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  1. Hallo, ich habe mein Headset schon seit ungefähr 2019. Aber heute aus dem nichts, reagiert mein Headset überhaupt nicht mehr. Am vorherigen Abend ist alles halbwegs normal gegangen, habe schon die letzten Tage langsam Probleme mit dem Mikro bekommen. (Es wurde nicht richtig erkannt etc. Konnte es aber immer lösen.) Nun diesmal liegt es glaube ich an dem Headset selber denn, - iCUE Software deinstalliert & neu installiert - Habe auch die Anleitung versucht zu machen https://help.corsair.com/hc/de/articles/360034659591-Anleitung-Nicht-reagierendes-Headset-reparieren aber es hat kein Zeichen von sich gegeben - habe 3 verschiedene USB Kabel an dem Headset ausprobiert - auch das Original mitgelieferte, welches auch Probleme aufwies vor 1-2 Wochen - Der USB-Dongle geht soweit einwandfrei und wird erkannt von der Software (Hat auch neuste Firmware v.0.16.80) - Von dem Headset kann ich selber die Firmware nicht nachschauen weil es dementsprechend nicht von dem PC & Software nicht erkannt wird (denke aber es ist soweit die neuste installiert) Aber im Endeffekt schaut es so aus als würde der Akku von dem Headset kaputt sein. Weil es nicht mehr Blinkt und keine Art von Geräusch auch von sich gibt wenn es angeschlossen ist und wie im Anhang auch natürlich nicht erkannt wird. Kann ich noch irgendwas machen, was vielleicht helfen könnte? Bei diesen Problemen das mir das Headset auch schon über die Jahre erbracht hat, tendiere ich sowieso auf ein anderes Headset. Bzw. anderen Hersteller. Lg, Lea
  2. Hace unos dias bajo el brillo de mis Corsair Void Elite Wireless a 0 a traves del software Icue, en la seccion de configuraqcion de dispositivo. Desde ese dia no puedo subir el brillo, aunque puedo cambiar las opciones de iluminacion pero no se ve nada, pues el brillo esta en 0. La iluminacion funciona bien, pues al desconectrarse los audifonos los led prenden sin problema. Alguien tiene una solucion Gracias
  3. The NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK comes to CORSAIR iCUE, providing powerful noise and echo removal tools for the microphone on your iCUE-compatible CORSAIR Gaming Headset! What You Need: A PC running Windows equipped with the latest version of CORSAIR iCUE, an NVIDIA RTX graphics card with the latest drivers, an iCUE-compatible audio device, and an internet connection to download the NVIDIA Broadcast technologies plugin. Setup: To enable NVIDIA Broadcast in CORSAIR iCUE, navigate to your headset and you'll find a new tab for "NVIDIA Broadcast technologies." click on it and follow the prompts to install. Once installed, the NVIDIA Broadcast technologies panel will allow you to toggle the feature on and off, adjust mic volume, and the intensity of the noise removal and echo removal setting. There's also a convenient "Test Mic" section that allows you to record a brief sample of your current settings and play it back over your headset so you can quickly adjust the effects to your preference. Should you need to completely remove the plugin, go to the iCUE Settings panel and click on "Integrations," click "Uninstall" to initiate the wizard to remove the plugin completely or "repair" if you wish to re-do the installation as a troubleshooting measure. What headsets are compatible? All CORSAIR audio devices that utilize the CORSAIR Audio Driver and are supported by the current version of CORSAIR iCUE are compatible with the NVIDIA Broadcast integration, this includes our current lineup of wireless headsets, USB headsets, surround headsets (when connected via their USB adapter), and iCUE-enabled headset stands like the ST100 RGB (for devices connected to the 3.5mm jack in the base of the stand). I already have NVIDIA Broadcast installed, will enabling NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK result in a conflict? NVIDIA Broadcast integration with CORSAIR iCUE applies noise and echo removal through the CORSAIR Audio Driver to the microphone input of compatible CORSAIR audio devices. The standalone NVIDIA Broadcast application uses a virtual device driver to apply effects to other devices that may be connected to your system. Using both at the same time is not recommended since it won't improve effect quality, but will use additional system resources. If you have a need to use both - for example, the camera effects from the Broadcast app and iCUE for audio - we recommend turning off the competing effects in each app. Closing Thoughts NVIDIA Broadcast integration brings advanced, AI-powered audio controls to compatible systems using CORSAIR iCUE, making it easier than ever for friends, teammates, and co-workers to hear you clearer than ever. To join the discussion, check out our communities over at the CORSAIR User Forums, Reddit, and Discord!
