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Scimitar RGB Elite Wireless Firmware not updating in iCUE


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I received my new mouse yesterday. Using it for the first time, I had to install iCUE in order to be able to set the mouse buttons and RGB lighting.

Since yesterday, iCUE has been telling me that a firmware update is available for my mouse. However, iCUE seems to go round and round in circles when I launch the update...

I plugged the mouse into the USB port to launch the update, and closed all other RGB lighting software as requested.

However, I'm still stuck on the screenshot display.


Capture d'écran 2024-02-06 102200.png

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There is a generic list of  possible causes below.



However, aside from RGB software the most common is other peripheral software attempting to grab the mouse when CUE lets go during the FW update.  You don't need to uninstall the other program.  Usually terminating it from the Task Manager will open the way.  It's for any of us to say without knowing what's on your PC, but typically those motherboard RGB program, other peripheral device control programs, or aggressive anti-virus are the blocker.  

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