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  1. Received the headset a couple days ago and set it up today only to be bummed about it having a constant annoying noise. Tried a couple of things already such as power plan, soft resetting and uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them. Can anyone help me out, most likely will be returning them but I hate to have another pair which does the same. Thanks
  2. When I turn on my PC one of the fans will start making this rattling noise and move slower than the rest but if restart the pc the noise will go away. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? I tried cleaning it and reconnecting to the motherboard but no luck. Here is video of it:
  3. Hey all, About month ago I installed 3 new 120mm fans in my new 5000D airflow (intake). Out of the factory, the thin mesh of the side dust filter seems loose - it's being sucked into the case and rubbing against the fan blades, causing a constant hissing noise. Any ideas how I can remedy that? I tried pushing the fans a bit backwards in their mounts but no luck. I wouldn't want to lose those 3 side fans, but the noise is really aggravating. Has anyone experienced this issue with the 5000D? Any ideas what to do? The case is otherwise fantastic (this doesn't seem to happen with the front filters).
  4. I've had the H100i v2 for three years and it works pretty well. However the two fans have degraded to the point that I constantly have to take the cooling unit out to fiddle with the fans and spray air into the mechanism in the two fans. And yet they still make a clicking and clacking noise all the time. So I need to buy new fans for the cooler, except I need to know WHAT fans to buy! I tried buying the proper MM size fans, but the power connectors where the wrong type. I could really use help on finding the correct type of fans that are the quietest and silent as possible, to buy for the H100i v2.
  5. I have a Dark Core mouse that has horrible squeaking on the left mouse button when gaming. Any type of rapid pressing causes it. I did a return and the replacement to only find out the new one squeaks louder. Anyone have the Dark Core and not have the issue? I am wonder if I just had bad luck and should try a third? I really like the mouse option of not dragging your pinky on the mouse pad and everything except the noise is perfect. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hi Team, I had an AX1200i which has been replaced with a DoA ax1200i and then replaced with an AX1500i however the new 1500 now has the same issue as the original AX1200i - it has a long beep that wont go away until reset of the power. video of noise here. https://streamable.com/30zyfz I would like to know why this is happening. I have escalated for my support ticket to get resolved again however understanding the nature of the fault would be appreciated.
  7. Hey Guys, so I recently decided to switch to an AIO water-cooling system for my CPU, I picked the CAPELLIX 115i. Yesterday the product arrived and in the evening I installed it in my PC. The cooling itself works fine, however I've been experiencing a humming sound coming from the pump, even a quiet mode. When I switch to balanced or extreme mode the humming gets even more noticable. It is not coming from the fans, you can hear the sound even if I turn all fans in my system to 0 rpm. It sounds like this: [ame= ] [/ame] I'm using the Commander Core just for the Pump, all of my 6 case fans are connected to my Commander Pro, but I doubt that the sound has anything to do with this. I'd be grateful if someone would be able to help me with this problem, I'm not even sure if the sound is maybe supposed to be like that.
  8. HS70 Pro HeadSet - Static noise + Can't use while charging. Hello everyone! That's my first time buying Corsair headset, I am absolutely happy with it's sound and build quality, but that static noise when everything is off makes me really mad. Also, when u are connected through USB cable (charging) there is loud noise, like a high pitch drill or something. Things I tried: Reinstalling ICuo Restarting PC Restarting HeadSet Another PC Different USB Ports Taking out receiver (so headset is not connected to anything, but sound is still here) Any suggestions? Should I wait for firmware fix? Or I should just return it and get another pair of them? Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm the owner of a TX750M PSU since March 2020. My unit seems to have a fan problem I guess, but before requesting an RMA I'd like to ask you about it. Maybe there's something I can do to avoid all that annoying process. Sometimes, it starts making the following noise: https://voca.ro/183LS3q7w40E It can go like that for several minutes. Then it decreases its intensity or even goes quiet. Just to come back later again. There's no real pattern although I've noticed it tends to do it more frequently at night. Not because everything is quieter (it's always quiet where I am and the noise it makes is quite noticeable), but because room temperature drops and maybe it has something to do with fan going idle or activating... I don't know. I built my system with silence in mind, so it's a real annoyance having this problem while I work. Any advice? Thank you very much!
