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  1. Hi All, I have a wireless void prod headset and love it! However, I have recently changed jobs, and the new company will not allow the installation of Corsair iCue software due to security concerns. The headset still works with the basic Windows drivers, but there is no way to turn on sidetone (so I can hear myself while talking) without the iCue software, at least not that I can find. I found a link that showed how to turn on sidetone from the device config in Windows, but that produced a horrible delay of like a full second that made the feature unusable. I also found some links and you tube videos that show going into the configs and removing the "mute" audio from the Mic, but that is not a setting I have on this laptop. I would think such an option would be dependent on some sort of special sound card or configuration. Having said the above, anyone have ideas on how to enable the sidetone, without a delay, that does not use the iCue software? Thanks! FatTony
  2. On the latest and previous versions of iCUE I have experienced a multitude of system hangs and crashes that are next to unbearable. This includes game crashes, system notification sounds coming in 10+ seconds late, Discord sounds being delayed, and even system sound settings not functioning as expected. After arduous testing over many days and reboots, I took a look at the windows reliability monitor and noticed iCUE being the only other software that "Stopped working". Once realizing this, I uninstalled the software and all system behavior returned to normal. This is a MAJOR bug that I would love to see rectified as I like Corsair and would love to fully utilize my gear with a software such as iCUE that *should* make controlling my RGBs hassle free.
  3. I have recently picked up a pair of virtuoso xt and I am quite disappointed that it is not able to switch between audio sources seemlessly on pc. On my old virtuoso non-se, I can simply switch the audio output between my speakers and headphones by toggling the (wireless to usb) button. This is such a big QOL feature and why is it not available on the xt? On the xt, I have to bring up the sound tab on windows and set the device as default. It feels like a massive downgrade to me that I have to switch the audio output manually on the xt. There are also posts on forum and reddit which report the same problem, but it remains unsolved.
  4. Hi Guys I recently purchased a K95 Platinum keyboard on the recommendation of my son, however, I have an issue with it that has been driving me nuts. Whenever I am not actually in a windows account, my keyboard does not light up. This is happens when I first turn on the pc or when I switch between my work account or my personal account. As my pc is in a dark corner of the room, a light up keyboard is essential so I can actually type in my account password to login to the account. I have even been though every profile and made sure they all have a lighting profile (even the ones for my wireless ironclaw mouse) but it has made no difference at all. We tried uninstalling the iCue software and resetting the keyboard and mouse, but I still have no lighting in between accounts, Any advise would be grateful.
  5. Hi there, I'm a 100% sure it's because of iCUE, because i've been having this problem for about a year now and since I stopped using iCUE, it hasn't happened again. I held off on doing anything about it, because it wasn't frequent enough for me to figure out the problem. I'd say it happened almost every day once, rarely twice. Only when my pc had been on for at least an hour I think. A couple of weeks ago I had enough of it, so I started eliminating possible programs that could be causing it. I would leave my pc on during the night without one of my regular programs running. Eventually it turned out to be iCUE, because every morning my pc would be frozen, except for when I had turned off iCUE. I need iCUE to turn off the light in my mouse. If there's any way I can do that without the software, that would be great! Thanks for your consideration and I hope this gets fixed. PS: im using a fresh windows 10 install, i was surprised it wasn't fixed when i performed a clean install
  6. Bonjour, je cherche un tuto (ou une explication) pour savoir comment lié mon profil créer dans iCue à une application windows téléchargé depuis le windows store. Merci
  7. Hello, I bought a K100 keyboard which I love but after my PC wakes from windows 10 sleep I noticed that the iCUE software is actually closing. I have everything up to date in windows, drivers/firmware, and iCUE software. I also have selected that the iCUE software starts with windows. I noticed this problem finally when the K100 keyboard was dark still after windows sleep mode. I have to go to the iCUE software and start it after every sleepmode. This has never happened with my G910 and Logitech software. Been reading that this is an on going issue from 2018? Who wants to restart their software manually after each sleep mode? This K100 keyboard is going straight back if I have to manually restart iCUE each time my PC wakes up. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  8. The title pretty much says it all.. the issue started after updating windows to version 2004 and is still here after updating to 20H2 as well. It's impossible to recreate the problem, since it's completely random. It happens whenever it wants. The error message appears for a brief moment right before the computer shuts off and says about an exception in a memory address I think. Also I've noticed one more thing: When the system boots up if I go in the event viewer there's always a Windows Error Reporting event related to Corsair.Service. DisplayAdapter.exe.. only when there hasn't been an error window during the last shutdown. Every time I get the error when shutting down, the next time I start the system there's no Windows Error Reporting event related to DisplayAdapter. Very strange behaviour... This is a widespread issue Corsair, please try and fix it or at least give us the option to disable this service.