  4. Hello 👋 I have a Corsair HS60 PRO headset Suddenly, without warning, I was playing Valorant. Suddenly the speaker sound disconnects for a minute or two and then suddenly comes back, but the sound is weak and there are problems and strange sounds. I checked the ICUE program, the program did not show me the headset, I deleted the program and reinstalled it, but the same problem and within the Windows settings writes to me that the headset is not known As HS60 pro, I decided to remove the shunt and use a 3.5mm wire. It works without problems, but when connected via USB, the reputation does not appear in the program and does not work Note that I sent to support via e-mail and no one responded to me. Please support as soon as possible. Thank you
  5. CORSAIR VOID Elite wireless headset is stuck at 100% volume. Operating on a Windows laptop. I can adjust volume settings for all other audio devices, but the audio slider for the CORSAIR option literally won't move from 100% ... unless you mute it. I'm running on the latest 3.38.61 software -- just installed this morning.
  6. Guten Tag, Ich hab aktuell das Problem dass Ich keine earpads für mein Void RGB Wireless headset bekomme. Diese sind leicht größer als die von dem Void pro RGB wireless HS (oder so heist das) weshalb ich Probleme habe Ohrmuscheln dafür zu finden. Ebenfalls heisen die Ohrmuscheln im Shop auch PRO weshalb es die Suche dadurch noch komplizierter macht. In dem offiziellem Shop auf deren Seite finde Ich die exakt passenden Ohrmuscheln jedoch verschiffen die nicht nach Europa und nur in die USA. Vielleicht findet einer von euch doch noch was denn Ich bin seit Monaten schon am suchen. Headset ID: CA-8910036 Ohrmuschel ID: CA-9011135
  7. My headset has been working perfectly fine, until about 3 weeks ago. My headset wouldn't charge. I figured out that the input was kind of broken. I can charge the headset if I adjust the cable to a certain position. Today I realised that the headset won't even turn on. I've tried doing a soft reset as said on your support page, but that didn't work. And I charged the headset fully yesterday evening so I know that the battery isn't dead. One more thing, I've noticed that the battery drains very fast from 100-40% but then slow down. I payed about 150 euro for this headset, and to be honest im disappointed that they didn't even last a year..
  8. Hi, just bought this headset last week and received it yesterday, after using it all day yesterday and for a couple of hours today, the audio since I set it up has been very choppy, with the game sound just cutting in and out every couple of seconds. This has been most noticeable in Halo Infinite and strangely a little bit less in Apex Legends. I have updated my Xbox Series X, my Elite 2 controller and updated the firmware of the headset via my PC and the ICUE software (although my Xbox still shows in the Accessories app that the headset is still on Version, and none of these have stopped the problem. Does anyone have a solution for this or any help at all?
  9. Hallo ich habe seit neusten ein Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless doch es verliert sehr schnell Akku und ich weiß nicht warum. Es handelt sich hierbei dass das Headset 2-3% alle paar Sekunden verliert. Ach wenn ich das Headset auf min 80% lade und ich laute Musik anmache dann fällt der Akkustand sofort auf 65% ich wollte frage woran es liegt und ob ich es einmal zu 100% laden soll und dann schauen soll? Es würde so nie ansatzweise 10 Stunde Dauerbetrieb aushalten obwohl mit 16 Stunden geworben wird.
  10. My headset was working fine all days, headset battery started beeping as it down when dying, plugged in the USB cable and the right ear/speaker has had a long beep/hum tried soft reset still beeping/hum
  11. Hi So basically i got two problems. First is my Virtuoso RGB Wirless sometimes changes it's whole sound. When it happens it gets more quiet, the bass is gone and the sound is just not full anymore. After sometime it just comes back on again. I noticed it happens a lot when the LoL client is open. But i haven't noticed a pattern or a certain trigger to it. Also i noticed the headset struggles to sustain a constant a audio when it has to play more quiet sound, for example a song fading out. Then it just becomes choppy and i just can't enjoy the music to the fullest. Somebody got a fix?
