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  1. Yep, same for me - how long ago did I originally report it? Looks as though the issue is with the Elgato plugin. Small addendum: this error hasn't "been around since the introduction of the sensors in the plugin". It used to display correctly as a percentage for me. It started displaying as "W" when the Elgato plugin updated to 1.5.220 here.
  2. Dashboard/drive widget enablement on startup causing incomplete dashboard load bug here still an issue - behaviour unchanged. Although it looks like the non-persistence of the 'hide graph' command *has* been addressed - thanks Corsair people.
  3. Thanks @ArgonV, it's a strange one to be sure. I've never seen anything like it before either, and can't positively swear that it was introduced in the latest iCUE build as I don't normally have the drive widget active so it *could* have arrived some time ago without me noticing. And, one of the downsides of the new modular file download is that it isn't possible to sequentially install older builds to identify when the bug first appeared. So, in Corsair's hands a bit more so it seems.
  4. Ohhh another one: Please can we have an easy way (home screen button/top bar option/Stream Deck button/etc) of enabling and disabling Philips Hue lighting playback please? Home screen/Hue/Device Settings is a bit long-winded for a switch that gets used quite often.
  5. So, just noticed a couple of issues that might be related to the crashing on startup others have reported after updating to iCUE 5.8 (running on Win11 23H2, build 22631.2506) The simple one first: "Hide Graph" no longer persistent Clicking 'Hide Graph' on any of the dash widgets is now non-persistent. It used to be permanent - hiding the graphs in a widget kept them hidden through app/OS restart. They now reappear after an iCUE restart. Not ideal, but there are worse things afoot: Storage Widget enablement makes Dashboard widgets disappear Context first, my Dashboard *should* look something like this: However, when I enabled the storage widget earlier, while drive temperatures subsequently displayed as expected, after the next iCUE or Windows restart, the dash loaded incompletely. For example: Missing from that screengrab are the widgets for the CPU, motherboard and graphics card - as well as the drive widgets themselves. Also note that the DRAM widget is failing to display the memory timings. Checking the Dashboard customisation page, the "non-Corsair" items are now completely absent, so I can't even manually add them back: This is despite the fact that the motherboard is stlll visible within the iCUE homepage: As you can probably tell from the screenshot above, I've tried a complete uninstall/reinstall of iCUE to fix this issue - but it remains even after a clean reinstall. After a bit of guesswork, I have positively tied this bug to the enablement of the storage widget. When I disabled the storage widget and rebooted the PC, iCUE intially crashed on startup - and tried to send a diagnostic log. It did this again the second time I restarted the OS. However when I subsequently restarted iCUE from the Start Menu, the app loaded and the dashboard once again displayed fully. After this, subsequent OS restarts do not cause iCUE to crash. This behaviour is completely reproducible: If I enable the drive widget, close iCUE and then restart it, the dashboard is broken/incomplete. If I then disable the storage widget, close iCUE and restart it, the full dash (bar the disks obviously) displays again without problem. So, for some reason, on this system at least, having the storage widget active at app start corrupts the dashboard somehow. Anyone else able to reproduce this?
  6. Thanks Blaise - echoes my experience exactly. Obviously slightly famous last words about everything running so smooth lately as I've just noticed a couple of other issues. Will start separate threads givent that I think this one is fairly and squarely an issue in the Stream Deck plugin - while the other two are iCUE.
  7. Please, please, please, can we have persistent window resizing, ideally alongside the ability to pin dashboard widgets? Having the ability to customise the dashboard view and arrange it to taste is great. But it sucks when you restart and have to do it allll over again. And given the proliferation of high resolution/ultrawide/etc monitors, why not allow the window to maintain its size and position between sessions? In addition, increased granularity on the dashboard widget minima/maxima graphs would make this function so much more useful (and eliminate a lot of logging and/or XTU) use in non-critical situations. Showing the min/max vCPU (etc) as rounded integer values (for example) makes them next to useless - they might as well not be there in their current form: Those min/max indications tell me literally nothing. Displaying them as two digits past the decimal point, however... 🙂 Also, the storage widget is a major waste of dashboard real estate: Now, if it were possible to drag all of those individual drive widgets into a single one called 'Storage', and have them not waste all that blank space to the right of the graph. Hell, allowing the graph to expand to full width (like the vCPU pic above) would be more useful than having the space doing nothing.
