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HS70 small noise/feedback with PUBG


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Hi all, I just purchased the HS70 and noticed a feedback almost like light static when playing PUBG. It seems like it only happens in game and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I also notice the sound lowers and raises on its own in the game too. I previous had use other headset and never ran into any issues. I am thinking it might be a software issue with Corsair? Any help is appreciated!



iCue 3.6.109

HS70 0.64

Windows 10

i7 6700 @4GZ


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Hi dynamikee, can you see if this happens without iCUE running?


I uninstalled iCUE and the noise stopped. I believe it has to do with this. Please fix this issue. Kinda sucks I can't use the presets, view battery percentage, and hear voice prompts without the software.

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