i RGB platinum. I am aware that the H100i V2 does not have RGB capable fans by default. So they were just normal SP120's, not the RGB variant. As for the coolers, they were both the same sized radiators, and same sized fans, so I thought nothing of it. Corsair support assured me that they would work in the same way as well. Wonderful! Free upgrade! Little did I know that the fans on the RGB platinum AIO are different than what comes with my case, they are the ML120 fans instead of the SP120 fans that my whole system was using at the time. I need a workaround, or just options in general, where I can combine both of these fans to get my RGB syncing properly. My original plan was to attempt to find a lighting node CORE (to replace the current built in RGB hub, and connect it to the motherboard for iCUE support), but it is not something that's available for purchase?? Because I cannot purchase the lighting node CORE, I feel as if I need another way to sync all 6 of my fans. I am also aware that the SP120 fans will not even work on the same RGB hub as my ML120 fans. How do I workaround this? Do I need to scrap my ML120 fans and purchase two additional SP120's? But then which RGB hub would I need to buy? I would love to buy the lighting node CORE, but it is not sold standalone as far as I can tell. It is always in bundles. Do I need to purchase a 3 pack of SP120 fans with a lighting node core included to get the core? As for the lighting node PRO, it always comes with at least 4 RGB strips as far as I can tell, pumping the cost up tremendously. I only have use for the lighting node PRO, which I would then connect to my 6(if I replace the ML120 fans) SP120 fans all which are plugged into the integrated RGB hub with the Corsair 460x RGB case. Sorry for the massive wall of text. I'm really struggling here in terms of adjusting my RGB for my case. I feel like it just gets exponentially more and more expensive for getting all my lights together. It especially hurts when I see the new 4000X case from corsair which by default has it all controlled via software. I wish I could buy that hub standalone, but once again I've looked to no avail. TL;DR: How can I swap the 460x RGB to a iCUE controlled (lighting-wise) system, with the ML120 fans in addition to the SP120's?
  8. Hello all, I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here but searched and couldn't find the answer. I recently installed some corsair sp120 fans with rgb hub into a pc. However I found I need the lighting node pro or commander, but instead of either of those can I just use the sp rgb 3 button controller? I can pick it up for about 15 bucks vs commander price. Thanks in advanced! Got 6 fans and rgb hub for a deal is why I don't have either node or controller
  9. I just bought some new SP120 RGB Pro fans that came with the lighting node core. All 3 fans spin, have persistent white light and are visible in iCue but I am unable to control any of them. I have them all wired up on the core in spaces 1-3 for the 4pin rgb connection and on my motherboard fan headers 1-3 for the 3pin power. None of my other Corsair products have any problems with being controlled through iCue, its only the fans. Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this before? I've tried updating the firmware in iCue to the most recent version (3.31.81), tried swapping fans around on the lighting node core, and tried swapping the usb headers on my motherboard as one of my other usb headers has the lightning node pro with 2 led strips plugged into it. UPDATE: While writing this, one of the sp120 fans has a flicker on 1 or 2 of the LED's in the center. It is still showing white, but I can see some color flicker as it spins. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Kleiny

    SP120 noises

    Hello, I have a problem with a fan in my case: SP120 RGB. When I turn on my PC it starts making a weird noise, as if something was blocking it. This prevents it from running properly (see video) [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fp-a30dDQY[/ame] So I tried to pull the fan a little and it works, it doesn't make any noise anymore. But every time I reboot my PC, it starts all over again. I took the computer apart to see if something is obstructing the fan but nothing visible. Anyone know where this problem might be coming from? Thank you, Sam.
