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Corsair Link Issue w/ Corsair Lighting Node Pro


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Alright so 3/27/17 around 6pm I felt the want to change my colors on my 4 HD120 fans on my rad. I opened corsair link then popped up an update for corsair link as well a firmware update for my Corsair Lighting Node Pro. AFTER updating and such my LED's (strips & fans) reset colors but the 4 fans did NOT.


As of now only 1 led on 1 of the 4 fans works and it barely works as it only flickers colors and cant be solid either.


I'm highly speculating that this issue is within the bootloader for the corsair lighting node controller. Here are the details of the current versions of the 2


-Corsair Link Version

-Corsair Lighting Node PRO

Firmware Version: 0.2.54

Bootloader Version: 0.2



remind you that only the fans LED's are currently not functioning yet the fans are working fine and the Led strips as well are fine.


please anything helps since I have not been contacted by Corsair directly yet regarding my issue yet my attempt contacting support and via ticket.


I'll upload a video if need be or photos

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Not really a problem, but I updated my link and lighting node software yesterday (9/26). Prior to the update my lighting patterns resume what they were programmed to previously. Now, while the computer is powered on but the link software hasn't loaded yet, the sp120 fans run a pattern that resembles the 'rainbow wave' setting on the crsr led strips. It was like each fan was doing the normal SP120 'rainbow' setting, but each fan is slightly delayed behind each other. I thought it looked really nice and would like to be able to use this setting.
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Interesting. We don't currently have a lighting profile that does that; you've stumbled on to it by accident it seems.


Yes you do. It seems that there is a new default "preset" that runs before the CLCP initializes. Some like it and want the effect to be available all of the time. Others do not like it and want the CLCP to retain the last settings like it used to do before the firmware upgrade.








This needs to be answered. I also have all of my LEDs set to a static color, but after installing the latest firmware, I’m now greeted by a RGB light show every time I boot/shutdown my PC which is very annoying.


Was it actually intentional to remove persistence of my settings? I really am not a fan of the new demo mode at all.

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