  10. Hello everyone ! I just finished to rebuild my pc into the 680X case. Everythingis pretty ok. But the pump make an heavy noise everytime she goes above 60% load (wich mean almost 90% of the time since i have a Gpu/Cpu loop and i use alot of heavy 3D programs). I heard about some noise on other post, but these are really far away from what i'm experiencing. For information i cleaned ALL the loop before installing pump, there is no leak and absolutly everything is ok (still a lil air in the loop but seriously nothing that would allow my pump to make that noise). It's like a squeak that can be hear at more than 10/20m from the pc with a headset. Need help. Thank you.
  11. For some reason my title got cut.. (only with iCue) I bought a Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless headset a year ago. Good sound quality, but I had the same problem with it, that I have now with the Corsair VOID Elite. When I downloaded the iCue, a very annoying white noise appeared. Only when there's sound playing, and only when iCue is downloaded. For some reason it doesn't apply to the narrator (Mic off, mic on, etc..). When I searched up this on Google a year ago with my VOID Pro, i got more than 10 pages of the same question, none answered by the support team (including mine). I use Win10. What's the issue? Also: If I take down the sound in Windows to 10, and listen to music on Youtube with 100%, then it's perfect. Though I payed a lot for this and the other headphones, and I expect something better for this money.
  12. I'm having issues with my PC - there's a relatively quiet but annoying intermittent rattling sound coming from my PSU. I'm almost certain it's coming from the PSU because a) the videos I'll post below are loudest when the camera is right up against the PSU and b) I turned the PSU so that the fan faced up as opposed to facing down as it was before in an attempt to solve the issue, but this only made the sound louder than it was before. This has been happening for a few months now. I'm also not sure about RMA'ing because I'm working full time from home and need my PC. [ame= ] [/ame] [ame= ] [/ame] [ame= ] [/ame] (in this video the camera is right up against the PSU, the sound is most noticable at 1:18 and 1:44.) Does anyone know what the problem is and what steps I need to be taking?
  13. Hello guys, Does anyone know why does my PC (Corsair ONE i140) make this weird noise? It's not everytime, it just happens sometimes for a long period of time and to make it not hearable, I need to shutdown my PC and leave it for 10-20 minutes. When I turn it on again, it's all fine, but after some minutes/hours it's starting to make this weird noise again. Where is it from and what does it cause to do this? Here is a link: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvsejwOK5zw[/ame] And I have one more problem: in LINK software it is shown that Micro-Star is heated at 127 degrees and is shown that I have i7-7700, but I have a i7-9700K. Here is a screenshot: https://prnt.sc/t6hqf4 Thank you!
  14. Hi. A month ago I bought the new power supply unit. The only reason why I chose this particular one is its color - just matching the design idea. Did not care about gold/platinum.. cuz the PSU for $300+ is ridiculous. After a few weeks, it started buzzing louder and louder, so now it producing noise at ~40db in the room. Not much. I agree. But it's so freaking annoying! And I don't know, how to deal with it: can I return it, or fix? Did anyone deal with this kind of issue? Check out my video, where I'm showing how it looks and sounds like [ame] [/ame] Thanks. Sorry for my English - I am not a native speaker.
