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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, today my new Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless from Amazon Warehouse arrived, I'm really pleased with the sound, the fit, the connectivity almost everything. The microphone is rather quiet but nothing really concerning, but if i turn on sidetone and move the slider even a little above 10% volume i get a really noticeable static noise, when I turn it all the way up to 100%, where I can finally really hear my own voice the static is almost louder then quiet background music. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem, or if that is the reason that this otherwise totally perfect headset ended up in the warehouse and I just need to order a different one. English is not my first language so please excuse the errors, that are in the text. Thank you for your replys in advance!
  2. I cannot for the life of me get the sidetone activated on my PS4. I know this headset was designed for PC but the mic and audio work great for my PS4 plus they're comfy. The problem is I can't hear myself talk (sidetone) and therefore have no idea how loud I'm getting. I can get sidetone through the headset on the laptop, and it even remains after I unplug the usb receiver but as soon as it plugs into my PS4 I loose the sidetone. Game and chat audio are fine but that's not the issue. The issue is my wife is going to kill me if I can't keep it down and sidetone would help a lot. So far I have tried: 1 uninstalling/reinstalling iCUE and activating sidetone through the PC then plugging it into my PS4. 2 holding down the mute button to activate sidetone (voice feedback) On a side note, the headset buttons don't work on PS, not even the volume wheel. 3 soft reboot the headset itself by holding the mute button for 15 seconds until it turns off. 4 Contacting Corsair customer support. They said since the sidetone works on the PC the issue isn't with the headset. I know everyone here is a member of the PC Master Race and I am but a loley pesant console gamer but I throw myself up upon the mercy of the forums in the hopes that one of you, in you infinite wisdom, would bless an answer upon me. An unworthy gamer, Pickles4u
  3. There's no battery indicator anywhere for my new HS70 Pro Wireless headphones. Even iCue settings is just blank next to "status / battery" Screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/qGudqBKN I expected there to be some way to check the battery level such as pressing the power button to have it spoken which many other headsets do. Seems odd to have no battery level info on an otherwise seemingly high quality headset. There is also an issue where sometimes sidetone will remain on when the mic mute button is pressed. Then when the mic is unmuted sidetone will turn off. The only way to turn sidetone back on is to move the sidetone slider in iCue settings. This is a highly irritating bug! Firmware is also at v0.01 which seems suspicious, is that the latest version?
  4. i cant seem to find anywhere to report a bug to corsair. so i guess ill just post here and see if i can get some help. After the latest ICUE update my side tone no longer works while dolby surrond sound is active. Before the update as annoying as it was to have to manually mute and unmute the sidetone after muting my mic the side tone still worked. But now my sidetone will not work when i have dolby surround sound on, if i turn it off i can hear myself but if i dont then my side tone is completely muted. i have tried muting and unmuting, changing the sidetone levels, flipping my mic up to mute then putting it back down, force updating the headset firmware, and even uninstalling then reinstalling. Nothing has worked and the problem started right after i updated a day or two ago im pretty convinced its a bug with the latest update. i have a pre built its an HP omen 870-224 but i dont think my computer is the problem. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know of a fix?
  5. I have been using my HS70 headphones for about 6 months now and have loved having the sidetone feature to hear my voice when I talk. It helps me to not talk super loud since the headphones are somewhat hard to hear through. I just got a Blue Snowball Ice Mic and was wondering if there was a way that I could make it the default device for the sidetone so that I don't have to use the Mic on the headset all the time.
  6. Bought void wireless ~6 months ago, it has firmware v0.15 and everything was fine: mic could be muted by flipping it up, sidetone was not resetting after that, headset was connecting to PC very fast. Few weeks ago headset suddenly died (i thought so). I tried to force update firmware and it succeed, BUT now firmware is 39.02, and now i cant mute mic by flipping it up, sidetone is resetting every time and headset is connecting to PC much slower. My question is: where can i find firmware database to download firmware 0.15 and intall it to my headset? Or is there any other possibilities?
  7. Hello, I just recently purchased the HS60 headset and while I love it, everything about it has been excellent thus far aside from two issues. For one, I'm confused as to why the headset lacks the sidetone feature in iCue. I know that the Void pros and HS70s have this option and the HS60, as far as I can tell, seems identical to the HS70, other than being wired rather than wireless. It seems odd that the HS60 would lack such a feature. I've used other headsets by other manufacturers and I've always bought wired versions because I don't need a wireless headset and it saves me money to grab wired versions. They never lacked any of the functionality of the wireless versions, other than not being wireless. I would love to keep this headset, as it's by far the most comfortable one I've ever owned and the sound quality is great, but lacking sidetone is kind of a dealbreaker. The second issue is a bit odd and one I've never experienced. The mic sensitivity seems to be crazy high on these, to the point that the people I talk to in Discord can not only hear my games, music or videos that are playing, but they can hear their own voices coming through my mic! I have to set my volume very low and move the mic as far away from my mouth as possible, and while this kinda fixes the issue, it does not seem like a tenable solution. I'd love to see mic sensitivity as an option for your line of headsets in the future, as after researching this problem, it seems I'm not the only one who has it, nor is it exclusive to just this model of yours. Overall, I'd like to see this functionality added to your software, because not only would it allow me to keep the headset I purchased, it would keep me loyal as I am a huge fan of it. I would like to recommend it to friends, but I know that they won't be keen on the softwares lack of features for this model. I hoping that someone could disclose whether there are plans to add sidetone and mic sensitivity for HS60s in the future or if it's even possible. Thanks in advance for any info.
  8. I previously would go to the device profiles to edit the max sidetone volume of the Void RGB USB headset so i could hear myself. the profiles are all gone from the the folder and they don't function the same as the did on previous versions of CUE. I am now on 3.4.95. 3.3.103 still had the profiles and if you edited the max sidetone volume lines to 100 from 25 it increased the sidetone volume to a usable level. now i am back to feeling deaf when talking to friends in Discord. Please add this option back of just fix the Sidetone level for headsets in the CUE software. And i would go back to 3.3.103, but the CPU usage was ridiculous. GG to Corsir for fixing that in 3.4.95
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