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Found 25 results

  1. Just to preface this, all my specs for my PC are listed in the photos attached to this post. Just recently upgraded to the latest version of iCue from 3 to 4, being that I recently got a pair of HS80 headphones and they weren't detected on the previous version. After restart the iCUE and the Corsair services seems to work normally only eating about less than 1% CPU usage. After about 4 hours of uptime, it magically skyrockets to almost over 99% CPU usage. Listen, I've had my gripes with Corsair before with the software, but this is absolutely egregious. My whole build dedicated to Corsair peripherals, as I do love the hardware and implementation of RGB, but the software is an utter nightmare. All my fans are ready to take off from my desk that is clearly now a helipad. All I'm asking is for a fix to iCUE 4, or at least a new update to iCUE 3 as that seemed to be less buggy for a lot of people on the internet. Not too sure if the Dev Team is on a holiday since it released, but this software is a pure hinderance of all other software. And before anyone mentions, my other RGB software was never an issue and unless it's a game running on Ultra my i7 6700k never surpasses 80% CPU Usage under full load. PLEASE SOMEONE AT CORSAIR CARE ABOUT THE USER. WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS. LOVE US BACK BY GIVING US SOFTWARE THAT MEETS BASIC STANDARDS.
  2. Hi, here is my bug report for an annoying bug: Connected devices to iCue: - Corsair Virtuoso SE (FW: v. 5.3.70) - Slipstream-Dongle (FW: v5.7.115) 1.) The microphone-LED of the Virtuose SE is always disabled, even if the switch in settings to disable the microfone LED is disabled (so the microfone-LED should be enabled). THis is annoying because i don't know if the microfone is working or not. 2,) The LED of the slipstream-Dongle is disabled after an update to the versions above. So it's unclear if the device is working or not. Please fix this issues. They are important for using this heeadset in company meetings. Thanx in advance! Kind regards Thomas
  3. Hi! Yes, I know there's a hundred threads already but I've tried every available fix. The left ear cup is buzzing like mad, and the headset has white noise coming out left, right, and center. I've tried... Reinstalling firmware Disabling sidetone Using different USB (both front and back/directly on motherboard) Mic connected/not connected Reinstalling audio drivers in windows Manually re-pairing with dongle Reinstalling iCue What can I do, guys? This is driving me insane. I like the sound of the headset (don't need the mic), but I'll be returning it in a heartbeat if I can't get this to stop. It's 2 hours old, for crying out loud.
  4. So I just bought the them and I'm wondering first how do I turn it off? Not put it to sleep like in iCUE turn it off. I googled it and I found people saying plug the mic in and hold the mute button but I don't use the mic so any other way.
  5. Hi there, new here since today. I have a question regarding the Bluetooth incapability between the corsair Bluetooth mouses and the iPads (old and new). I have read a few topics about this so far; a lot of users are disappointed about the mouses not working with iPadOS. You, as Corsair, keep stating that "the Bluetooth mouses are not supported, so they won't work". I was wondering whether this is going to change in the near future, and if so when about this would be? Could you please elaborate on this disadvantage of your peripherals? I am very much enjoying my new hardware, but I am afraid I have to swap it for something else because of the lackings, it would be a shame 😞
  6. Hi - I registered here because I LOVE this mouse, and I HATE this mouse. I love it because it's the perfect mouse for my super weird claw grip, I love the weight, and I love how it works (WHEN it's working). I hate this thing because it randomly (every 30 seconds or so) lags at tracking my movements, and every few minutes it STOPS tracking completely; I move the mouse, but the pointer remains completely stuck in place. When this happens, I can still click the buttons - for example, right-clicking brings up the menu, etc - but the pointer will NOT move until I lift the mouse then put it back down. Until I pick it up, it will remain stuck regardless of the wild movements I make. EDIT: This issue persists whether I use the mouse wirelessly or wired. I have not tried BT, but that won't solve anything anyway. I have tried this on 3 Harpoon Wireless mice, with old firmwares, with latest firmwares, with wire, with dongle, with polling rate at 1000, 500, 125, etc. I have changed the DPI settings, I've changed the lighting settings, I've turned off the lighting settings, I've turned off the sleep settings. I've even disabled the "Allow computer to put this device to sleep" setting in Device Manager for EVERY USB device and hub I could find. I've uninstalled iCUE, I've reinstalled iCUE, I've tried older version of iCUE. The result is always the same. Then when I grab my Razer Mamba from my other computer and plug it in to the SAME USB port as the Harpoon was using, everything works flawlessly. When I plug the Harpoon in to other computers, regardless of USB port or revision (USB 2.0 or 3.0) it always does the same weird tracking drop outs and lags. Guys, if anyone out there has some kind of solution or has experienced the same issues, please speak up because this thingy is driving me nuts but I don't want to give it up. Thanks for reading this far!
  7. I bought this Void Elite Stereo headphone and he does't get recognized by the icue driver . I'm on windows 10, I have the last version of Icue, i have mouse and keyboard corsair and they are usable on Icue but not the headphone, i don't know why ! Please help me .
  8. I've been having problems with my node pro. It was working fine at the beginning but now one of the strips only one led turns on and the other 3 strips only works with iCue for a few seconds after i unplug and plug it back in. I believe everything is set up properly with iCue because was working perfectly for a few months. I have 4 strips connected to the same channel and sellected 'Rgb LSD Strip - 4 Strips connected. I already tried different channel and changed the led strips order. From what I see in other forums these strips don't last long. I anyone having the same issues?
