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  1. I used my VOID Pro Headset once where it worked as expected - plug and play via the USB dongle. Mic worked fine, sound was great. Since that first use in early November, I have had nothing but problems with hearing things over the headset. The mic works fine, but I can barely hear any system test sounds or voice prompts even with all volume settings in Windows 10 maxed out. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the headset several times, and it seems like about once in every seven or eight attempts, I get moderately better sound. I can hear conversations with the volumes maxed, and the headset is useable. But it's still not loud. After use and unplugging it, the low volume persists when I go to plug it back in to use it next. So far I have tried: Uninstalling and reinstalling iCUE Connecting the USB dongle to three different USB ports (1 front panel, 2 rear panel) Updating the Realtek HDAudio driver Uninstalling and completely deleting the Realtek HDAudio drivers, using default MS drivers instead Uninstalling iCUE 3.9.93 and installing an older version 3.6.109 The next step I was thinking of trying was simply connecting the headset to my PC via the 3.5 mm jack with a jack splitter to use the speaker and mic connections (although I'm not sure which input to use with external speakers already connected to my PC). But I honestly have no idea whether I should expect a difference with a 3.5 mm connection vs the USB dongle connection. I'm at a loss as to what to try next. So I come to you humble and on my knees, begging for new suggestions or troubleshooting to fix this. I love the headset and the mic is much better than past (cheaper) headsets I've used. Is it possible I simply got a dud headset? It seems very unlikely to me, but honestly I'm not quite sure what else to try short of attempting a return/replace through the retailer. Any troubleshooting tips or suggestions are tremendously appreciated.
  2. I've been generally pretty happy with my Void Pro over the last 3 years, but now that I'm using it on a laptop more, the 2-inch long dongle is becoming more of an issue, as it's prone to bending and perhaps breaking when things move around. It even got bent a little on my desktop. I'm really trying to cut down on the cords coming out of my laptop, so I'd rather not just put an adapter or longer USB cable with the huge dongle. What I really want is a smaller dongle, like the tiny ones that come with other headsets or wireless mouse/keyboards. Does such a thing exist for the Void Pro, either Corsair or 3rd Party? Thanks!
  3. Hello All, I'm not really sure how to describe this problem, but I've had it occur on two different computers so I want to seek out help. I am using the Void Pro Wireless headset with Dolby Surround set to on. When I'm playing games or watching movies, sometimes randomly the audio will shift mid-talking in a cutscene or something. It won't cut out or anything, but it's like all bass just suddenly stops and the voices sound like they've lost their depth. then it will come back after like 5 seconds. It's done this with several games, and seems to do it whether or not im in discord calls. I've not been able to find a clear forum post like this issue, so decided to make an account and post one myself. Does anyone know what is going on or what I need to fix? I installed this headset on a fresh computer with no speaker and I believe no audio drivers besides the basic ones that come with Windows. This is the only audio device I use for output - I have a Blue Yeti mic for input. As far as I know I have disabled the auto-adjusting feature in windows, but I will double check just to make sure. Thank you for any support
  4. Los otros días me compre los Void Elite Pro Wireless y cada vez que pongo música o lo que sea se escucha de fondo un sonido estático, solo me pasa cuando pongo algún audio cuando lo paro el sonido se va. espero que me puedan ayudar muchas gracias .
  5. So I got the Corsair Void Pro RGB USB a week ago, and it's already not working! Today when I turned my computer on, it didn't light up and the mic didn't work. Usually there are 3 beeps when it turns on, is that supposed to happen? Please help! It also doesn't connect to CUE 2, for some reason. Is this a fake headset? Or is it just faulty.
  6. Tengo unos Corsair Void Pro Wireless que compre ya hace un tiempo, el problema que tienen es que hay ocasiones en las que se están desconectando a cada momento, primero suena un pequeño sonido como si fuera interferencia y bocinas de los cascos comienzan como que a hacer pequeños estallidos, de ahi solo se desconectan y vuelven a conectar, no dura mucho pero es bastante incomodo ya que cuando estoy jugando con amigos hay veces que no puedo oír bien lo que dicen por culpa de esto.
  7. Bonjour, J'ai changé de configuration aujourd'hui, en y installant un kit dévolution PC (Carte mère MSI B550 MAG TOMAHAWK, un Ryzen 7 3700X), j'ai réinstallé le logiciel Icue mais depuis, le casque se bloque en mute. Impossible de retirer le mode mute, même en appuyant sur le bouton. Une voix parle en disant Mic Feedback On ou Off. En revanche le casque fonctionne quand le logiciel Icue n'est pas lancé. Si je relance le logiciel, le casque rebascule en mute. J'ai tenté de réinstaller le logiciel, sans succès. Il fonctionne sur un autre PC avec Icue lancé. Je ne comprends pas. Auriez-vous une solution ?
