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Severe performance issues with Flash Voyger GT 16GB before and after formatting


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I think my Flash Voyger GT 16GB stick is not functioning correctly and after formatting performance got even worst. I have two questions, one regarding performance and one regarding format (FAT32 and NTFS) but they need a little explanation first.


I used Total Commander 7.04a to test performance so the results should be pretty accurate and compared them to 3 other USB sticks on 4 different systems (3 laptops, 1 desktop), the results are the same on all 4 systems.



Performance before formatting (copying files onto the stick only):

When i copied 100-1000 or more files below 100KB onto the stick performance was typically 100KB - 1,6MB/sec, it never went above 2MB/sek. It starts around 1,6MB/sec but quickly drops to belove 900KB/sec.

When copying larger files it would sometimes start at about 16MB/sek but only stayed there for 1-2 seconds then it would go down to about 10MB/sec for 1-2 seconds and then quickly down to 3-7MB/sec. It was very unstable and jumping up and down in transferrate bewteen 3-7MB/sec. Somtimes even less than 3MB/sec, it seems to be highly file size and type dependent.

Then i had to copy a 4,3GB file onto the stick, i got message that the disk was full although it had about 10GB of free space. I thought this had to be because the stick was either malfunctioning or was using FAT32, so i formatted it to NTFS with an allocation size of 64Kb and then performance really went down, but it handles files larger than 4GB.



Performance after formatting:

Everytime it starts to copy a new file onto the stick it starts a little above 6MB/sec but quickly drops to below 1MB/sec for most files types, some file type is around 2.5MB/sec but never above 3MB/sec. When i copy files from the stick it's fairly stable around 10MB/sec.



I've compared the performance with 3 other sticks (not corsair). 2 of them are 8GB and handles file sizes above 4GB, performance is never above 10MB/sec but never goes below 9MB/sec when copying files onto the sticks. They are not file size and type dependent and were like this right out of the box. The other one is 4BG and performance is never above 7MB/sec but never drops below 3MB/sec when copying files onto the stick, so it seems be slightly file size and type dependent.

When i plugged in the Voyger GT for the first time windows did not ask if i wanted to enable ready boost, but i got the option with the two 8GB sticks.



Question 1 - Performance:

Is this the actual performance of the Voyger GT or is my stick malfunctioning, cause when compared to what is stated in the product PDF the stated performance seems to be highly theoretical or done under absolute ideal conditions?


Question 2 - Format:

How should the stick be formatted to handle file sizes above 4BG but still maintain reasonable performance?

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Thanks for the reply.


It's working as intended after all. After formatting i get almost the same results as maple ( http://www.asktheramguy.com/forums/showthread.php?p=397063&posted=1#post397063 ).


The values are about a 1000 lower than his, except for RandomWrite which is about 700 lower.


But i have to agree with maple the product specifications are much higher than actual performance and it still doesn't copy file onto the voyger GT with more than 6-7 MB/sec avg. and 10 MB/sec with file about 100MB or higher.

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