  15. Hi, I receved a pair of HS70 Pro today and when i first used them there was a quiet buzzing sound on the left ear. I tried reinstalling the frameware multible times, but the sound is still here. It sounds like a 120Hz square wave. Is that normall? Can anyone help? edit: the sound is only there when there is a wireless connection. It change frequencies when i turn mic on and off and when i change the mic volume. It doesn't sound like a wireless backround noise and i don't think it is because it's only on the left ear. I found some other treads about similar problems on the Hs70 and Hs70SE. Thank you SK
  16. Hi All, I bought a new H115i RGB Platinum last week. Once installed it was clear there was a large anount of air stuck in the pump. When running on quiet profile in iCUE this was audible over all my case fans. The noise sounds like a constant ticking or crackling. As other have suggested I took the cooler off and gave it a good tap and shake to try and dislodge any air pockets. This did not help. I then returned the unit to amazon and they sent me a new one. Upon installing the new one it had exactly the same problem. Quiet mode and balanced mode profiles were extremely noisy with the pump turning silent when put in extreme mode. Both myself and my father have owned over 6 AIO's from corsair and never experienced this level of noise from a pump. Again as others have suggested this noise goes away when the case is layed flat.I am mounting the 280mm rad in the front of the case (275R) with the tubes at the top (higher than the pump). Can anyone give me any confidence in buying a 3rd cooler? I suspect amazon wouldnt let me return a 3rd one. I was temped to buy the H115i Pro XT but I am pretty sure its the exact same CoolIT pump design and could have a similar problem. Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts!
  17. As the title says, there is a high-pitched, buzz coming from the right side of the unit whenever I run games. I have a 2560x1080 165hz monitor. I'm inclined to saying its coil whine, but I'm not sure as I'm no expert on these kinds of things. Any input would be hugely appreciated, should I request a replacement? Can I fix this? The unit is brand new <1 week old. Please ask any questions you may have! Here's a video of the noise I'm experiencing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/174yf3ejUm00QmhLzfYbs5vyMrC7Tehmi/view?usp=sharing under heavy load: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15tKTDyiGyo1bwmvWtGkin1mOVAxi-OUM/view?usp=sharing
  18. Hello, I just bought a H115i Platinum RGB yesterday from Best Buy, and installed it (pump is right-side up with the word Corsair being readable in normal pc orientation. Radiator is on inside top of the PC). When my PC first boots up, there is no pump noise at all, which is great. However, as soon as iCUE starts, there begins a rattling/bubbling noise from the pump. It really sounds like turbulent flow with air bubbles coming out of solution. Furthermore, in iCUE, any attempts at changing the pump's performance profile between "quiet" and "extreme" do not affect the noise nor the reported RPM of the pump from iCUE, even after a reboot. I have tried laying my pc on its side (non glass side), and for some reason that makes the noise go away. However that isn't a good permanent solution for my desk. I then discovered that if I just don't run iCUE at all, the pump doesn't make the noise. However, I like iCUE because I also use a corsair Mouse and Keyboard with lighting and keybinding effects. So I have settled on my current temporary solution, I connected the rad fan headers straight to my mobo for direct control, and I unplugged the USB header for the pump so that iCUE cannot see the AIO unit at all. This leaves me with a pump and fans that are in rainbow mode constantly, although running a stress test seems to imply that the pump is at least performing well in its default setting. My question is this: Is there anything I can do to make the pump play nicely with iCUE? Will this problem go away with time? Or is this going to require an RMA? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi, I'm new to the forums and had a question about the H115i Pro vs H115i Pro XT coolers. I've done a bunch of research already but haven't been able to find all the detailed information so was hoping some of the knowledgeable members of this forum could weigh in. It's confusing, because the corsair website currently makes the Pro RGB and Pro RGB XT look almost identical, yet both are still available. If this question has already been asked somewhere here before admin feel free to delete. As far as I can tell, the main features are: H115i Pro: - Asetek 6th gen pump (1100rpm, 2160rpm, 2850rpm) - Single zone RGB - 1100 RPM Max speed fans - Limited availability because being replaced by XT H115i Pro XT: - Basically pump hardware from Platinum but lacking the RGB (LL?) fans & other RGB features - So, CoolIT pump (assuming the same as Platinum?? i.e. 2000rpm, 2400rpm, 2900rpm) - Black Pump Head I care most about idle noise (do lots of productivity work in addition to gaming) and would be willing to sacrifice a few delta degrees C if it means less noise. As a result I've bought one of the seemingly last remaining H115i Pro's left in my country because I've heard the 1100RPM mode is significantly quieter than the 2000RPM min speed of the Platinum. I'm wondering, can anyone confirm if the XT runs the same pump speeds & has the same louder pump as the Platinum? I'm not too concerned about the improved RGB on the XT, but I do like the black pump head! I haven't unboxed the Pro I've bought yet and am still in the return window in the case I want to switch to the XT. Hopefully someone can help me decide between Pro and Pro XT. Thanks!
