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Found 12 results

  1. As the title says, I've encountered at issue using the ST100 RGB, involving a background static/hissing noise. This noise only ever happens when there is foreground audio playing (music, game sounds etc.), but it remains the same volume, regardless of how loud the foreground noises are. So when I have quiet music playing, the hissing sound overpowers the music and drowns it out. I'm plugged in using the 3.5mm audio jack, with Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones. The stand itself is plugged into my rear I/O with the provided USB A-microB cable. It's a strange issue, and I dont have much of an idea about what could be causing it. I've tried disabling the RGB, in case of any interference generated by the LED's or controller, but that hasn't changed anything. Altering windows audio settings doesn't do anything, and the iCue settings are the same deal. If anyone else has encountered the issue and solved it, any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. When I have the headset connected but no sounds playing i hear a slight static in the left ear only. If i play a video and pause it the static is quieter then a second or two later it gets louder and stays that way till i play the sounds/video again. I've tried different ports on the computer for the receiver. I've tried different computers all together. But its really bugging me and im not sure what to do.
  3. Hello, I bought myself a Corsair MM700 RGB Mousepad. The first time I could sync it with icue 3 but after every reboot, its always completely RED. I upgraded to Icue 4 but it didnt help. I cant even change the colormode with the button on the MM700. The Mouspad is directly connected to my pc (not with an hub). I really would like to fix it, because the price I payed for a mouspad is crazy, so I would like to get it working. Greetings
  4. I just bought a brand new HS60 Haptic, everything's fine however when I install iCue, I get static noise. I checked all the previously made threads about the issue but none of it helped. I hope there is a fix for this, I don't want to refund it since I really like it... I switched over from a Void Pro RGB USB which had the EXACT same issue, hoping it wouldn't happen with HS60, however the same issue persists with this model as well. - I tried uninstalling drivers, iCue, manually downloading drivers, switching USBs, nothing worked.
  5. Hi, my void headset often goes very staticky, it starts making popping sounds and cutting out. It constantly says "mic on" after a quick, strong burst of static and pops. please help. this is very annoying. ive tried force updating it. ive tried different usb ports.
  6. So I had my hs70 for 2months and I was playing a game called gris, the game sound was doing weird glitch/skipping/ and between the skipping it was moving the sound up and down, was really annoying. It was not the game but the headset, and I just found that it was doing that on others games. So how I fixed this problem ? Unistall icue software with revo, unistall the drivers of the hs70 in windows and restart the computer. Found out that the icue software was providing some sort of drivers with it. When you go on the audio settings of windows you can see that the settings was locked by corsair. So if you dont install icue software, you dont have the custom drivers of corsair and you have the default drivers and can custom the audio frequency and enhancements etc. And the hissing of when the headset is at 100% is not there anymore ! You really need to do something about that corsair because a lot of people have that issue, and can be fixed by just removing the software that you provide. Sorry for my english !
  7. Hello everyone, I'm subscribing just for complaining and warn you from buying this product which is supposed to be the best Headphones from Corsair. I really really really hope to be wrong so I'm going to list the issues I'm having with this headphones and then listen to your opinions. I've received my Virtuoso 2 days ago. First issue: BATTERY LIFE. 100% Brightness, full charged. Goes from FULL to DEAD BATTERY in 4.30 hours. They claim around 20 hours. I'm getting 4. Do you think it's normal? Second issue: iCUE Compatibility I don't know what's wrong with this Software but the USB receiver is blinking RED all the time (stops after a few minutes), even though the headphones are connected. It's supposed to be steady white. If I close iCue, it goes to Steady White. so it's clear an iCue issue, really?! Third Issue: MAC compatiblity I got two computers, one for work, one for the rest. Well, I use a Mac for work and the idea was to use this headphones for that. I check the website, and look! iCue is fully compatible with Mac and also this Corsair. I install the SW, everything is fine. I try to play a video on Youtube, and before even reproducing sound, I head a STATIC NOISE / WHITE NOISE in my ears. Every time there's a media session with audio (so song, or video), a STATIC NOISE appears. UNUSUABLE. Guys, I really want you to prove me I'm wrong, so I can start appreciating an d fix these headphones; but, what I think is that I've either received a defective product or it's a defective model. Already sent a Ticket to Corsair, but I'm not receiving answers. See you and have a nice day :)
