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  1. So today I updated iCUE on my laptop and after the update the audio started stuttering. (it was still v3) I uninstalled the software with IOBit to perform a clean installation. Downloaded v4 and installed, the issue was there again. I did the tests with my Corsair VOID Elite Wireless headset, a pair of Xiaomi earphones and without any headset, the stuttering was always present. To people that may have the same issue the fix is: Open the iCUE installation folder and locate "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe" Kill the Corsair CpuIdRemote process with the task manager or any process manager Quickly change that file extension to anything you want, for example "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe.dumb", this will prevent the service from restarting Enjoy Waiting Corsair to fix this...
  2. Hello, I have recently updated to the lasted version of the iCUE software, and I've noticed that none of the battery indicators for my devices are showing up. I have a Dark Core Pro SE mouse and a Void Elite Wireless headset that normally would have battery indicator sensors, but there are none as you can see in these screenshots I have attached. Has anyone else experienced this issue before, and is there any way to fix this? I've tried re-installing the software but that hasn't helped. I would appreciate any help that comes my way.
  3. This is about the popup/context menu you get when you click on the iCUE icon in the system tray. The one that has "Bring to foreground", "Show iCUE Space", "Check for updates", "About", and "Quit". When I click on the iCUE icon in my system tray, the popup/context menu will appear, none of the menu items do anything when clicked. This popup/context menu also won't go away; it also will just stay there on screen, above all other windows. Strangely, clicking on the iCUE icon in the system tray a second time seems to open a second, usable version of the same popup/context menu over the unusable one. Thus I can at least get into iCUE's main window and do whatever I need, but that first, unusable copy of the popup/context menu just won't go away until I close iCUE entirely via the "Quit" menu option (of the second, working copy of the menu, obviously). Does anyone have any suggestions? My version of iCUE is 3.38.61. I tried googling for a solution, but came up empty handed. Just stuff about a popup message asking you to install iCUE, and two people with my problem but no resolution.
  4. Hello. I just bought a corsair virtuoso gaming headset; at first I notice a very nice audio quality, but if I play Valorant (idk if may happen at other games, only play val) at 10-15 minutes the audio crashes and lose LOTS OF QUALITY, making impossible for me to play. I just noticed that happens if using them wireless or even by USB, noticed also that the way to solve it is turn them off and back on. ITS SO ANOYING to do that on that expensive headset!! I hope you guys could help me. Pd: all them controllers are updated at ICUE, so the receptor and the headset.
  5. After buying the HS80, it was time for me to install the iCue Software for the first time (never had any corsair peripherals before). Oh boy, what a big 770MB installer for this software-suite, just so that I can see my HS80 battery life. Also it comes with a lot of disadvantages compared to just using the HS80 without iCue: - Discord sound prompts (mute/unmute, joining/disconnecting room sounds) are now delayed for ~2 seconds - my Sound device configuration (2 Channels, 24bit, 44800Hz) is always getting overwritten by iCue with multichannel surround sound (although i completely turned Dolby or surround modes off) after every reboot - additional, unnecessary load on the system, because of the constant sensor monitoring for temps, fans speeds etc, even when you remove the widgets from the dashboard Imagine a person that has - a Razer mouse - a Steelseries Keyboard - a Logitech Webcam - a Corsair Wireless Headset This persons system would get completely wrecked with the amount of additional bloatware on the system that is required to use these products with all Features. Sadly all those big players that sell peripheral, seem to go this route with the "one app for all devices" approach. Some companies can get this "all in one software" done relatively compact and without many downsides for people that use only one device from that company and some can only get a huge bloatware with a lot of negative side effects. I get it, it's less work for the software development team and If the "user" is using multiple devices from the same company, it can be nice to have only one software for all those devices. I truly wish that Corsair would release a very compact software, dedicated for their wireless Headset lineup (maybe even multiple little apps for other peripherals as well) that is only offering the basic features (show battery status, search and update firmware, turn RGB on/off). But since the Discord + iCue bug is already known for over a year, without any solution (other than the embarrassing workaround of using Discord in Win 7 or Win8 compatible mode), I doubt, corsair will listen and do something about it.
