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H150I Elite Capellix disappearing from iCue, USB reset in device manager (Resolved)

Steve V

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PSA in case any of you are experiencing this issue. Disabling USB selective suspend has resolved the issue for me for the time being.



  • H150I Elite Capellix disappears from iCue; sometimes it appears and disappears intermittently
  • In Device Manager (DEVMGMT.MSC) USB shows an error and "reset" in device manager
  • In iCUE, color profiles and themes do not apply, apply partially, or apply intermittently to RGB fans connected to the H150i
  • iCUE restart, service restart, and removal / re-install do not resolve the issue
  • In Device Manager, Uninstalling and re-installing the H150i does not resolve the issue



Disable USB selective suspend

  1. In Power Options (legacy Control Panel (CONTROL.EXE) > Power Options), select "Change plan settings" for the active power plan
  2. Select "Change advanced power settings"
  3. Open "USB settings" > "USB selective suspend setting"
  4. Set the Setting to Disabled

Note this change must be configured individually for each power plan


Relevant hardware

  • ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard
  • H150i Elite Capellix using the USB headers on the motherboard



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I take it back: It's not resolved. After working in this config for several days without issue, it just disappeared again with the "USB device not recognized" error and "Unknown USB device (Port Reset Failed)" error in device manager.

I haven't opened this case in years, but I will open it up and re-seat all of the USB connectors.

This device might be dying. It's only a few years old.

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This is an X570 chipset?  Most AMD owners on X570 (or X470 with next gen compatibility BIOS updates) and B550 boards need a powered USB hub to help stabilize the USB voltage output at the motherboard socket.  It also was an issue for Intel Z690 when it launched and these first generation PCI-e 4.0 boards often made some compromises to squeeze new pathways onto the board.  There are some potential workarounds like downgrading the PCI-e lanes to 3.0 only, but that no longer makes sense for most people and a powered hub is cheap solution with some extra USB 2.0 ports that often are needed for other things.  The NZXT one has been popular for this use for years and Corsair makes one now too.  Most differences between brands are in the connection style, whether on the side for flat mounting or top down. Brand does not matter as long as it has a supplemental power connection (SATA).  A 2-3 way unpowered "splitter" only makes this worse. 


However, it does seem odd this would suddenly become an issue after "years", meaning you already have a powered hub, just added another USB device to the motherboard,  or there is device trouble as you suspect.  I would open a support ticket with Corsair and make sure you include the device error message.  You also can activate CUE debug logging in the CUE settings.  You must export it after one of these disconnect moments to capture the info.  

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