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H150i with X570 Crystal Case Question


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I included an image of my possible setup. But upon looking at it, I see the RGB portion that would be controlled, but where do I plug in the 9 fans I have.


I don't think I need a splitter. I do see the commander pro has 6 ports for fan control, but I need 9.


I will be buying 3 - LL120 RGB 3 packs with lighting node pros.


I have a H150i that I am doing a push/pull setup. I am changing the 3 ML fans on it to 3 LL 120 RGB fans.


And I have a 570x Corsair Crystal Case that comes with 3 SP fans that I am changing out also to LL 120 RGB Fans.


The other 3 LL 120 fans will be mounted on the top of the case and then the back of case.


Do I need 2 commander pros or just 1? And will everything that I need come in the items I am purchasing above that I will need?


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No you dont need two Commander Pro's buddy.



as i said in PM..



3 x RGB Fan LED Hubs. 1 x Commander Pro.. 1 x Lighting Node Pro...


9 x LL fans on 2 of the RGB Fan LED Hubs plugged into the Commander Pro for RGB Control.


6 of the Fans plugged into the Commander Pro for Power


3 of the Fans plugged into the H150i for Power


Case logo plugged into 3rd RGB Fan LED Hub and plugged into Lighting Node Pro

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So the H150 has its own power cables that plug into the fans for power?


How does that connect to the command pro? or does it?


yeah H150i has its own PWM fan controller built in to it so it controls its own fans ;).. and it connects into your system via 9pin internal usb and Sata Power and a PWM connection to your motherboards CPU fan header.



And was there more to the ending of that response above " 6 fans plugged into....."


Last and final question


Ignore it lol

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