  6. hello I have an icue question. I'm not sure if it's a bug or what else. I am on windows 11 (updated) and latest icue 4 version. sometimes I start my pc, open icue and in the dashboard i get some psu info just like this for example then i turn off the pc, i turn it on again a few hours later, i open icue and the psu panel looks like this as you can see I get many more infos. does anyone have any idea why is this happening?? obviously nothing changes between each restart... same os... same icue....
  7. Bonjour , Depuis quelques jour le rétroéclairage de mon K55 RGB ne fonctionne plus c'est a dire quand je le branche tout le clavier s'allume mais 1s après tout s’éteint et impossible de le faire revenir .. Avec le bouton de luminosité ça ne fonctionne pas , en branchant le clavier en appuyant sur page up et page down ça ne fonctionne pas , je me suis baladé dans le logiciel ICUe pour essayer de faire revenir le rétroéclairage mais j'ai rien trouvé ... pourtant mon clavier marche très bien mis a par cela .. Du coup c'est assez embêtant dans le noir quand je n'y vois plus rien pour écrire :(:
  8. Issue 1. You see the pink part of the lighting strip? This will stay ON even when the computer is shutdown, iCue is NOT running (including corsair services) and hardware lighting RGB values are zero'd. Issue 2. Again about the same pink part, this pink part will stay set and not change color when using custom, preset or ambient profiles. What I have tried. - Completely uninstalled iCue carefully following this guide https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- - Trying different USB ports with the LS100 - Resetting BIOS Total disappointment. PICTURE https://imgur.com/ubO8YZg
  9. I've bought 4 LL 120 two year ago (w/ 1 command and 1 lightning node) but they only worked perfectly for a month or so. After that started to have a few sinc issues, like 'dead colors' in some parts or losing rgb sequence (usually I use the "rainbow wave", and i could easily notice that). During these years, I tried a few things to solve: 1 - changed the cable sequence on the lightning node 2 - changed the lightning node for a new one 3 - changed the power connection (I had to change my power supply) 3 - updated the iCue and the firmwares 4 - formating my PC (It wasnt because of that, but anyway...) After that I started to use only 2 of the 4 coolers, and they were working just fine (showing all the colors normally). The other 2 were unplugged from ligthing node. Them I thought "Okay, so the problem is with these coolers" and bought 2 new coolers (SP 120) to use with the older ones. But after that none of them are showing colors lol. The good thing is that they are working just fine as coolers, the problems are only with the lightning part. Everything else seems to be okay. Any suggestions of what should I do? iCue shows all of them, and they seem to be working just fine on the software, but now I only have one cooler showing a fixed white light lol. I've tried to disconnect both LL and left only the SP on the lightning node, but it doesnt change anything. Besides that, I also have a lightning strip that works perfectly on the commander.
  10. Hi, i've been updated the ICUE app on my mac to version 4.18.209, so then, when i use my headset VIRTUOSO, the consume of ram memory increase continuously, an process named by "Core Audio Driver (CorsairAudio.driver)" appears and the ram memory consume increase continuously. It came use 25GB of swap memory from my mac, this is insane. It seems like de Buffer or something like doesn't being cleared. i've been attached a print from the process, in the print it is just with 1.20GB of consume, but continuously increase. Macos version: Macos Monterey v.12.1 Macbook pro chip M1 Corsair ICUE: v.4.18.209 Headset VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS: v0.17.149 Virtuoso Wireless receiver: v0.16.80 B.R
  11. Hi, my problem is when i remap my spacebar to use left mouse button and hold it down and then press simultaneously the forward, back(side buttons on mouse) or the left mouse button on the actual mouse it interrupts the virtual(remapped) left click from my spacebar! To make it more visual in your head. I play path of exile and you move alot in it and press alot of other buttons. So in arpgs its pretty common to move with the left(or right) mouse button and i find it not healthy and comfortable for my hands/wrists and i got used to move with spacebar.(before someone comes and says but you can assign movement to any key! yes you can but you cant do that with the instant trigger of spells on left click ;P) so when i remap it i can run fine with spacebar and i can hold and press any keyboard keys and right mouse button middle mouse button mousewheel all is fine but as soon as i press the side buttons forward or back or the original left mouse button he stops moving. me like ok maybe it a normal thing but lets try that out with autohotkey. so i deleted the icue remapping and did it on autohotkey and suprise its works i can press space and he walks and i can press any button on my mouse and he still keeps wakling even when i press the left mouse button. so i assume that however icue injects the remapping something is broken for the side buttons and left mouse button when holding virtual mouse button ofcourse you can test way more different variants of that(and maybe it isnt exclusive to these mouse buttons) but i dont have more time for that. some additional information: Keyboard: K95 RBG Platinum (fw v.3.29.32) Mouse: Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series (fw v.1.14.28) ICUE Software: v.4.18.209 for the test AutoHotkey v If you need more information and/or have other questions let me know would be nice to have a fix for it ❤️
  12. Hi, im trying to currently remap some keys with the program iCue (running 4.17), and im using the k100 atm. So basically in the key assignments features don't work other than text, I seem to be only able use the text feature. Would like to know if im missing something to make it work or not, but ive tried a fresh reinstall and restart but that also failed. The keys im trying to bind/remap is to make G1 push/input as F6. Ive also tried to make W, D and it makes w become a dead key and d works as normal.
