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Which temperature's to monitor? H150i Elite LCD XT


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I'm sorry if this has been talked about, i searched all over and couldnt find a clear answer.



In iCUE, for the AIO in "Screen Setup", what should i choose to Monitor in the "Sensor 1" if i want to watch my CPU temps? (granted thats what is recommended to watch? or would it be the coolant temp?) Same i with "Sensor 2" for my GPU temps.

There are so many options, some options show really high temp numbers that constantly go up and down which is not easy to monitor right. I currently have Sensor 1 on "H150i Elite Lcd Xt Coolant Temp" and my Sensor 2 is "GPU Temp #1".


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Coolant temp is the one that controls your fan speed, gives you an indication of how much heat is in the cooling system, and is unique to CUE so you can't get it elsewhere.  I would say that stays to help you learn it's behavior, but ultimately this is just monitoring and everything runs the same regardless of what you choose.  


For the second, most people probably can go with CPU or GPU temp.  CPU temp is not the same as H150i Elite Coolant Temp.  Coolant temp is the minimum possible CPU temp with zero voltage on the processor.  It's the baseline.  CPU temp will always be coolant temp + some offset based on voltage/current level at that given moment.  If you really want to watch your CPU temp from there you can, but it's going to jump around like crazy and might be somewhat distracting.  Regardless, if you are new to water cooling the comparison between liquid temp and CPU temp may help you better understand the relationship.  Since I get CPU and GPU temps with other monitoring software when gaming, I would probably choose RAM temp -- something not present in most of those utilities.

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