  9. Hello, For several weeks, I have had a weird issue with iCue and my K90 keyboard: The computer starts up, the keyboard turns red, by default. I log into Windows, iCue starts in background, my last profile is loaded normally (after hearing a disconnection sound) After 1 or 2 minutes, the keyboard turns completely white/light blue with random flashes everywhere (like if there were bad contacts). The key to change profile and macro keys don't work. iCue shows the same broken layout in real time. I shutdown iCue, the keyboard turns back red. I restart iCue, everything works normally. The issue doesn't appear until the next computer restart. I didn't notice the issue immediately, as I often use the keyboard without lights. So I don't know if it was at the same time, but the keyboard took some water several weeks ago. I unplugged it and let it dry immediately when it happened. Every key and light work normally. I think that if it was the cause of the issue, it should be permanent and not solved by simply restarting iCue. No other noticeable software or hardware changes were made when the issue appeared, but I don't know if it was after an iCue update. After a clean Windows 10 installation from scratch, the issue is still there. The disconnection sound has always been there, even before the issue appeared, but I don't know how to solve it too. Do you have any idea? :[pouts:
  10. I'm using the latest version of iCUE and sometimes it doesn't start on its own when I start my computer. Every time this happens I get a 0xc5 error code on event viewer. What could it be? Here's the event data iCUE.exe 5f354c18 Qt5Core.dll 5e7dfb32 c0000005 0006bcae 2854 01d682a250b197ff C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine\iCUE.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine\Qt5Core.dll
  11. I've been running Windows 10 Pro in Bootcamp with no issues on my Apple Mac Pro 2019. I decided to install the iCue software for Windows 10 under Bootcamp to customize my Corsair K70 MKII SE. Once I installed the software, I ran into Windows bootup error - bthport.sys - is the offender. And while I don't know how iCue plays a part in the audio, it seems to be conflicting with the Bluetooth drivers under Bootcamp. I repeated the Windows reinstall over and over again until I found the above offender. Connecting the keyboard is no issue. But once I install the iCue software, same boot up error. Now my Windows 10 Pro Bootcamp is booting up fine again without the iCue software. Putting this issue out there for Corsair to look into.
  12. I downloaded Minecraft Windows 10 Edition from the Microsoft Store, and I want to make a profile for it in iCUE. However, I can't get it to work. I have the executable path (got it from the TaskManager), but the profile simply doesn't activate when the game is running. I know Windows 10 apps are different than "regular" apps...somehow. Has anyone had the same problem with a Windows 10 app installed from the Microsoft Store? Why won't iCUE activate the profile? Anyone know a fix?
  13. I'm using iCUE 3.28.70 on Windows 10 Pro (ver 1909). As soon as I lock the screen, my QL120 / QL140 RGB fans revert to the "Hardware Lighting" colors that I've set. These colors should only be applied when iCUE is not running but they activate as soon as I lock. I feel like this is a huge disappointment cause I cannot leave my PC unlocked just to show off the lighting effects. :mad: :[pouts: Corsair, please fix this ASAP!
  14. Got the VOID last week and it worked absolutley fine in all games and skype. Yesterday i got home and it stopped getting any audio from Windows 10. I tried: - Connecting USB dongle to other USB Port - Checking if the VOID is standard device for input/output - Restarted PC After i removed the CUE Software from my PC it instantly worked. The i reinstalled CUE and i stopped working. Removed it again and it worked. Oh the mic is still working for example in skype. Any idea?
  15. Hi, i bought a Void Pro RGB Wireless headset yesterday. Everything except the microphone if working. As soon as i turn on the headset the voice says "microphone off" and a red led light is showing on the mic. I have read that i might be a compatibility issue with Windows 10. Since yesterday afternoon i have looked trough this forum, Corsairs support page and a countless number of other pages for a fix. So far it dosen´t seem like Corsair have any intention of fixing this or acknowledge that its a big issue. They give some sporadic tips on how one might be able to solve it. I have tried everything i can in order to get the microphone to work. Looked at my privacy settings, setting it as default, reinstalling the iCUE software, tried with the software on and off, Updating the headset, pairing it again and a lot more so called fixes with no result. So i am at the roads end here. Either i get it working today, or i return this for another working product from a different company. I have never used a Corsair headset before. But if it this kind of quality, with almost no support or any official patch to fix this, i will never use a Corsair headset again. I mean come on Windows 10 has been the most used system for years now. If they have known about the problem for this long and still have not come up with an official fix, they are not interested in fixing it now either.
  16. Hey everyone, Experiencing a strange issue since I updated to Windows 10 1903. Over the past week only fans 1 & 2 are lighting up and the other 4 are just blank. I have re-installed iCue, updated all drivers, tried Corsair Link. Still the same issue. Also, fan number 1 seems to be working fine, however fan number 2 has the LED in the top right hand corner continuously flashing a different colour. Definitely not natural at all. Before the update, all 6 fans worked fine. Does anyone have this issue, or anyone know of any fixes? Cheers, Liam.
