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Do fan settings persist when loading up another hardware monitor?


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For example, I have my fan speeds, and alerts set up for the H150i Pro & the Commander Pro.

But as we all know by now using another hardware monitor(s) - in my case HWInfo64, will cause the fans to "disappear" from the iCUE software detection.


So my question is, once I have everything set up in iCUE the way I want it - will running HWInfo64 disable those fan settings in the Commander Pro/H150i Pro firmware? Or will those settings persist - but I cant see them due to the two softwares conflicting?

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The fan settings should persist. It is usually the displayed information that falls into the blender (missing speeds, transposed 3.3/5/12v values, etc). However, with HWiNFO this is a solvable issue.


1) Use the portable version that deploys the driver on each launch and not the permanent installation.


2) When you launch HWiNFO, it should give you two warnings. The first about the Asus Embedded Controller. I allow this one and it has always been fine. These values (like VRM, PCH, etc) are also the reason I run HWiNFO in the first place. The second warning will be about the Corisar sensors. This one you should accept and it will disable the monitoring of the Commander Pro and H150i. This is fine since you can see those values in iCUE and you still must run iCUE to make the Corsair hardware behave.

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