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Found 19 results

  1. I recently purchased a refurbished Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard and was looking to purchase some keycaps since it had one missing when purchased. (Couldn't pass up 100$ off for the keyboard simply since its missing 1 keycap. My question, what is the difference between the PBT double-shot pro and the PBT double-shot?? My keyboard is listed under the secondary one but when I look at the price of that keycap set its $50 instead of $30 for the double shot pro. I couldn't seem to find any mentions anywhere that specifically mentions any difference and its confusing that the "pro" keycaps are the ones that are cheaper. Would the Pro ones work on my keyboard even though its not specifically listed or is there something special with the other ones??
  2. Ich bin auf der suche nach einem vollständigen Keycap-Satz für das K70 Keyboard. Ich habe bereits ein Ticket geöffnet, aber werde einfach ignoriert (# 6799727)... Weiß jemand wo man die Keycaps sonst bekommt? EDIT: Antwort erhalten <3
  3. Hola! Me gustaría saber como puedo conseguir una tecla de remplazo de mi teclado Corsair K55 (versión ES) ya que me puse en contacto con soporte Corsair y solo me decían que tenían la versión (UA) y (UK), la verdad que necesitaría la tecla MAYÚS derecha del teclado versión ES de España, como puedo o donde conseguirlo. Gracias
  4. I recently (3-4 months ago) got the k95 platinum and am not very impressed with the rgb for a $200 top of the line keyboard, the lighting behind the keys are poor without any backplate lighting and the back light at the back of keyboard can’t even be seen from sitting angle. I recently got hyper x pudding keycaps to try to brighten things up which it did but not much, if I could just get the rgb to be a little bit brighter to fill in those keycaps it would be great! Any ideas (I already have brightness mode on highest btw) Don’t make fun of me for crying about rgb but if I pay $200 for it imma use it!
  5. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find "Pudding" Double-Shot PBT keycaps for UK and EU layouts... it is. Whilst many products online state they are in the ISO format, they are in fact ANSI only. Then I noticed Corsair sold replacement keycap sets already for their keyboards, so I am requesting if they would consider making pudding keycaps as well.
  6. I was looking at reviews of the corsair PBT keycaps for my K68 and noticed one of them said it isn't compatible with the k68. Could someone from corsair clarify whether they are compatible or not as there is nothing on the page specifying which keyboards the PBT keycaps work on.
  7. Hi im a new owner to a k95 rgb platinum with this nice and shiny metal optic. It works solid as for the two days i used it. The only problem i have is that i would like to have keycaps with a german layout. I tried searching them online but all i found were the doubleshot pbt uk/us ones. There is a qwertz version of the rgb 95 to buy. So I thought there would be keycaps to purchase easily. Can somebody tell me where to get the qwertz doubleshot pbt keycaps? Thx in advance
  8. Some months ago I bought a K68, I saw some scratched keycaps but I let it trough. But now these scratches are making me feel like I've lost money, it's my first mechanical keyboard and it wasn't cheap, so I'm wandering... there's some way to get the keycaps to swap it ? I'm using ABNT2 layout some of the keycaps:
  9. Hi, I couldn't find anywhere something like keycaps or switches to buy. So there is my question, someone know if it is possible, to buy for K70 lowprofile: 1. keycaps. (full Keyset)? 2. switches (e.g. for change from MX Speed to RED / BLUE lowprofile)? (For this keyboard): https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/RGB-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboards/K70-RGB-MK-2-Low-Profile/p/CH-9109017-NA
  10. As the title says, I want to get new key caps for my K95. I don't really care if I can or cannot change the macro keys but I do want to replace the black key caps with white ones that can still have the LED light shine through. I use red switches btw.
  11. Hi, so according to the title, the white backlighting on my keyboard looks like a light shade of red. I don't think this is a problem with iCue. This is because when I took the keycaps off, I see that a red LED is allowed to show through because of the white color. I'm using the keycaps that came with my keyboard. Is the problem caused because the font is so large? If so, do y'all know of a replacement set with macros with a smaller font? Thanks!
  12. I want to paint the sides of my keycaps, and I know that taking off keycaps doesn't void your warranty. But, I wanted to know if painting your keycaps is fine, seeing as you aren't 'harming' or taking apart the keyboard itself.
  13. Hi everyone, Just a quick question for anyone that has purchased keycaps off Corsair’s UK website before - Did you receive a UK set with the large ‘enter’ key etc?? The photo on the product page shows the US layout. I'm looking to buy the Classic K70 set as I perfer the font for my K70 MK2..I presume they would fit all Corsair keyboards, new and old? Here's the link: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/Gaming/Gaming-Keyboards/CORSAIR-Gaming-Classic-K70-Full-104-Keys-Set/p/CH-8970022 I sent a message to Corsair asking if they could clarify, but it’s been a week with no reply, so I thought I would try on here. Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  14. So some of my keycaps got deformed (melted, bent, etc.) during drying after cleaning my k95 plat keyboard... I started a ticket (I'm all over the place with this cause I'm so frustrated) with a question if I could get some spare/replacement keycaps cause they aren't sold in my country. :[pouts: In case it won't be possible to get replacements will it void my warranty if I buy the Corsair Gaming PBT Double-shot keycap set from amazon (from Corsair) and replace the old ones???
  15. Hi all. I use the grey keycaps that came with my K95 RGB Platinum but I notice that the paint on a letter has faded. Since My keyboard is one year old I contacted the Corsair Support. They sent me a replacement set but it's red and it does not use the keyboard font. I asked why and they explained me that set is the only replacement they can send me. So seriously? I can't get the proper keycap set for a K95 Platinum? It's not a cheap keyboard. Anyone has faced this problem? Thank you.
  16. Hi Everyone, I've been using Corsair's PBT key caps on my K70 and really like them a lot. I'm also experimenting with trying a wireless compact KB with Cherry MX Red switches. Will I be able to use my Corsair keykaps on another board that uses standard Cherry Red MX switches? The KB I'm looking to get is the new Drevo Blademaster that is currently on Kickstarter. Thanks in advance! Dedaciai
  17. I want to purchase the white PBT keycaps for my Strafe RGB, but they are only available in the US/UK QWERTY layout, and I can't use that. Will they ever be available in other layouts, especially German QWERTZ?
  18. I have scoured the Corsair website, and third part keycap providers for G-Key keycaps for the K95 RGB and I'm convinced they don't exist. I received the keyboard as a gift a couple weeks back and am completely satisfied with it, except that the G-keys continue to pop-off if you press them off centre. I contacted support and the was told that the only way to replace these keycaps were to replace the entire keyboard. But I do not believe I am covered under warranty and do not have the receipt/invoice... This leaves me in a tough spot and I am looking far and wide for replacement G-Keys and keycaps in general for the K95 RGB and am surprised at the lack of support for a relatively premium mechanical keyboard. The issue isn't enough to justify buying a new board, just need some new caps. If anyone knows where I can buy them, I will be forever thankful.
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