  13. Hi, I have constant speed on my aio fans and this is very noisy. Changes performance in ICUE doesn't matter because speed is still the same. It never dropped below 1300 rpm. Any idea what I can do?
  14. Hi there, I'm a 100% sure it's because of iCUE, because i've been having this problem for about a year now and since I stopped using iCUE, it hasn't happened again. I held off on doing anything about it, because it wasn't frequent enough for me to figure out the problem. I'd say it happened almost every day once, rarely twice. Only when my pc had been on for at least an hour I think. A couple of weeks ago I had enough of it, so I started eliminating possible programs that could be causing it. I would leave my pc on during the night without one of my regular programs running. Eventually it turned out to be iCUE, because every morning my pc would be frozen, except for when I had turned off iCUE. I need iCUE to turn off the light in my mouse. If there's any way I can do that without the software, that would be great! Thanks for your consideration and I hope this gets fixed. PS: im using a fresh windows 10 install, i was surprised it wasn't fixed when i performed a clean install
  15. Gone round and round with support on this issue before, on multiple computers, clean installs, the whole cornucopia of troubleshooting. Please, just add a "Save" button. Please. Since you guys can't figure out how to make the application properly save anytime a change is made, just give me a manual save button so I don't have to choose between constantly exporting/reimporting, or losing work anytime the application dies/crashes, or my computer reboots or crashes. We're not talking "I just did a thing 5 seconds ago and then I crash" - we're talking "My computers and iCUE have been running for days, and now anything new I do will be lost no matter what, 100% of the time, because iCUE's internal process that saves changes has long since gone to sleep never to awaken again until freshly launched"
  16. Hi! I've had this setup for my QL120 fans for a year or so. The recent update makes the Heartbeat one show random colors, and it operates at high speed. If I save that heartbeat to Lighting Library and bring it back, it works. Until I restart the computer, then it goes back to being broken. I'm just really hoping I don't have to redo all of my games' lighting profiles. That would take me a while. I've already done the usual troubleshooting steps... restarting, reinstalling iCUE, etc.
  17. iCue version v4.16.194 After iCue update, a few of the motherboard sensors are displaying incorrect values. Hwinfo was able to display the temps correctly so the sensors aren't broken.
  18. I am trying to copy some custom cooling presets of mine. When I copy the selected preset it makes a copy of a non selected preset instead. When I delete a selected preset it's deleting a non selected preset.