  8. I've been using the Void Pro Wireless RGB for some time now, and recently upgraded to the Elite in hopes of fixing this problem, but the problem seemed to have just carried over to this headset as well. The problem even carried over to this new PC I built, so I've been able to isolate the issue to the headset itself. In iCue, I have the sidetone on about 20% of the way. I rarely use the mute button but instead flip the mic up to mute. Every now and again (I believe it's usually when I've had it muted for longer periods of time, but it's inconsistent) when I flip the microphone back down, the sidetone will be muted. However, going back into iCue shows that it's exactly at the level where I left it. Simply moving the bar up or down a little instantly fixes it, but it's really annoying to have to open iCue and move the bar every so often to be able to hear myself when the sidetone is where it's supposed to be. Anybody have a solution or similar issue?
  9. i have tried for years to get my surround to work on these 120+ dollar headphones. they have the same driver as the logitech set my brother has, but no matter how hard i try to change settings, download this, download that. re-install ique, uninstall it. no matter what i do i cannot get surround to work on them. at this point i feel i have been lied to, and these things are nothing more than stereo headphones. all i get is left and right, with some volume changing and some muffling on occasion, but no matter how many tests i do, i can never tell if something is in front or back, top or bottom. now, my brothers logi's with same exact part inside, does this task amazingly. so whats the deal corsair? am i stupid, or did you rip me off? (i have the void pro se rgb wireless, yellow ones from best buy)
  10. For some reason my title got cut.. (only with iCue) I bought a Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless headset a year ago. Good sound quality, but I had the same problem with it, that I have now with the Corsair VOID Elite. When I downloaded the iCue, a very annoying white noise appeared. Only when there's sound playing, and only when iCue is downloaded. For some reason it doesn't apply to the narrator (Mic off, mic on, etc..). When I searched up this on Google a year ago with my VOID Pro, i got more than 10 pages of the same question, none answered by the support team (including mine). I use Win10. What's the issue? Also: If I take down the sound in Windows to 10, and listen to music on Youtube with 100%, then it's perfect. Though I payed a lot for this and the other headphones, and I expect something better for this money.
  11. Moin alle miteinander. Ich besitze im Moment ein Void Pro Headset und möchte mir demnächst auch eine wireless Maus kaufen. Da ich meistens am Laptop bin - USB Slots sind ja immer rar, möchte ich fragen, ob ich beide Geräte über einen Dongle laufen lassen kann.
  12. As the title says, my headset's RGB light turns off. They'll flip over to my static color profile and turn off about 20 seconds or so after the iCUE starts up. I'm on the current software version, 3.30.89. Does anyone know if this is a Windows problem or an iCUE problem yet? I sent my headset in for repair, thinking it was a hardware issue, and getting it back today, it still has the same issue from before I sent it in. My headset didn't have this problem before two, three weeks ago, so I'm confused.
  13. Hello I just bought Headset Void Pro RGB (USB) and on Windows is working perfect but on linux max volume is half of the Windows maximum volume (or less)
  14. Hello all... first and foremost I’ve tried everything I can from looking around other forums. Here’s what I got going on. My I cue is detecting my void pro as the regular void (the wired version) and it’s not let me do the mic on off with the arm. Kinda annoying. I’ve tried reinstalling and resetting my mic but it keeps doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Also it may have been due to unplugging mic while force updating??? Not to sure.
  15. The USB connector that handles the wireless communication port between the computer and headset is physically broken and I cannot repair it, is it replaceable?
  16. i cant seem to find anywhere to report a bug to corsair. so i guess ill just post here and see if i can get some help. After the latest ICUE update my side tone no longer works while dolby surrond sound is active. Before the update as annoying as it was to have to manually mute and unmute the sidetone after muting my mic the side tone still worked. But now my sidetone will not work when i have dolby surround sound on, if i turn it off i can hear myself but if i dont then my side tone is completely muted. i have tried muting and unmuting, changing the sidetone levels, flipping my mic up to mute then putting it back down, force updating the headset firmware, and even uninstalling then reinstalling. Nothing has worked and the problem started right after i updated a day or two ago im pretty convinced its a bug with the latest update. i have a pre built its an HP omen 870-224 but i dont think my computer is the problem. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know of a fix?
  17. Hello guys So , i just bought the corsair void pro wireless and the corsair st100 to charge the headset with, now i extended the st100 cable with a extension cable to my pc, when i am try to load the corsair void pro it disconnect and connects every second, and you hear the input output sound everytime, when i dont use the extension cable it does load, but that doesnt work cause the cable for the st100 is to short for my pc I already tried some other extension cables, and it didnt work either I also have reset the corsair void pro some few times Anyone knows how to fix this? would really appreciate!
  18. Hey people. Well, I just bought a new void pro on monday and I`m getting an issue with this. I use MacOS High Sierra and I installed the iCUE software to be able to set the surround (cuz I like to listen to music with surround on) and it plays the music for very well but after sometime it stops to play the music and I need to unplug and replug the usb adapter to get it working, but it still stop playing after a while. Can anyone helps me please ? I`ve tried to install an older version of iCUE but still same problem and it`s annoying me.. I`ll be very grateful if someone could helps me!
