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H115i ELITE CAPELLIX XT weird periodical pump noise and vibration

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Dear community,

After lots and lots of research and after contacting also the customer service of corsair (which prompt me for an RMA), I am creating this topic as a last chance to try to fix if possible my issue and avoid sending my AIO to England while waiting for a new one to come.

I have the H115i elite capellix XT AIO (2x140 fans) watercooling for 10 months now, and I face the same issue since day one, but I have been using the pc for about 2 hours per week so I have not been able to invest proper amount of time on it since day one to figure out what is going on.

The pump creates a noise like a strong rattle along with a strong vibration every couple of minutes or so. When this happens, (sometimes, sometimes not)  the fans seem to speed up for 5-10 seconds (as if they detect that the pump stopped or something which is clearly not the case as I monitor the ICUE software)  and den calm down again.

This issue seems very weird as  the sound is not constant (to make me think that it is air bobbles trapped inside), rather it is periodical.

I have tried many different orientations (at the moment i have the radiator out of the case  being much higher and above the pump), updated bios, even switched in bios the power from PWM to DC (which some people in forums say it might help).

It seems that when I tilt a bit here and there, the noise stops in the sense of it being less "frequent" and "strong" and vise versa. However it is weird that the pump is so sensitive, and feels as if it has lots of air in the whole system (when I shake it I hear the noise to be loud).

Could you please advise? 

MY system is the below:
MOBO: Asrock riptide 650m
CPU: Ryzen 7700x
SSD: Firecuda 530
PSU: Thermaltake 850W

P.S. I will be able to also provide video tomorrow. 

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