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  1. The previous employee used their Virtuoso Wireless headset to show you how to enable the battery icon for your HS70 in your system taskbar. The steps are exactly the same but the name of the product is different.
  2. That is the latest firmware for your headset unless you have another Slipstream capable device and wish to use the multipoint feature. If you are not being prompted for the 5.xx firmware that means you do not have any other multipoint capable devices and therefore you will not be prompted for the update.
  3. I am willing to bet that if you check your motherboard's manual the order and numbers coincide with the optimized DIMM slots according to the number of modules being installed.
  4. I went ahead and opened a support ticket for you. Check your email associated with your forum account for further help.
  5. You will need to rearrange the order of the modules in the DIMM Setup menu according to how they are physically being effected by the RGB. So as you said you will need to arrange them as 3-1-4-2. What you are describing is exactly the reason the DIMM Setup menu exists.
  6. The Scenes feature is intended a one-click lighting option for all the compatible RGB products and as such it is not intended to be used as a separate effect dependent upon the device. To do what you wish you will need to setup individual lighting effects for each individual product or utilize the Lighting Link effects.
  7. The issue is due to a known bug in the Armoury Crate software that Asus is aware of and working on, and you will need to reach out to Asus support for further assistance.
  8. You most likely have an older and outdated version of MSI software such as Mystic Light causing the crash. I would recommend that you refer to support article linked below for your specific issue. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360062501251-What-to-do-if-iCUE-4-crashes-on-startup
  9. You will need to reach out to Logitech for assistance with their product and the audio issues with it.
  10. The K55 keyboard never supported the Lighting Link effects due to its limited 3-zone lighting
  11. Unfortunately the lift off distance for the Ironclaw RGB mouse is not adjustable in the iCUE software.
  12. The K55 RGB Pro keyboard requires iCUE 4 which is currently in beta and not a public release. Please check your email associated with your account and you will receive a download link to the iCUE 4 beta download.
  13. If you open up the iCUE settings you should be able to see the version you installed.
  14. What version of iCUE did you install and what devices do you have that are not showing up?
  15. The plugin for the GPU is the very same plugin for the motherboard and it is programmed and provided by Asus to allow for RGB integration of their motherboard and GPU products with iCUE.
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