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Corsair Void Rocker button macro on iCUE


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Is there a way to allow the profile switch button, the rocker button on the VOID elite Pro headphones to be configured to control other things? Such as allowing it to play/pause media for when listening to media and are away from the computer? I believe there should be a way to do this, I never use the profile options or sound types as I don't need to ever switch them, and playback media key always with me on my headphones is on all wireless devices for your phone, so why shouldn't we be allowed to have that choice on iCUE. iCUE could be used for so much more if we allow macros on headphones, especially since we have two ways to mute the mic that seems to be overkill, if we had macros we could play music and skip songs without having to be near our computers, so we can use our computers from further away, which is why most people purchase wireless headphones instead of wired.

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