  20. As stated in the title: This PSU is 1 day old and it began to make this noise from the beginning. Here is a link to the noise: [ame] [/ame] It does that noise at all times. When it boots up, idle, under load until my PC is shut down... (I mean the "cricket" sounding noise. Not the fans!!)
  21. Hello there, I installed a new H60 (2018 edition) into my system (MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, i7 6700K is the CPU). The unit is installed in the normal orientation, with two Noctua fans in push/pull, exhausting warm air out of the back of the case. Picture: https://imgur.com/WxgegpJ. The reason I'm going for a 120 mm AIO is because the case itself is quite cramped. Thermally, everything seemed okay. My temperature peaks stay below 80C, even after running the most demanding stress tests (Prime95, Realbench, ...). The pump block, however had been making a sound I can only describe like an old HDD. A non-rhythmic rattle, like you're reading data off an old drive. It's not a continuous monotonous buzz, it's more ... sparkly? My English language knowledge fails me here :) I double checked the connections, wiggled the tubes a bit, tried different SATA power headers, ... The RPM reported for the pump is 4050-4100, which seems desirable. There's no way to adjust RPM speed for the pump on this new H60 model anyway (probably for good reason). Since I thought this noise wasn't normal and I must have gotten a defective product, I sent the unit in for replacement with my retailer, and got a new one the next day. After installing the newly arrived unit, in the same way, I get the same noise. To be 100% sure it's not from another source, I went into BIOS and manually stopped all my fans - it's definitely the pump. Tilting my case to the right at about 45 degrees gets rid of the problem, which increases my suspicion it's air bubble related. Anyone with similar experiences? Should I just wait and let it "settle"? I've read things about getting the unit out and shaking it all about? Letting the case run on it's side (isn't that ... dangerous?))? I know the H60 isn't exactly the flagship cooler, but I still paid good money for it - would like to have it running silently/
  22. Hello, I recently received a WaterCooling h100i RGB platinium from corsair, I installed it then tested, it seems to work for the fact that I can turn on my PC, but it makes a sizzling noise quite disturbing in Balanced mode and in extreme mode, then from time to time, a few seconds in silent mode, I would like to know if this is normal or not? Here is a video I made: [ame]https://youtu.be/AUeEsWzY39M[/ame] Edit: This is the first time I install a watercooling so I have nothing to touch parameter levels in the BIOS or in ICUE Thank you in advance.
  23. Dear all, I have a 5ish year old CS550M corsair PSU. The fan has had noise problems before. Back then I fixed it by flipping the PSU upside down. This time that around that has unfortunately not helped. The fan isn't hitting the grate, because it even makes the noise when the grate is off. Giving it a whack or shaking around a bit can fix the noise, but then it randomly comes back sometime later. I've read that a bad bearing might be the issue, is this bearing replacable? What are my options? Kind regards, pallie
  24. Hello everyone. I bough my new PC 2 weeks ago (Including Corsair Hydro H100x). The problem is that it does so much noise everytime and I don't know if I didnt plug it correctly or I have to change the speed. Where do I have to plug the pump and the fans? Can i change the fans speed? My motherboard is a MSI Z390-A PRO.
  25. Hello, I know there have been threads about this issue but I wanted confirmation... My PSU has been waking this weird noise for a couple of days. It happens mostly after gaming, not so much at idle. I recorded it : [ame] [/ame] Can anyone please confirm what this is and what I should do about it please ? Thanks:biggrin:
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