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  1. The NZXT AC-IUSBH-M3 internal USB hub is a high-quality product, which is surprising coming from NZXT. The other internal hub that I trust is the Aquacomputer Hubby7, but hey can be quite hard to find in stock in the US. I bought an NZXT hub a few weeks ago from Provantage because they had the best price. Shipping was quick. Great experience. I clicked your link today and it did not work so I went to their site and searched for it using the model number and the Provantage item number that is on my invoice. Nothing, I guess they stopped carrying them, which is odd because when I bought mine, they had quite a few on them in stock. Whatever the case with that, it is sad that you have to go buy a USB hub from someone else to make Corsair's flakey AIO products work reliably. Corsair has had USB problems for years. I learned long ago to never even try to use the USB passthrough ports on the Commander Pro. All these years later, they still have USB problems.
  2. I think you are confused. The NEXT hubs are all USB2.0. NZXT has updated their hub several times, and refers to the current version as "Gen-3", as in third version of their USB2.0 hub. It is confusing.
  3. This is a cool idea but why is there no USB port for iCue integration? I only see 4 models that have a USB port. AX1500i, AX1600i, HX1000i, HX1500i. Is Corsair phasing out power supplies that can connect to ICUE?
  4. You may be right about that. I recall Corsair releasing a flurry of software and firmware updates, changing the device detection code, etc. when they were still actually trying to fix all these problems. It seemed like this fixed some, but not all of the problems, and possibly created some new ones. I don't know how long its been since they released any more updates. I know people have managed to regress firmware by getting the file out of an AppData folder that iCue put it in, then dragging the firmware file over a bootloader file. I don't recall the specific procedure but if you search this forum you will find posts about doing this. It is not something that Corsair supports, and I don't think they will send you the required firmware files, but sometimes other users make them available. IIRC, they get deleted after an update so you have to grab them before they disappear. I did not know that Corsair has released new models of AIO coolers. I checked the site and see the Elite LCD and the Elite LCD XT. Is that the new one? The only difference I saw was the Elite LCD comes with ML RGB Elite fans while the Elite LCD XT comes with AF RGB Elite fans with "AirGuide technology". I guess these AF fans are new? Other than the fans, the 2 products look the same to me. Both have a 480x480 IPS LCD display, the same pump (I think), and both come with a Commander Core. I think the problems plaguing these products would affect all versions. I don't pay much attention to Corsair's new products anymore. They make a few decent cases and some of their fans are OK but I have moved on from iCue and Corsair controllers. I still have a few in my rigs but I don't use iCue to control them. When they released their AIO coolers with video displays I decided NOT to buy one based on my past experiences with Corsair. I had this gut feeling that it would be a fiasco and apparently I was right. Good luck with your display.
  5. OMG - Corsair has STILL not fixed this dumpster fire of a product? I pop in every few months to see if the issues with the Corsair AIO video display have been resolved. Every time I do, I find several new pages of posts reporting the same problems over and over again. I just looked back through the last 4 pages in this thread and did not see a single post from anyone at Corsair. Are they even trying to fix these issues anymore? I can't believe they gave not pulled these products from the market. Instead, they are still happily selling these things to unsuspecting customers while apparently doing little or nothing to resolve the issues. I learned my lesson and moved on from Corsair, but I feel bad for those who haven't yet and spent their hard-earned money only to end up posting their woes on this forum. I'll guess I'll check again after another few months. Good Luck Y'all.
  6. Interesting that switching to an Intel system seems to have solved your USB problems. AMD did have some USB issues early on, but I have not heard any recent complaints. I had USB problems with Commander Pro's and Lighting Node Pro's in 2 different Intel rigs - 1 Haswell-E / X99 and 1 Coffee Lake / Z370. I put NZXT internal USB2.0 hubs in both systems and the USB problems stopped. I learned to never use the 2 USB pass-through ports on the Commander Pro. I have 2 Lighting Node Cores in a Ryzen 3000 rig and have had no problems with them, though I don't control them with iCue. There are several programs on my NEVER INSTALL list. Asus Aura, Armoury Crate, Thermaltake TRGBPlus and DPS G, and Corsair iCue. My rigs have had no problems since I stopped using these programs. When I come back to this forum and read all these posts, I feel bad for those who have not figured out that iCue is more trouble than it's worth. The fan and pump control is a joke and there are other programs that can control Corsair RGB controllers with a lot less headaches. YMMV...