  17. I have recently built a computer and got the whole pc running without any problems. I was able to install windows on the mp500. The drive itself was working properly no issues that I could see. After getting all the programs I needed on it I went ahead and turned off the pc to install a mass storage hdd. The hdd didnt show up in windows so i decided to restart the pc once more. After that second restart windows would not start from the mp500. I disconnect any storage other than the mp500 and still could not get it to boot to windows. The drive is also not showing up in the bios. The windows repair tool says there is not readable drive. My ssd is not being read and I would like some assistance on the matter if possible. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may give me. Not my pc its a pc I built for a friend so I will leave the specs down here: MOBO: Gigabyte Z270P-D3 CPU: Intel Core i5 7500 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GAMING (Single Fan) OS BOOT DRIVE: Corsair Force MP500 Storage: Seagate 2TB BarraCuda SATA RAM: 8GB Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400 MHz (2 are in the system) I lent her an extra RAM stick that is the same exact model I bought the same time she bought hers. PSU: Thermaltake Smart 600W 80+ White OS: Windows 10 Home Thanks again for any help ^_^
  18. So as I said in the title, after updating ICue to the 3.16.56 on the new windows update 1903, my entire Pc freaks out for no reason. The video output turn green and after the reebot it goes in a bootloop with the error "Inaccessible Boot Device", forcing me to go to the previous backup, wich is exactly the moment after the update 1903 end its installation. I tried multiple times testing what could possibly cause the problem, after some tests I went to the conclusion that the new Icue update was 100% the problem. I don't know what to do. Of course I can keep the previous version, the 3.15.101, with no issues and no more update, but as u can probably guess, this doesn't really fix my problem and it's not a good idea to not update a software. I would like to not make a new and clear installation of windows because it's a lot of time and patience I don't wanna waste. What can I do? I think is an audio incompatibility caused by the new audio of the update 1903 but i'm not sure this is the only one, even tho I've no idea what to do, i'm not sure that DDU could solve my problem and I don't know if corsair it's aware about it. Please help this is getting annoying I apologies for my English, but as some of u can tell it's not my native language
  19. Hello, my problem is that iCue after version 3.19.20 does not start on Windows 10, that is, the maximum version 3.18.77 starts, but on Windows 7 the latest version 3.21.88 quietly started. How to solve this problem?
  20. Hello there! I have a corsair K70 LUX and I've been through some trouble with iCUE for a few weeks(on Windows 10). If I open my task manager, I can see that the software is running, but it doesn't appear on my taskbar. If I try to launch it again nothing happens, even though the process is showing as running on task manager. I can't access the GUI and the keyboard can only show the light scheme saved on hardware. I've tried reinstalling iCUE but it didn't work. So, by taking a look at other posts on some other sites and here as well, I tried to go look for my logs, and here's what I found: 2019-10-17T13:49:29 I cue.init: iCUE version: 3.19.120 2019-10-17T13:49:29 I cue.init: Updates server: https://www3.corsair.com/software/CUE_V3/ 2019-10-17T13:49:29 I cue.init: Build type: Public Release 2019-10-17T13:49:29 I cue.init: Applicaiton ID: 1604 2019-10-17T13:49:29 W cue.locale: Cannot find dir for qt *.qm files 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.init.font: Using Regular text font family: "Open Sans" 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.init.font: Using Title text font family: "Gotham Bold" 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.hid_device_detector: Start worker thread. 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.session: Locked changed to false 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.session.win: Will notify 'connected changed to' with delay 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.session: Local changed to true 2019-10-17T13:49:30 W cue.sensors.storage: SensorInfo load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-10-17T13:49:30 W cue.clink.configuration_manager: Cooling storages load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.profiles.folders.tree: Profile order deserialization started: "C:\\Users\\joseg\\AppData\\Roaming\\Corsair\\CUE/profiles/tree.cueprofileorder" 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.profiles.folders.tree: Profile order deserialization finished: "C:\\Users\\joseg\\AppData\\Roaming\\Corsair\\CUE/profiles/tree.cueprofileorder" 2019-10-17T13:49:30 W cue.clink.ocp.storage: OcpSettings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-10-17T13:49:30 W cue.clink.device.hw_lightings: Old hardware lightings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-10-17T13:49:30 W cue.clink.device.hw_lightings: Hardware lightings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-10-17T13:49:30 W cue.dashboard.widget_provider: Widget data storage load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.actions.macro.win: Init time: 0.402644 (init: 2.7e-06 reset: 0.0019828 ) 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.llaccess: Northbridge: AMD unknown 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.llaccess: Southbridge: unknown 2019-10-17T13:49:30 I cue.llaccess: Slot count: 2 Does anyone know some sort of solution to this? By the way, when I'm on linux it works just fine using ckb-next (since Corsair isn't kind enough to port it's software xD)
  21. So I have ordered a MP510 to replace my Samsung as my OS/Program drive. I had a few questions in regards to doing a clean install on this drive. 1. Is it best to completely unplug my Sata drives before doing the install or will just disabling them in bios do? 2. Is it best to disable CSM and enable Secure Boot? 3. If I do a firmware update after installing windows, will that delete everything on the drive?