  11. I recently purchased a PC in a 220t case having the three SP120 RGB Pro fans on the front that are included with the case. Then I purchased a fourth fan for the back of my case, this is also a SP120 RGB Pro wanting to keep things the same. I have iCUE 3.31.81 and have forced the firmware update on all my fans to 0.9.16. The issue I am having is the fan at the back of my case that I purchased does not light up the LEDs but spins to create the airflow, but I wouldn't mind if it also lit up to match the fans on the front of the case. The three front fans are plugged into the lighting node core in ports 1-3 and I plugged the newly purchased fan into port 4, have the iCUE set to 4 SP RGB PRO Series Fans. I have removed fan from port 1 and plugged it in port 4, it does not light up and vise versa new fan from port 4 into port 1. Also does not light up. Is there something in the settings I am completely missing or would the fan LED just be faulty? PC SPECS: CASE: iCUE 220t CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 MB: Gigabyte b450m ds3h GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 RAM: G Skill 16gb ddr4 3000 PSU: Deep Cool DA500 80+ Brozne SSD: WD Black 250gb HDD: Segate Barracuda 1TB
  12. Hi all, So, a quick overview of my system: I've been using a Commander Pro for about a year now to control various fans from other brands, both 3pin and 4pin, with no major issues to speak of. I've now bought a 3 pack of SP120 Pro RGB and I'm having a couple of different issues 1. I've tried to use a 3 way splitter to connect the 3 fans to one header on the CP. With 2 fans connected to the splitter, these work as normal, spinning at around 850rpm, but as soon as I connect the third, they all spin up to around 1200rpm. Ive tried 3 different splitters, and they all behave the same way. 2. I cannot, no matter what I do, get the fans to spin below 850rpm. I've seen reviews saying that they've tested these fans down to about 350rpm using old-school voltage control fan controllers, but surely I should be able to do this with the CP too? Even if they'd go down to 600rpm I'd be happy, but my intention is to have 6 of them pushing air through 2 radiators, and the PC already sounds like it's going to take off. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Can I use a low noise adapter on the fans to reduce RPM maybe?
  13. Hi all, It's been a while since I built a PC (although never built a gaming PC), so please forgive me if you find this question dumb. I bought this awesome case Corsair 460x for my new gaming rig, and I'm at the point when I'm almost done with the build, with one of the few things standing being connecting the three SP120RGB fans power cables to the motherboard (specs provided in my signature). The fans themselves come already installed and connected to the hub and speed/light control (thanks, Corsair!). Specifically, what I can't figure out, is how to connect these 3-pin power cables to the 4-pin CHA_FAN 1 to 3 on my motherboard. Aside connecting the SP120RGB fans, last thing will be installing the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and the video card -- which of course has nothing to do with Corsair but I wanted to provide you folks with some extra context. Thanks!
  14. Hi folks, Scratching my head here! I have a 570x Rgb case that supposedly comes with 3 sp120 rgb fans connected to the controller. I have now added one more sp120 pro rgb fan to the case. It works, lights up and all is well BUT I am unable to change the color of the new fan via the controller... I have plugged it into the controller (port 4) and all 3 other case fans work perfectly but this one just doesn’t want to play dice! Is there something I am missing here or is the sequence of buttons to press in order to “activate it”? Or is it just a compatibility issue perhaps? All feedback welcome!
  15. Hello everyone, I did a lot of research but couldn't find my answer on Google so here I am. I just finished building my new Lian-Li O11 Dynamic rig and of course I bought as much RGB fans as possible to showcase the build. I just picked up 6x SP120 RGB Pro and installed them today. The 3-pin fans work fine (currently plugged directly into 4-pin headers on the motherboard, I'm ordering a fan splitter to power the remaining 3 fans), the RGB 4-pin are plugged into the Lighting Node Core that comes included in each 3-pack fan kit. That is powered by a SATA cable (the same SATA cable that's also powering my SSD & HHD if that matters) and the other end plugs into a USB 2.0 header. The fans are plugged in sequential order 1>2>3>4>5>6. Here's the weird part, the fans do not light up. I updated iCUE to the latest firmware today, sometimes it would light up, but 95% it wouldn't, I was messing around with the settings and sometimes when I set my fans to "SP120 RGB (non pro series)", it would light up but I wouldn't be able to control the lighting at all. Then a restart and it's all gone, back to square one. I'm super frustrated, am I missing a component to power these lights? I even checked my power supply cable, switched 2.0 header ports, even swapped out the Lighting Node Core to see if that was defective. Nothing is working, please someone shed some light on this. My specs: R7 3800X Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master G.Skill 32GB TridentZ 3600MHz @ 16CL Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT Seasonic Gold Prime 850W PSU DeepCool Castle 360EX AIO Lian Li O11-Dynamic EDIT 1: So I got all the lighting to work on the fans. I just unplugged all and restarted and went one by one. In iCUE my fans only work when its set to SP RGB SERIES Fan even though mine are SP RGB Pro Series. Whatever, but the weird pard is that the LEDs are all wonky, all fans are flashing difference colors when I use Rainbow shift but one fan. The one fan does it correctly, the rest are not correctly colored unless I put them all to white LED. Even certain static colors don't match, for example I tried yellow and 3 of the 6 fans are yellow, the rest are magenta and other random colors. https://imgur.com/a/WD3Z469 EDIT 2: I swapped out USB headers, did not work. I swapped out lighting node core, did not work. I did test each fan individually and when they're plugged into port 1, every effect works normally. Any fan plugged from Port 2-6, they all flash/flicker so I know it's not a fan or LED issue. So fan#1 plugged into port#1 works fine. Fan #2 plugged into port #2 flickers. But if I switch the ports from Fan #1 to port #2 and vice versa. Fan #1 would flicker and Fan#2 would work flawlessly. And its not a lighting core issue because I did the same with a brand new lighting node core, same symptoms. But what's the cause of this? I even tried to plug the lighting hub core into a separate SATA cable for the PSU. Still didn't resolve the flickering when I set a pattern.