  19. I got the k55 RGB keyboard around a week ago and there are some issues with the macro keys. I have followed the guide on the instruction manual that came with the keyboard. Here is a link to a copy of the instructions online. I have followed all the instructions on page three to set the macros, and when I go to press the macro on the keyboard it does the key press/key presses but along with that, lots more key presses. For example if I press the g1 key assigned to the windows key, the start menu appears but along with that the pause/play music button is pressed and oddly microsoft powerpoint, settings and around 10 tabs at http://www.office.com are opened (probably related to powerpoint opening), and occasionaly random letters are typed into the start menu search bar. I have tried resetting the keyboard by holding the function key and f4 while plugging the keyboard in. It worked because the macros were reset. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver which hasn't fixed the problem either. I know it isn't OS specific either because I have tried this in my linux installation and I still get the random text being typed and music being paused. Edit: I think this might work using the iCue software but I would prefer to not use iCue because it uses a lot of cpu usage and I would like to be able to have the macros saved when I switch to a different computer or operating system
  20. This is an Issue because I cannot connect using slipstream. Keyboard is version 1.1.164 and the dongle is v 5.0.84 . I cannot update the keyboard without connecting to the dongle and I cant connect to the dongle because I need to update the firmware
  21. Hi, I've been struggling for a while now with ICUE not detecting my ram properly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it freezes, resulting in the red triangle appearing and all lightning effects stopping. I now have a consistent way of reproducing this issue, which might mean this bug can be fixed in an update. Every time I open Ryzen Master, the AMD tool to tweak CPU speeds etc., the lights on my ram modules freeze. This problem cannot be fixed by "restarting ICUE services", which is an option within ICUE. But it is fixed by stopping the "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote" service in task manager and then restarting ICUE. I think it is interference with ICUE and Ryzen Master trying to identify the ram. I also have some more problems with my ram identification, as Speccy does not recognize it. I used to work around this problem by setting my ram to "hardware only", but this option has been removed in the newest ICUE versions.
  22. Hello everyone, This is my first post because i am looking for help and cant seem to solve this issue as ive tried everything that i personally can think of and maybe someone has a solution. Before my issue i will state what im currently running with Asus Strix z390e Mobo Asus Strix 2080 GPU Lighting Node Pro Corsair RGB Fan Hub 6 LL120 Fans 4 Corsair Light Strips My fans are configured in order from 1-6, 1 being Front Bottom --> Top Rear The problem i am having is that my 1 and 2 Fans are properly synced with iCue with whatever light effect i have set, and the 3-6 fans are either, glitching out, sometimes completely off, or showing a different color than i have (i.e. i do instant lighting red, fans 1+2 are red, Fans 3-6 are Blue). i know for certain the LEDs on all 6 fans are okay because i have unplugged each fan that are placed 3-6 and plugged them in number 1 and they light up fine. at first i thought it is simple the LED Hub that was busted, but i have an extra one that i never used (from LL120 3 pack) and replaced the one in my PC and it did not fix any issue. Lighting from fans 3-6 still completely off, or buggy. upon startup all fans turn on full Rainbow RGB but 3-6 begin glitching almost as if its doing a rain effect but in rgb. then my pc is fully started and my instant lighting turns on and the fans 3-6 go off. I have CCleaner'd my icue software AND all asus aura softwares incase that there was a confliction error or something going on with them. Note that i do NOT care if my mobo and gpu are synced to Icue. i usually manually set them to white LED through asus Aura. This leaves me to believe my issue is with either 1. Lighting Node Pro or 2. a bug in the iCue software or maybe 3. an issue with an update or maybe multiple programs causing an error of some sort. I will buy the commander Pro IF it solves my problem but i dont want to cough up 75 bucks if the problem will persist. any thoughts please help. thank you for reading *EDIT i forgot to mention that, of course, i do have everything properly configured in the iCue software on the LED channels. i should add that my lighting setup was completely fine up to some point in time that i cannot pinpoint. without ever physically opening my PC or changing any hardware the problem came out of no where.
  23. Recently I've been having some issues with my cooler. It use to let me change the colours fine and i wouldn't have any issues. About a week again it stopped letting me change the fan and pump colours completely and is just on a rainbow one. Anyone know what could be going on?
  24. Hi all, I have a bug report to submit - not sure where the best place to post it is... I'm running iCue version 4.11.274 and have a H100I Pro AIO in my system. When you go to the "Cooling" section of this device in iCue and click on "+" under "Cooling Presets" to add a new preset and change the sensor and then delete the custom cooling preset, it sets all of the default profiles (Quiet, Balanced, and Extreme) to use that sensor. To change it back, you have to create a new custom cooling preset, change the sensor and delete the cooling preset. I noticed this when I was playing around and set the sensor to my CPU package and deleted the preset and the fans on the radiator were spinning at a very high RPM even though the profiles were set to "Balanced" and the cooling preset was deleted.
  25. I have been using my Corsair Scimitar Pro to change the volume by mapping the number keys on the mouse to the media keys volume up and down. Previously I was able to hold the button down to smoothly change the volume. Since the update a press only changes the volume by one step, no matter how long I hold the button, leading to me having to rapidly press the button for any meaningful volume change. Is there a way to fix this?
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