  12. Hello everybody, I currently have a problem with my EQ presets, that is to say that when I change the latter no change is perceptible, before all working and for a while more nothing. I have done all the last updates: ICUE, windows, headphones... I think at first a conflict with windows if someone has an idea I am for. Thank you, cordially
  13. Hello World Just felt like shareing my solution to my wish of having a keybind for muting/unmuting my mic (CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless Gaming Headset) via a keybind ("G1" on my Corsair Gaming K55 RGB Keyboard) via the ICue application I simply went into my profile settings and copied my exsisting profile and changed the setting in that profile to have the mic muted Then i went into each profile and bound my G1 key to switching between the two profiles (remember to do this in both profiles) It's a bit of a roundabout solution but using this way i am able to keep the keybind working with ICue and no extra downloads Until Corsair wakes up and makes an option for muting mic as they have muting sound in ICue this is my solution Hope this helps some of you guys and you dont have to spend as much time looking at forums as i had to Ill follow this thread so feel free to ask any questions you might have 🙂
  14. Hello, I would just like to know on how to fix the not charging HS70 Pro Wireless issue that I currently have. I tried the soft reset but the led lights are still not on. tried to use on 2 different computer and different cord as well. I'm from the Philippines so I'm not sure on nearest place where I could get this check or fix. Any ideas or other fix I could do?? Thanks,
  15. Hallo zusammen, mein Headset funktioniert grundsätzlich erst einmal wie es sollte. Aber: Die Nebenton-Funktion ist über Funkverbindung quasi nicht wahrnehmbar. Sobald ich das Headset über Kabel verbinde und in den USB-Modus wechsele, ist die Funktion deutlich besser (lauter), aber bei weitem nicht so, dass ich Geräusche aus meiner Umgebung hören könnte. Mehr als das eigene Atmen hört man da nicht. Muss das so? Außerdem wollte ich heute mit dem Equalizer etwas rumspielen, um einen besseren Sound zu bekommen. Der scheint aber gerade keine Funktion zu haben. Egal, welchen Regler ich bewege oder welches Preset ich auswähle, es klingt alles gleich. Hierbei ist es auch gleich, ob ich das Headset mit oder ohne Kabel betreibe. Jemand einen Tipp, wie ich das hinbekomme? Auf neue Treiberversion warten? Viele Grüße Frank
  16. Hey everyone. I own the void elite headset. I have owned it for a few months now and it has been working perfectly fine. Today I hop in discord and no one can hear me. I tested my audio with three different online testers and still nothing. I combed my settings making sure it was compatible and allowed access to as well. I also un installed Icue and tried different versions of icue as well and still nothing. I also updated windows 10. Any tips or a fix?
  17. Today I just put in my headset and saw that my headset left speaker was not working but when I used the sound regulator it started working and wen am no touching the sound regulator the speaker is not working can some one help me find a solution pls? I don’t know if it is a fabric defect because I had my headset for just 1 month and I don’t know if I need it to go to garantí or if there is a solution
  18. Hi y'all. I can't seem to figure out what is going on with my virtuoso headset. I've listed below what the problem is and everything I've tried to fix it. Thanks in advance for the help! I should also add this is a new issue. It was fine for many months and has only been occurring in the last month or so. Problem: When its connected wirelessly and I am on discord, zoom or any voice chat, the audio becomes garbled then will cut out all together. The time it takes for this to happens varies but is always within a minute. Resetting the headset fixes it for a couple seconds but it fails again. When the headset is connected via USB this issue doesn't happen. The other weird thing is that if I'm not connect to a voice chat, the issue doesn't occur. For example if I'm watching youtube or playing a game, the wireless sound is always fine. Trouble shooting I've tried: Initially I thought it was the 2.4 GHz wifi that was interfering but I turned that off on my router all together and it still happened. In addition I used a wifi analyzer on my phone and there's no other wifi signals on 2.4 GHz around my computer. I have also done a fresh install of iCue software and the Realtek audio drivers to no avail. I've heard that there have been some issues with the recent iCue software and windows, but the fact that in USB mode the issue doesn't happen makes me think that's not the issue. Once again, any and all suggestions are welcomed!