  22. Having built a new system and connected new peripherals from Corsair, i can see they all fine and can change lighting ect. However at the bottom left of the app it says. Warning! - When i click on it it says you must restart to finish installing the software. What software? cannot work out what i need to do, as icue is latest from the corsair website. Windows 10 :[pouts:
  23. Hi Can can you get a profile to activate automatically when you run a Windows store game? When setting up to auto launch it asks for an exe but my understanding is that the Windows store apps don't have an exe (at least that you can see through the Explorer / file dialog) This seems quite basic so I'm surprised I can't find anything about this on the Web or this forum so I don't know if I'm being an idiot and missing something really obvious. I apologise in advance, if I am. Thanks
  24. Guten Tag zusammen, ich besitze ein H150i Pro mit 3x LL120 Corsair Lüftern Alles ist korrekt angeschlossen, jedoch habe ich das Problem, dass ich die Lüfter nicht steuern kann. Im iCUE kann man die Temperatur nur auf maximal 60°C einstellen, jedoch schwankt meine Temperatur immer bei ca 30-60°C. Das bedeutet, wenn ich die Lüfter auf ca. 20-40% bei 20-40°C einstelle und 100% bei 60°C drehen die Lüfter andauern auf das Maximum hoch und direkt wieder herunter, wenn man z.B schnell eine Anwendung öffnen und die Temperatur kurzzeitig steigt! Einen anderen Sensor auszuwählen nützt nichts, da bei den anderen Komponenten die Temperatur meist konstant bleibt und die Lüfter meist mit der selben Geschwindigkeit drehen. Jedoch sollte sich die Lüftergeschwindigkeit ja schließlich an der Temperatur des Prozessors orientieren, damit die Lüfter wissen, wann sie mehr und wann sie weniger zu kühlen haben! Bei dem Commander PRO kann man alles perfekt einstellen und dort geht es bis 100°C. Ich habe auch schon versucht, die Lüftergeschwindigkeit im BIOS einzustellen, jedoch funktioniert es dort auch nicht über PWM/DC! Wenn ich etwas umstelle, passiert nichts! Ich denke, da iCUE die Einstellungen überschreibt, bringt es nichts, im BIOS etwas einzustellen. Habe sowohl PWM als auch DC getestet. Mir bleibt also nicht anderes übrig, als mein H150i PRO auf "Leise", "Balanciert" oder "Intensiv" zu stellen, was jedoch sehr ärgerlich ist, da die Lüfter sich dann andauern mit der selben Geschwindigkeit drehen und sich nicht an die Temperatur angleicht, so wie es eigentlich ja auch sein sollte! Gibt es dementsprechend ggf. eine Lösung oder noch besser, ein Update, damit man seinen Wasserkühler auch bis 100°C einstellen kann? Ansonsten wäre dieser Wasserkühler ja nutzlos, wenn man ihn nicht einstellen/richtig nutzen kann, oder etwa nicht? Grüße, DS
  25. Good day everybody, I own a H150i Pro with 3x LL120 Corsair fans Everything is connected correctly, but I have the problem that I can not control the fans. In the iCUE you can set the temperature only to a maximum of 60 ° C, but my temperature always fluctuates at about 30-60 ° C. This means that if I set the fan to about 20-40% at 20-40 ° C and 100% at 60 ° C turn the fans persist to the maximum high and directly down again, if, for example, quickly open an application and the Temperature rises for a short time! Choosing a different sensor is of no use, as the temperature of the other components usually remains constant and the fans usually rotate at the same speed. However, the fan speed should be based on the temperature of the processor, so that the fans know when they have more and less to cool! With the Commander PRO you can set everything perfectly and it goes up to 100 ° C. I have also tried to set the fan speed in the BIOS, but it does not work there via PWM / DC! When I change something, nothing happens! I think, because iCUE overwrites the settings, it does not do anything to adjust anything in the BIOS. I tested both PWM and DC. So I have no choice but to set my H150i PRO to "Quiet", "Balanced" or "Intensive", which is very annoying, as the fans will continue to spin at the same speed and not adjust to the temperature as it should be! Is there, if necessary, a solution or even better, an update, so you can adjust its water cooler to 100 ° C? Otherwise, this water cooler would be useless, if you can not adjust / use properly, or not? Greetings, DS
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