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  1. Is it possible to get my Dominator RGB DIMM temps into the Nexus? I can't find this as an option in the libraries.
  2. I only want the motherboard lighting control in CUE but I don't want to run another hardware ecosystem's software (Armory Crate) just to be able to do that. If Asus agreed perhaps CUE could have standalone control of Asus motherboard lighting.
  3. There appears to be a bug with the CUE Asus Plugin in 4.15/4.16 and Aura (Lighting Control 1.07.84) in that it causes CUE to severely lag going into HW mode when the CUE service is terminated, i.e. System reboot. It can hang on the last software profile for 20-30 seconds.
  4. The AuraServicesetup appears to install everything it normally would except the Aura app itself. An even more streamlined install would be better. I can confirm the Asus CUE plugin works with AuraServicesetup and AacMBsetup manually. The reason I've uninstalled again is because there currently seems to be a bug with CUE 4.15 onwards and the plugin in that there is a very large lag in devices going from software mode to HW mode when CUE is exited, i.e. system reboot. I don't know if the Aura installed with Armory Crate is having this issue or not. I'm about to report the bug in another thread now.
  5. I'm wondering why you have six fan readings for the H150i. Do you have six fans connected to the H150i? What headers are those fans plugged into? CPU OPT is a fan header so HWiNFO and CUE are reading that correctly. What fans do you have you plugged into Sys fan 1 and 2? I don't know of many fans that reach 5150 RPM.
  6. Forgot to mention I'm referring to custom cooling presets with the Commander Pro.
  7. I am trying to copy some custom cooling presets of mine. When I copy the selected preset it makes a copy of a non selected preset instead. When I delete a selected preset it's deleting a non selected preset.
  8. I know quite a lot of people who don't want to run the Asus Armory Crate software and the standalone AURA is now discontinued. Is it at all possible Corsair could integrate the required AURA components directly into CUE 4 without the need for running either Armory Crate (or the discontinued AURA) and a plugin?
  9. How do I set custom icons in the Nexus? The only option I have are the generic CUE icons and no option to browse local folders.
  10. So if there are no lighting effects loaded onto the Asus GPU plugin will it just sit there doing nothing? I don't mind it being there but I don't really want it using additional system resources if I am not using it.
  11. I have the Asus GPU plugin in CUE 4 but I cannot use it I presume because my Asus GPU is installed onto an EKWB waterblock with it's own LED's. I use the Asus motherboard plugin but would like to remove the Asus GPU plugin from showing in CUE 4. Is that possible?
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