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Sidetone Without iCue on Corsair Void Prod RGB Wireless Headset

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Hi All,

I have a wireless void prod headset and love it!  However, I have recently changed jobs, and the new company will not allow the installation of Corsair iCue software due to security concerns.

The headset still works with the basic Windows drivers, but there is no way to turn on sidetone (so I can hear myself while talking) without the iCue software, at least not that I can find.

I found a link that showed how to turn on sidetone from the device config in Windows, but that produced a horrible delay of like a full second that made the feature unusable.

I also found some links and you tube videos that show going into the configs and removing the "mute" audio from the Mic, but that is not a setting I have on this laptop.  I would think such an option would be dependent on some sort of special sound card or configuration.

Having said the above, anyone have ideas on how to enable the sidetone, without  a delay, that does not use the iCue software?



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  • Corsair Employee

Unfortunately the sidetone feature of the headset is a software features only active when iCUE is running.

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