  7. I am pretty sure OP is asking about his AIO coolant temp, not his CPU temps. OP said his coolant temp is getting up to 42°C. That is not too high for a custom loop (except maybe with PETG tubing), but for an AIO it may be a concern.
  8. What? On top of everything else, ICue has a memory leak?!?!? Can you share how you determined this?
  9. I don't blame you. This product release has been a complete dumpster fire from the beginning. I cannot understand how Corsair could have ever thought that this product was ready for release, or why they have not at least pulled them from the market once they were hit with a tidal wave of complaints. They seem to be in totally over their heads with this, but they are still happy to sell these to unsuspecting customers who are dazzled by their pretty display. It's pathetic.
  10. Glad you got it working, and I hope that it keeps working. What concerns me is that the things you listed have been done by many others on this thread, and it did not work for them, or maybe worked for a little while. AFAIK Corsair still intends to release a major software and/or firmware update. If they do, will you update or just leave it alone?
  11. Do you see that this thread is now 23 pages long, and was started on March 1st? It is also not the original thread or the only thread about this. These problems have been going on since this product was released and Corsair has still not fixed it. Last I heard, Corsair was going to release a major update sometime in June - not sure if that means iCue, firmware, or both. This LCD display AIO cooler has basically been a total disaster. I can't imagine how Corsair ever decided this product was ready for release.
  12. OK fair enough, but why does the Lighting Node Pro (LNP) require more power than the passthrough port on the Co-Pro can provide? The LNP has a Sata power connection so power for LED loads should come from that, not the USB port. I think the LED power does come from the Sata power connection so why does the LNP USB connection need so much power? If your products regularly exceed the power limitations of many (most?) mobo USB headers, to me that is a design flaw in your product, not the mobo. If you know that plugging an LNP into a Co-Pro USB port often results in USB disconnects, then maybe the Co-Pro USB ports should pull power from the Co-Pro Sata power instead of just being pass throughs. You provide these convenience USB ports on the Co-Pro so people can plug in the USB cable from your LNP, AIO, or whatever, but the USB ports on the Co-Pro can't provide enough power for those Corsair devices to operate properly. Again, this seems to me to be a Corsair design flaw. Regarding AMD USB issues - yes they had some, and maybe still do, but I think these are PCIe4.0 issues, not USB power limitation issues. My point is that Corsair USB connectivity has been an issue for a long time but every time I see a post about USB connectivity issues, Corsair seems to promptly use the AMD USB issues as an excuse even though many of these USB issues are power limit related, not PCIe 4.0 related.
  13. It's been going on for a lot longer than 2 years. I have Commander Pro's (Co-Pro) and Lighting Node Pro's (LNP) in 2 different Intel rigs - X99 and Z370. If I plugged a LNP into a USB port on a Co-Pro I had constant disconnects. I put NZXT hubs in both rigs and all of my Corsair USB problems went away. So in my case, adding an NZXT hub worked. Corsair USB problems are not limited to AMD builds, although Corsair does like to blame AMD for any USB problems.
  14. Wow! I think this is the first post I have seen in any of the Elite LCD threads from someone reporting that theirs actually works properly. Congrats. Hopefully, it will continue to do so.
  15. A little advice - Don't be surprised if you have USB problems with the Commander Core XT being plugged into one of the USB ports on the Commander Pro. I have Commander Pro's in 2 different Intel systems (X99 and Z370) and plugged Lighting Node Pro's into the USB ports on the Commander Pro's. This resulted in constant USB problems - freezes and connect/disconnect issues. I put in NZXT USB2.0 hubs and all of the USB problems went away. Corsair likes to blame USB problems on AMD, but since I had problems in 2 Intel systems, their excuse does not apply. People have been posting about Commander Pro USB problems for YEARS and Corsair still has not addressed them other than to try to pass the blame onto other manufacturers. Your system may be working fine and hopefully you will not encounter USB problems. If you do, try not plugging anything into the USB ports on the Commander Pro. Put in an NZXT or Aquacomputer Hubby7 internal USB2.0 hub and plug the Commander Pro XT into the hub. There is a very good chance that this will resolve the USB problems.
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