  19. Hi! I've owned the Void Pro RGD Wireless headphones for about 1 - 2 years now, and I've recently had problems around a month ago. Sometimes out of the blue (and I'm going to try to explain this the best I can), the audio on everything completely stops and every few seconds it cuts back for half a second then cuts up completely. The only way I know how to fix this for a bit is turn off the headphones and then turn them back on. This can fix it for about a few seconds to a couple of hours. Please help me, ill appreciate anything that helps!
  20. Hi, I have a set of Void Pro RGB Wireless headphones that I've owned for a little over a year. I don't use them much and they sit on a stand on my shelf out of harm's way. Yesterday I tried to use them and now the mic won't unmute, either when pulling the mic boom down, or by pressing the mute button on the headphones themselves. There seem to be a number of threads on here about this problem, and honestly I've tried a bunch of stuff and nothing seems to work. Any solutions out there? For the record I've tried: older versions of iCue (3.18.77 and 3.21.88), changing the Privacy settings for the mic, unmuting the mic in the sound settings, adn reparing the iCue installation. I am running Windows 10.
  21. So I've had an issue with the drivers that are supplied by iCUE. I'm terrible at explaining things, but I'll do my best I prefer to use MPV for all my videos as the up-scaling quality is strongly preferred, but the drivers that iCUE supply for the Void Pro cause the sound drivers to flop when opening most videos through MPV, especially .MKV format videos. The problems I get are: - Intense crackling of the audio - Audio will not play through any other media source until the video on MPV is paused - Sometimes the audio takes a while (about 5-10 seconds) to boot up for the video, which is usually followed by the crackling issues A temporary fix I found over the many months of having my PC reformatted or having tried older iCUE versions, is to simply uninstall the "Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongle" driver from Device manager and letting Windows install the drivers for the headphones themselves. This fixes all the issues, but prevents the headset working through iCUE properly such as: - EQ settings no longer work (Very important to me) - It can't detect audio playback, so the headphones shut off even whilst playing audio if auto shutoff is enabled I haven't found any threads on MPVs github in regards to either the Void Pro or iCUE itself though, but I can't seem to figure out what exactly is causing the problem, whether it's on MPVs side or Corsairs', but I know it's just the drivers supplied by iCUE Headset driver V 0.15 Current iCUE V 3.23.66 (have had the same issue with the past half-dozen or so updates)
  22. Hey everyone, hows it going. Hope this is the right place to post, havent posted stuff here yet so im not too certain. As the title says, i updatet my iCUE and headset software a few hours ago and comming back now, my headset is almost dead. Theres no sounds to replay, not even the "Mic on/Mic off" sounds, just the beeps for turning on or off. Now, after restarting a few times hasnt dont the trick at all, id like to ask you if any of you ever encountered this problem and if so, how you solved it. YT tutorials are pretty hard to watch without the sound! Cheers and Thanks in advance Meddus Edit: Watching the YouTube tutorials on my phone with sound didnt solve much as everything ive tried so far didnt help. Searching for manuals didnt help either, as most focus arround some sort of dongle that i never had (just a USB). Edit 2: Solved. For you future peeps that run into this problem: Take out the USB. Restart the pc. Put a paper clip inside the USB until it flickers white fast. Push the On/Off button on your headset for 10-15s (dw if it turns on or off in between) and after some time it should say link established. Reconnecting the entire thing solved the problem for me!
  23. Hola, tengo un problema con los auriculares y el chrome. Cuando abro el navegador y entro por ejemplo, en youtube, puedo reproducir sin problema un video, pero el segundo y otro ya no escucho nada. me pasa lo mismo con netflix o cualquier otro pagina, en el momento que lo abro con chrome , sin audio, en cambio funciona perfectamente con explorer 11 o edge. Cual puede ser el problema? Chrome esta actualizado a la ultima version al igual que ICUE. Un saludo
  24. I've been dealing with this since the first time I turned on the headset. Excited as hell to try them out, I set them all up and immediately ran into an issue that I have been unable to resolve. The mic will automatically mute as soon as the headset has turned on, and can not be unmuted. I have flipped the mic up and down a million times, I've reset the microphone by holding the mute button and all that dozens of times. I switched into every USB port I have. I uninstalled and then reinstalled iCue. I have tried everything. I reached out to Corsair about the issue. After 2 days, they finally responded, telling me to- you guessed it- try the reset procedure again. Of course, I obliged, and still nothing. I told them this in the email, and they have still yet to get back to me. At this point, I am considering just returning the product and ordering a new one. My only fear is that the issue is a software one, and that if I order another one, the issue will remain. I am tired of wasting my time on this.
  25. I've been waiting a long, long time hoping, that the issue will fix itself over time (via software updates and such), but to this day the mic is nearly unusable. Unless the others will bump me to 200%+ volume in their output settings, they won't hear me. Headphones are plugged into ST100 headset stand, which is plugged into USB3 on the back of PC. I recall, that things were working fine at the beginning (about 2 yrs ago) and shortly after decided to go quiet on its own and stay like this. I've tested another mic and the volume was fine, only the one in Void Pro refuses to work properly. What should I do??
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