  16. I have a Corsair 460x RGB case and recently put my new pc parts in. Everything works fine with the PC itself, but i've been having trouble with the 3 front fans and the extra one I installed on the exhaust (all SP120.) The fans themselves are spinning as they're connected to the mobo, and the controller is connected to my psu, yet only the middle fan at the front is being lit up in green. The buttons on the controller dont work either. Any suggestions?
  17. I have a Corsair 460x RGB case and recently put my new pc parts in. Everything works fine with the PC itself, but i've been having trouble with the 3 front fans and the extra one I added to the exhaust. The fans themselves are spinning as they're connected to the mobo, and the controller is connected to my psu, yet only the middle fan at the front is being lit up in green with the rest not being lit up at all.. The buttons on the controller dont work either. Any suggestions?
  18. Hey, i recently bought some SP120 RGB fans ( with the fan hub), they light up and i can control the lights via the ICue software, but none of them are spinning? Plugged the SATA cable from the fan hub into the sata on my PSU, made sure the fans are properly plugged in, read online i might need to go into the BIOS to change from PMW to DC, but i have no DC option from what i can see, all i have is auto, voltage, and PMW (unless i'm in the wrong place), i have a gigabyte motherboard, (according to PCPartPicker they are compatible I know i shouldn't rely on that but i had nothing else to go off :p ), could anyone help?
  19. Hi, I built my first pc using 570x that comes with 3 SP120 fans on front. Fan device is not being detected in iCUE software. However K55 keyboard and Vengeance Ram are both in the devices list. All three fans are separately connected to Asus B450-f mobo. Don't have this hub. (attachment) Please recommend the best possible solution. Thanks!
  20. Hey, habe mir einen neuen Rechner aufgebaut und die Kühlung erweitert. Meine Frage ist folgende.. Optisch gefällt es mir nicht so wenn der hintere Lüfter innen verbaut ist, da er den Aorus Schriftzug verdeckt vom Mainboard. Habe ich Nachteile wenn ich ihn wie auf dem Bild außen verbaut habe? Des weiteren habe ich Probleme mit der Corsair Wasserkühlung. Er speichert meine Einstellungen nicht. Sobald ich den Rechner neu starte ist alles wieder auf Werkseinstellung. Es ist auch schon vorgekommen das er im Betrieb bei eigenen rgb Einstellungen einfach komplett für paar Sekunden ausgefallen ist. Kennt jemand das Problem? Grüße Tom
  21. Hi all. New member here. I recently built a new PC and got the Corsair Crystal 460X gaming case which came with 3 RGB stock fans. These fans are the SP120 models and I have an SP Corsair fan controller with them. I plan on getting up to 6 fans in my case soon but I was wondering if these fans can be replaced with any other model? The reason being is that these types of fans only support 6 standard colours and some lighting features. I want to give my build and desk a cyan theme. I already have cyan set on my keyboard, some led strips and inside my motherboard/GPU with RBG fusion. Cyan is not available with these fans. I know it seems like a petty reason to change some fans, but it would be nice to have something that offers this flexibility. If I can't do anything I may just get another 3x SP120 fans and choose another RGB theme, but I thought I'd check with you guys first to see if there's anything I can change that will help me with my goal? Is there anything else that's compatible with my current case/controller, and if not, how much do I need to change to get to where I need to be? Image in my Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzlkpox9qfokvat/20190521_210204.jpg?dl=0
  22. Hey guys, im new into all of this rgb stuff etc and want to build my new pc by my own but I have few questions regarding the corsair 460x. - i want to use either the kraken x52, x62 or the x72 and Place it in the Front, can i Connect the included sp120 rgb fans With the aio and the aio would Control the Speed of the fans ? Or do i Need to buy something Else to make use of the sp120? - if so, what do i Need to buy ? - or would a push pull fit into the case ? I want ti use a rtx 2080 gaming trio x https://imgur.com/a/4QqYxX6 here is a rough sketch and quick maths, Everything would fit, am i right or have i forgotten something?