  19. Hello Since several days, my ROG headsed is detected by ICUE as a "Generic headset" and I can't use it now. I don't want to une my headset with ICUE. How can I resolve that? Thank you.
  20. Guten Tag, am Anfang der Woche hatte ich mit meinem Corsair Virtuose SE regelmäßige Tonausfälle für ein paar Sekunden. Wollte daraufhin die Software deinstallieren, da ich vermutet habe, dass es an dem Programm liegt. Aber sobald ich die Software deinstallieren will kommt die Fehlermeldung ""Auf den Windows Installer-Dienst konnte nicht zugegriffen werden. Dies kann auftreten, wenn der Windows Installer nicht richtig installiert wurde. Wenden Sie sich an den Support, um weitere Unterstützung zu erhalten" Und seit gestern geht bei mir das Headset mit Bluetooth überhaupt nicht mehr! Nur mit USB-Kabel. Außerdem wenn ich iCUE aktualisieren möchte, wird es aktualisiert aber dann steht bei mir in den Einstellungen das immer wieder ein Update verfügbar ist. Kann also unendlich viele Updates herunterladen Wisst ihr woran es liegt?
  21. Bonjour, j'ai acheté un casque neuf Corsair HS45 Surround il y a 5 jours. Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, il fonctionnait correctement même si dès fois le son se coupait ce qui m'obligeait à le débrancher et rebrancher (en USB) Aujourd'hui il m'est arrivé le même problème pendant que je regardais un live twitch donc j'ai décidé le débrancher et rebrancher sauf que là en le rebranchant mon casque, ce dernier n'est plus reconnu par mon ordinateur ni par iCUE. Je décide donc de le redémarrer, de désinstaller et réinstaller le logiciel iCUE ainsi que mes pilotes mais rien n'y fait. J'ai cherché et essayé des solutions sur internet mais rien ne fonctionne. Le casque fonctionne quand je le branche à la prise jack mais bon du coup je ne peux pas profiter du surround ainsi qu'utiliser les fonctionnalités qui vont avec le casque. Donc si quelqu'un peut m'aider ça serait vraiment sympa. Merci d'avance. Edit: Le micro ne fonctionne pas correctement en utilisant la prise jack.
  22. Hello! I have a HS70 Pro (a wireless headset), and the iCUE software has been causing me problems ever since I bought my headset, almost two years ago. When the headset's battery is "low", the headset beeps once every 60 seconds. The problem is that iCUE displays my headset's battery status incorrectly. For example, when my headset is fully charged, the software displays the battery as being 76% full, ever since I first used my headset. When iCUE believes that my headset is at 5% battery, the beeping begins. But in reality, the headset's battery is not nearly that low. Yesterday, my headset started beeping at around 6:30 pm. At the time, I was almost done with work, so I decided to ignore the beeping until I was done. Two hours later, I was still using the headset, without charging it, and iCUE was still displaying the battery as 5%. My question is: Is there a way to make iCUE display my headset's battery status correctly? If not, if there a way to stop the beeping? Or at least, make it less frequent? Thanks!
  23. Schönen guten Morgen. Mein (noch relativ neues) HS70 PRO Wireless geht leider nicht mehr richtig an. Es wird zwar erkannt und gibt beim Einschalten noch einen Ton von sich (aber nur ohne, oder nur mit halber Ansage), kann aber kein Audio mehr abspielen. Das erzwingen einer Aktualisierung hat leider auch nichts geändert. Hat vielleicht noch irgendwer Ideen was man machen könnte um es wieder zum Laufen zu bringen? Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank im Voraus!
  24. Hello everyone, I need good EQ (equalizer) settings for my Virtuoso Wireless SE Headset for gaming on Playstation 5 for example Call of Duty or Warzone. I tried different profiles and also searched here in the forum, but I couldn't find anything suitable. Please help! :[pouts:
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