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Why no LL140 in white?

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I like LL fans. I have 5 LL120 in white. My new case can take 140mm fans in all locations and I want to upgrade to LL140 in white but they don't make them? I looked around and there have been similar posts asking the same thing but that was 3-4 years ago. So I'm asking again in 2024. Official word would be nice too.

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I think at this point the LL is past any changes in development and is likely to disappear. The QL effectively replaced it and is available in white at 140mm. Same front ring and a few more effects than LL. 

However, Corsair is moving on to the next control scheme with interconnected fans and “one cable” delivery systems. This is the new CUE Link gear and corresponding QX fans (also available in 140 white). If you are moving into a new case and intend to use old controllers, the QL will work. If you are starting from scratch, I recommend looking at the CUE Link and QX fans. It’s a cleaner install for sure, but these fans also appear to have side stepped some of flaws with the LL/QL series in terms of led longevity — particularly when set to display full white. 

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