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  1. I like everything about this monitor, except the panel size and the fact it can't be mounted. For the former, some tech channels previewing the engineering samples have cited the screen-door effect, given it is 240Hz 1440p at 45", suggesting a 32" panel might be more reasonable. However, I think what would be even better is to split the difference - make this a 38" WQHD monitor, offering a larger panel height, whilst retaining some of its extended panel length... As for mountings, if these were located above the ports on its control box, this could satisfy a suitable monitor arm solution. The feet could, then, form part of a separate stand the monitor would slot into.
  2. I wouldn't call this a design flaw as much as an oversight; I can't speak to watercooling too much as I prefer not to use loops in any of my systems. That being said, this is probable only to happen if you have a really tight, soft tube configuration, or if you haven't planned your loop very well (thus causing the amount of pressure required to "force" a leak). Corsair could save face by simply redesigning the waterblock anyway, and offer a discount to users affected by this issue. In any event, however, a lead-time for a new version is likely next year, at least, given current manufacturing/supply delays with COVID.
  3. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find "Pudding" Double-Shot PBT keycaps for UK and EU layouts... it is. Whilst many products online state they are in the ISO format, they are in fact ANSI only. Then I noticed Corsair sold replacement keycap sets already for their keyboards, so I am requesting if they would consider making pudding keycaps as well.
  4. A modding video was released today for the A500 cooler, which the Hardware Team may want to look at: [ame] [/ame]
  5. That grill-shield is pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing more designs for the case, and maybe an STL template for people with 3d printers large enough.
  6. It could be the "play and charge" functionality is no longer compatible with iCUE's more recent builds... I have this issue with the headset, too, but honestly can't remember what build it worked on before.
  7. That would depend on the CPU and GPU your system uses; if they are known to generate a lot of heat, one radiator is applied to each component, to spread thermal dissipation.
  8. Technically, users may not need to wait until Corsair creates a GPU block for other SKUs; other companies already produce these, and some are likely to be compatible with Hydro X.
  9. I don't doubt the effort put into the configurator. It has a clean interface and, despite only reference cards are supported, it provides a good set of loop layouts... I think, however, a lot of users may appreciate an update soon, so they can manually adjust the radiator and pump locations with longer GPUs. Fortunately, this stage can be skipped altogether, so it probably wouldn't be hard to attach another company's block to the setup.
  10. The only products rated to work right now with their GPU waterblocks are the "featured" cards. Since yours isn't on that list, I assume its shape doesn't match up, or perhaps it is too long and would collide with the primary radiator, which is currently pre-defined as the case's front position... The configurator is a first draft and, thus, not everything is configurable by the user. Perhaps in a future update, there will be a way to reposition the radiator elsewhere.
  11. Though I will spend hours now and then configuring a dream desktop setup, I rarely look at watercooling layouts, as the level of maintenance to clean is much more demanding than air only. However, with the launch of Corsair's new "Hydro X" range at Computex 2019, I thought I'd give each area of its marketing model an impartial review. The products I didn't expect so many updates in a system to be implemented Day One - it looks as though they had read what other companies have done; examined what users wanted improved; and then added all those changes to the template. Working with a manufacturer like Bitspower was a bold decision, as their backbone are custom parts for all manner of cooling layouts; something which really shows in the C59/C79 CPU block. Sticking with what people know for a pump avoids huge bottlenecks down the road as well, so I am happy they have used the proven D5. Transparent nylon instead of glass for the reservoir chamber is an unusual move, however, and it will be interesting to see how this material holds up after prolonged use. The Configurator I've never bought a system with watercooling built into it, yet playing around with configurators to see what's on offer can be useful. Not every GPU imaginable has been (or probably will be) added to the tool; espcially given just how many 3rd-party cards there are for the Nvidia 20 Series alone. That said, I was surprised the GPU waterblocks offered so few choices. The same cannot be said for cases and motherboards. A lot of effort has gone into possible permutations for a watercooling layout, and whilst what components you can have are not as customisable as I would like, users can select dozens of possible boards for a Corsair chassis. The app also neatly adjusts pricing in your currency as you make changes, which when compared to other configurators I've seen, typically happens at pre-checkout only. Being able to choose from a selection of fans (tubing and fittings, too) is something I've wanted to see in other aspects of the website as well for quite a while. Interim Verdict I'm certain there is much more to come later this year for the platform. I only have to go on what I've seen from tech reviewers' channels, and very few I watch regularly are actually visiting Computex this year. That said, I am cautiously optimistic about the range, and would love to see what watercooling users do with Hydro X.
  12. @Bhaalspawn Mystic Light is listed on their microsite for the product - https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/vengeance-rgb-pro-memory To paraphrase, it looks like you took the best RAM on the market, and made it better ;): Now they look really purdy for a case like some competitor-chips, and with plans of over 4600MHz, there's never been a better time to get a new PC.
  13. An amazing, beautiful upgrade to the 500D :cool: I've loved the LL fans since they were released, and they really make this tempered glass version of the case shine.
  14. I've waited for this case for a long time, but do have a few, small gripes. I realise you wanted to minimise tempered glass at the top to cut down on price, though I think you missed a golden opportunity to work with modders - if the pieces either side had been optimised for 3D printing, it would've allowed people to attach their own grill designs above the dust filters. Offering a 1000D-version of the 570X Mirror's RGB PSU Shroud would be a nice accessory as well, and this case now provides the perfect opportunity to make a 200mm LL RGB fan... Apart from these, it's much less expensive than I anticipated, which more than competes with Phanteks' super tower. Excellent job :sunglasse
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