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Can't change colour on my LL120 X6

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I cannot change the colour of my LL120 fans. It's working sometimes after reboot, but i'm thinking about an other software, whose it's making issues.
I also have the AURA software from Asus, which I know could interfere with ICUE. I turn so AURA effect on OFF.

So I can't change the colour on all my fans. Only the 1st and half of the 2nd.
The RAM barrels are well detected.
Bios + OS + Firmware + ICUE = Up to date.

Thank you for you help.

Acceuil ICUE.jpg

Capture config ICUE.jpg

Effet aura désactivé sombre.jpg

Effet aura désactivé.jpg


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The Commander Pro + LED Hub are serial devices.  If LED #5 on fan 2 goes out, the lighting stops right there.  The easiest way to confirm this is go around the back and swap Fan #2 with Fan #6 on the LED Lighting Hub.  That puts the suspected "bad fan" at the end of the chain.  If correct, now 1-5 light up normally and #6 still only lights up the first 4 LEDs.  That fan will require replacement.  


If swapping fans doesn't change anything, then we have more work to do.  Turn off Murals and apply a standard lighting effect to rule it out.  

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Hi than you for your reply, 

I did what you telle me, change fans, same problems...

I turned off murals but still the same problem...




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Something changed.  Your rear exhaust fan is now lit.  Was that fan #6 before?  The bottom fans are in the 3-4-5 slots on the RGB Lighting Hub?

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