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Sp120 Rgb Pro discoloration issue

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I got some kind of discoloration issue with 5 out of the 6 Corsair Icue Sp120 Rgb Pro Fans. As you can see in the pictures below 5 out of the 6 fans have a greenish/yellowish tint to them while only the bottom front fan is white, this is with all 6 fans set to the same colour (pure white ffffff). The 3 front fans came with the case which I ordered in may of 2020 the other 3 I ordered some months later (november) that same year. All of the fans have always been set to the same colour in Icue, I set them to blue (roughly 0022ff) for ~70% of the year and to orange (ff5e00) for ~30% of the year. I've had the issue for a while now with it slowly getting worse, the discolaration keeps getting stronger to the point that the colours on the colour wheel in icue do not match the colours of the fans anymore expect for the bottem fan. I'm pretty sure that the blue leds are degrading fast, it makes sense. When selecting just blue the discoloured fans are clearly less bright than the bottem front one. My question: Is this normal though? 4 years does seem fast to me, I certainly didn't expect something like that from corsair, or is there some kind of issue? And my other question is why is it not affecting the bottem front fan, do the others have some manufacturing defect? It's odd to me that they don't all exhibit the same level of degradation.

Greetings Thomas Mulder



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