  8. Hi all, About the most inconsequential of issues this, but seeing as everything's running generally so smoothly nowadays: After the recent updates to iCUE (5.8.130) and the Stream Deck (app, iCUE plugin 1.5.220) , (AX860i) PSU efficiency is incorrectly displaying as watts/W rather than percent: I think it's the Stream Deck plugin at fault, but given I'm guessing there's a lot of interchange between the dev teams, hope the messge will get through if I post it here. Great work btw since the iCUE 5 re-architecture and launch. And that's genuine. I was one of the voices that chimed in here with some constructive criticism about product quality and customer service a while back, but the positive evolution in the interim has been noticeable - so credit where it's due🙂
  9. @Groove200, @duhjengs and others butting heads with the iCUE 4.33/Stream Deck incompatibility issue, the Elgato iCUE plugin has been updated today (or probably yesterday by time you read this). Hopefully your Stream Deck installation will update its plugin automatically (mine did) but if yours hasn't, uninstall the plugin then reinstall it, and all should be good. 1.2.125 is the version number of the new plugin. Stream Deck itself has an update available too - to 6.0.4. Interestingly, the new Elgato plugin is *not* backwards compatible with iCUE 4.32 and earlier, so one suspects there is something fundamentally changed (or changing) about the way the Deck and iCUE interact - although there are no obvious differences (no Murals integration in the Deck, for example). Makes you wonder why the releasesof iCUE 4.33 and the updated Elgato plugin weren't done on the same day, given that the two companies are quite closely related. 😉 Presumably it *was* intended to be thus but gremlins of some sort got in the way.
  10. Yep, further to above, reverting to iCUE 4.32.129 is painless and immediately restores StreamDeck integration.
  11. Plus one to this. Hitting any iCUE-related StreamDeck button throws the big yellow triangle with the exclamation, and the StreamDeck UI says "Update required. Please ensure you are running the latest version of iCUE and the iCUE plugin". Plugin installed was 1.2.105, uninstalling and reinstalling makes no difference. Will see if regressing back to 4.32 is an interim solution. On a related note, the StreamDeck iCue plugin is a bit outdated anyway given lack of murals support etc - so an update is well due. 🙂
  12. Hi Nolarond, some general points that might help you: The last one first. To edit a post, clicking the three dots at the upper right of it should give you the edit button. If it isn't there, there's obviously a forum timeout on editing - forget if that's the case. Second, you won't be able to use iCue to control the *speeds* of fans connected to headers on the motherboard. You'll need Armoury Crate/FanXpert for that. However, if you've got the fans' RGB systems connected to the CommanderCore/RGB Fan Hub etc you'll be able to integrate and control those through iCue. If you've connected the fan rotation cables to an iCue compatible controller, you'll be able to control their speeds in iCue too. Next, if you don't have anything connected to the CPU fan header, most motherboards, by default, will at least give you a warning. However this is almost always defeatable in the UEFI - and definitely will be in the case of Asus boards. One thing to bear in mind is that if you connect the rear case fan to the CPU header, you will only be able to regulate its speed via CPU temp - which may not be optimal. Oh - and edited to add - a peak at Zotty's FAQs up the top of the forum will fill in some more of the blanks here 🙂
  13. Me too. And the software doesn't allow seamless downgrade back to the prior version either, which is a pest. Breaking compatibility with your own sister company's product smacks of basic QA fails. Kudos to the Corsair peeps who have been working to bring older hardware into the iCue 4.x setup tho.
  14. Haven't seen close-to or set up a Commander Core yet, but on the face of it you shouldn't have a problem here. iCue will see the Lighting Node Core and Commander Core as separate devices - and allow you to configure them as you need. If the Lighting Node Core allows the same range of configuration options as the LN Pro, then it's just a dropdown in its setup sheet to tell it what fans you have connected: So as you say if you connect all the 8 LED fans to the Commander Pro and then the QLs to the LN Core and configure appropriately, you will be good to go.
  15. The fact that Corsair's latest keyboard releases lack a rear USB port doesn't exactly speak favourably re the future of the Nexus. Shame, as an improved version of it might have grabbed my attention a bit.
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