  8. Hello, I've recently bought a Corsair Void Pro Wireless [White] and have been enjoying it alot other than one thing that i cannot for the life of me fix which is whenever there is audio playing at all there is static when there is no audio its perfectly fine the static isn't very loud so i can usually turn the application up above the volume of the static but i dont really want to have to do this for everything when im hoping there is a better solution Things that i've tried to do to solve this are reinstalling drivers reinstalling icue and the drivers reinstalling just ICUE Full Windows Wipe I tried doing a firmware flash on them but for some reason they kept saying that they weren't connected to a USB Cable even though they were so i had to give up on that -Please if you know anything or think of anything please inform me i would love to get rid of this static noise
  9. Hi, I purchased my Corsair HS50 few days back. The headphone is pretty good and I have no problems with it. But I could not try the Microphone of the HS50. I don't know how it works. I use the headphone on a laptop and it has only one 3.5mm Jack. I did not use the Y Cable. But without the Splitter the Microphone doesn't work. Now as I have one 3.5mm Port, I can't try the Y Cable. Then I decided to buy a cheap USB Sound Card. Using it, everything works fine, Except I get Static Electricity sound when I turn on the mic. When the Laptop is powered through battery, It doesn't make any sound but When I plug in power supply, It makes loud sound and there is no way to reduce the Static sound. Can anyone tell is if there is a way to use the headphone along with the microphone using the 3.5mm Jack? Or explain if It will work with the single 3.5mm Jack or not...! My laptop model is Dell Inspiron 5577. Thank You.
  10. Hey there, just got my HS70 wireless today, hooked it up and instantly noticed the hissing sound only (!) in the left ear. Following attempts at fixing have been made: > Microphone on/ off doesn't change a thing > Tried reinstalling the firmware via iCUE > Different slot for the USB receiver > Reverting any Equalizer effects back to default Notes: > Audio playing from my PC does not affect the static sound. > Static stops when the USB receiver is pulled out > No issues with my other headset or In-Ears (Headset is via USB, Cable; In-Ears are 3.5mm) > No difference between selecting 7.1 or Stereo in iCUE > Static level does not increase or decrease, no matter the combination of "loudness" from the headset or my PC settings > Static level is not affected by distance to receiver (does not matter whether I'm 50cm away, in the same room or two rooms over) > No matter how I balance left-right audio on my PC, left is always more pronounced (when listening to dialogue it always sounds like the conversation is way further left than it appears visually; same for gaming and music) Any help would be greatly appreciated. <3 Final note- if I can't fix this I'll be returning the headset and look for a new one, either wireless or with a wire. But this... I've been using it for a couple of hours now and when there's a permanent sound source (like a game, movie, etc.) it's fine, but when I'm sitting on voice comms, listening to music, or worst of all not doing anything it's getting unbearable. PC Specs: Win 10 i5 4670k GTX 1080 MSI B85-G43 16GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
  11. Hi all, I just purchased the HS70 and noticed a feedback almost like light static when playing PUBG. It seems like it only happens in game and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I also notice the sound lowers and raises on its own in the game too. I previous had use other headset and never ran into any issues. I am thinking it might be a software issue with Corsair? Any help is appreciated! Spces: iCue 3.6.109 HS70 0.64 Windows 10 i7 6700 @4GZ 32GB RAM
  12. Good afternoon, I have been using Corsair peripherals for quite some time. Previously I was using a K95 RGB alongside a Logitech G600. I had the K95 set up to have a static color blue backlight plus a rainbow ripple expansion per key on keypress that expanded out. I recently expanded out to a K95 RGB Platinum, a Polaris pad, and a Scimitar Pro and am exploring Lighting Link. I can set up my choice of a static blue backlight *OR* the rainbow ripple expansion from keypress, but cannot combine them. I have checked for software updates and updated firmware as appropriate. I have made sure to try using both on-board and non- profiles. I am not sure if I have defective hardware or software or if this feature is in progress or just not being implemented at all (in which case I wasted several hundred dollars possibly). ***EDIT*** THANK YOU FOR RELEASING THIS UPDATE, IT IS GLORIOUS!
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