  23. Hi everyone! I just got a Commander Pro to control my SP120s along with everything else, and I couldn't get it to work. At first I had only 1/4 fans illuminated, and then had after moving things around, and then back to 1/4. They don't even seem to work now if I remove the ComPro and go back to the button controller. This makes me think they are broken vs. just not configured right or something. Also, what's interesting is when I plug in the power to the 6-input led module, one of the fans kinds of flashes and then goes dark. I think I figured out what happened though. Reading the sticky thread on "HD120 RGB and SP120 RGB Fan connectors" it talks about not plugging in the 5v LED connector to any 12V connector, like the "Fan" connectors on the commander pro. Well, I believe that's the first thing I did when I put the Commander Pro in (after throwing out the directions, of course :[pouts:). Would that explain why the LEDs are no longer working? Was running the PC / ComPro with 12v going to the LED connectors enough to make them no longer illuminate? I'd like to make sure that's the issue because then I might just buy new SP120s vs. buying HD120s assuming they might work better... Thanks for your thoughts!
  24. Hi All, I finally dove straight into my first pc build last night. Wiring on the 460x RGB case is an absolute mess, but I’m slowly cleaning up the bunches of wires. Before I do that though... I turned on the pc last night to make sure all the fans were running. I didn’t connect a monitor, so I haven’t had a chance to dive into BIOS yet. Here is my fan setup: 3 LL120 RGB fans in front of case, all three have RGB connected to an RGB hub in slots #1-3. Two of the front fans are cooling an h100i v2. These two are being powered by the AIO cooler connection. The third LL120 fan power is plugged into the commander pro. Commander pro is connected to SATA from PSU and USB is plugged into the mb. After turning on the pc, all three LL120 fans are spinning and also have RGB power. 3 SP120L RGB fans for exhaust (1 rear, 2 top). These are the fans which came with the 460x case. All I did was relocate them to the exhaust side, and I also got rid of the button control module since I’m connecting to the commander pro. I’m using the supplied RGB hub for the SP120 fans. The SP fan power is connected to the commander pro. RGB are connected to the SP RGB hub. The hub is connected to the commander pro, as well as SATA cable for power. With pc powered on, the SP fans have power, but no RGB. I checked all my connections and it all looks correct. Any of you have any ideas? I’m at work now, but plan on troubleshooting this when I get home tonight. Everything else seems to be working properly. I’m also wondering...how do I know the AIO cooler is circulating? I don’t hear anything- no gurgling, pump noises...just the fans purring away.
  25. Hello everyone. I have just received all the parts to my new build, which is the one matching my description provided upon registration. I have not been able to find a reliable resource that describes how to set up my build for cooling, and my ignorance on the matter is sure to be displayed in this post, so any help would really be appreciated. So my setup is based off a youtube video from Max Yuryev, and his 8k Video Editing PC (570x which is the case I have as well). The way he seems to have it set up is 3 - stock SP120 RGB Fans housed at the front. 2 - SP120 RGB Fans at the top 1 - SP120 RGB Fan at the rear 1 - 360 Arctic Cooler non RGB, housed at the front creating a push/pull with the front stock fans. I have an ASRock TaiChi X399 Motherboard as well, with a Threadripper 1950x. I made the mistake of ordering HD120 fans, and found out that they are incompatible with the SP120's and their controller, and so have ordered 3 additional SP120 fans, which are on the way. I have also purchased the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB AIO rather than the 360 Arctic Cooler. I didn't realize originally that he had the non RGB or that it even mattered. So my biggest concern is regarding connectivity for power and running the fans. I don't know what the best setup would be regarding for power. I have never built a PC before and am not sure what the best setup would be. So I plan to mirror his PC as he obtained great benchmarks with his setup, the only problem is he didn't go into details about where to connect the fans, or how. Do I need the six fans surrounding the Rad to be connected together, if so, how do I do that? A schematic would be great, or just advice on which header to plug the fans into, and if I need any additional accessories. Thanks all!
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