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Some Red LED's Failing


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Hey everyone,


So I just gave my K70 keyboard a quick clean (took all the keys off and washed them, dusted the aluminium). Let the keys dry, and put them back on. I have done this process many times over the past 2-3 years.


But when I plugged it back in, I noticed that a bunch of my red LED's aren't working anymore:


  • F4, 4, R, F, C, Home, Page Down, 5 (numpad), Skip media key -- all of these keys are green when they should be red.
  • F3, 3, E, 0, P, ;, End, Play/Pause key, +(numpad), 0(numpad) -- all display as orange when they should be red.
  • F7, 7, U, J, N -- all display as slightly pink but they should be red.


All other colours appear to work fine on theys keys - it's just red that doesn't work.


I've had this keyboard for a few years and it's definitely not eligible for an RMA. Any solutions, or should I look at getting a new one?

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