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  1. So, the motherboard included is going to have limitations in place in BIOS in order to ensure surface components don't overheat. I'll have to go back and play with the i160 some more to see if I can reproduce your issues. I'm working on having an overclocking-enabled BIOS for the i180 produced, if there are issues with the i140/i160's motherboard BIOS in terms of letting customers play with the settings and tweak their systems I'll want to make sure those issues are resolved.
  2. The retail ASRock X299 ITX board WILL NOT FIT in the Corsair One chassis. We had to modify a daughterboard to ensure that it would work. To be honest, if you want to go nuts with a Corsair One, your best bet is just to buy the i180 and manually upgrade the CPU to the i9-9980XE. We've actually validated and certified against that CPU. We won't warrant its operation or any damage you may incur by doing the swap, but it can be done and should work fine. We also have a 64GB upgrade kit for the i180 en route. You can technically buy a 16GBx4 SODIMM kit and it should be fine, but the upgrade kit comes with specially selected ICs and heatspreading tape to guarantee stability. As for the i140/i160, I don't know what you really gain from switching motherboards. Maybe another 100 or 200MHz turbo? Maybe? You can achieve similar results by manually undervolting the CPU, which could reduce noise in the process.
  3. That is NOT what I said. This generation Corsair One has limited upgradeability as far as the graphics card is concerned. You can use any full size card that fits the PCIe height/size spec. You CAN'T use the graphics liquid cooling system with it.
  4. Just as a heads up, we do have fan hysteresis coming for Commander Pro, and are working on revising the fan curves.
  5. Unfortunately it's not possible to open the source code for Link as it uses proprietary IP from other vendors.
  6. pxv, your unit is unfortunately from the lot affected by the recall. zguy85, were you having issues before the recent updates or has this started as a result of the Fall Creator's Update from Microsoft?
  7. We've had to prioritize other fixes (see the release notes on 4.9.2), but this is on our radar as something that needs to be resolved. I'm on a Ryzen 7 1800X system myself, I'd like to see this issue fixed. ;)
  8. It's still in the works, but slow going. We've been aggressively prioritizing fixing bugs in the software.
  9. I would say try to unplug and replug your Link cable, or try a different USB 2.0 header on your motherboard. But if you continue to have issues, contact customer service.
  10. Wow, that is...let me get a tech support rep in here and we'll see about sending you replacement screws.
  11. Can you post a picture of the missing screws? That's unusual and something we'd want to look into. As for the pump resonance, I'm sorry to hear that's causing you trouble.
  12. Corsair One is not designed to operate under non-Windows operating systems without the Corsair Link software. The Link software is needed to balance the fan against the CPU and GPU temperatures, and unfortunately we have no plans to add Linux support at this time. If you run in Linux, you do so at your own risk.
  13. That's hardly fair. I spend a lot of time on these forums trying to actually help end users. The fact is, though, 90% of the time, "reboot/reinstall/exchange" is actually the solution. Now, with that being said, we've identified the issue that rpesta is having. It's unique to AMD systems. AMD's chipsets are subcontracted out to ASMedia, and they're having issues with daisy-chaining USB the way Commander PRO does. So we've identified it, and we're working on a solution.
  14. I really, really hope that works out for you. If it doesn't, please be sure to let us know. I've seen the odd issue relating to the Commander PRO's hub here and there; it works great in my desktop at home (AX760i connected to it) but I have a testbed with prototype hardware at work that doesn't see anything.
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