  9. Hi guys, I have been trying to connect my Dark Core RGB Pro SE for over a week and a half via wireless to no avail. I love all of my Corsair products but am sorely disappointed right now. All of my software and drivers are up to date. I've followed the directions on the corsair website, in the manual, and on the phone with a corsair representative. Is there anything else that I can do to keep me from returning my Dark Core Pro SE mouse as it will take almost a week for a replacement to arrive.
  10. Hi guys! Since the last update of W10 20H2, iCUE is giving me a lot of errors. Firstly when I start Windows, the RGB does not turn on, I have to close iCUE and reopen it. It also happens to me that the microphone of my Viortuoso SE sometimes does not work and I have to turn the headphones on and off, or close and open iCUE. I already completely uninstalled and reinstalled. Anything else I can do?
  11. I've just recently built a new PC, and I'm trying to make it more quiet by making custom fan curves in iCUE. The issue I'm having is, no matter what I do, the fans are spinning way faster than they should be (about what they should be doing at 70 degrees when the CPU is idling at 32). Are there any common things that I may be doing wrong? Does anyone know of a good fix? I've tried changing the sensor, but it isn't really working.
  12. when I'm playing the games they crash, Windows stops recognizing the ssd, I have to restart the computer to get everything back to normal. when this happens it does not let me enter any sdd folder since the following message appears: " a device has been specified that does not exist" Curiously this started to happen to me with the new Windows update the 20H update. Cpu: ryzen 2600 Motherboard: asus x570 Pro (with 3001 version bios) Thanks!
  13. I've had my system for a little while now, having put it together a couple of years ago and for the most part, everything has been fine. Recently, I've dsicovered that my RAM (4 x 8gb Vengeance RGB Pro 3000Mhz) has not been running at the speed it's supposed to and has also been running quite hot, never going below 40C and going to near 70C under loads that barely bother the CPU and GPU. And finally, the colour control has been coming up with errors as well, in iCUE, it appears with a red triangle and I have to force update the firmware to temporarily fix it. I've enabled XPM and manually adjusted the frequency in the BIOS to match the RAM's advertised speed, no results, and I've sped up my fans also to provide better cooling for my pc to keep my temps under control. For the RGB control, I've turned off the SDK function in iCUE and the "Enable full software Control" but I get the same results both ways. Any advice or suggestions on this would be much appreciated, thanks! System Specs: Intel Core i7-9700K Asus ROG Strix Z390-H Gaming MSI Geforce GTX 1080Ti Gaming X Trio Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (4 x 8gb, 3000Mhz) Corsair H100i V2 AIO Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE 6 x Corsair LL120 & RGB Fan Hub 2 x 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD Corsair Commander Pro
  14. For the first time in my life I'm signing up to a product forum to relay my frustrations with a product. A quick read even just the first page of the forum tells me that I'm not alone. I've seen individual issues but none that have aggregated them and provided a bit more information. My problems have been mostly with the wireless connection: 1. If the headset and/or computer go to sleep, upon waking the headset doesn't reconnect. The device shows in the volume popup in the task tray, but no sound comes out. Unplugging and re-plugging in the dongle usually works (but not always!) This happens multiple times a day. 2. Audio corruption happens frequently. One second the sound is fine, the next it sounds like it's coming through a radio with really bad reception. This happens almost every day. 3. Every 3-4 days the sound quality will deteriorate. What I means is that the audio sound normal, then every few seconds there is a "popping" sound. Not quite as bad as in #2, but still enough to ruin music listening. The only way I've found to fix it is to do a full restart using the command "shutdown /t 0 /r". A normal restart via the start menu will not fix it. 4. The volume wheel on the right cup will not scroll the volume level smoothly. I've seen at least one other user having the same issue. You scroll the volume level down and then it will jump back up a few levels. I believe these are software related as these are recent issues but I've been using the headset since Oct 2019. I'm on latest iCue and firmware for headset + dongle. I used to get other issues such as constant connection dropping and duplication of the headset in the iCue software, but they have been resolved in recent months, only to be replace by other issues just as bad! I've actually steered away from choosing Corsair for other wireless products because this experience and iCue stability have been so poor. Such a shame, the actual hardware of the headset is brilliant, and the mic quality on the non-SE version is superb. But if the audio drivers are naff then that defeats the whole point of having one. Are people having similar issues? I'd like to gather a consensus here that something is up with these things. In the meantime I'm going to speak to the retailer and see what their returns policy on bad products is.
  15. This question goes out to those people that have been experiencing issues with the LS100 Lighting Kit. I am thinking of ordering one today but became concerned when I saw the issues people were experiencing. I only want to run the lights with a static colour - are the issues with input lag and refresh rate tied to the video colour mode only? Does the static colour option cause any issues? Thanks in advance.
  16. The mouse will work fine and will charge on my Qi mat, Corsair MM1000, if iCue IS NOT running. But when iCue is running it doesn't recognize the charge. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, can somebody help me fix this situation? Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, I just received this high-end headset yesterday and was wondering if it's a feature to have something loosely clanging around in the right earpiece? Whenever I walk around with the headset on or move my head to fast there is a noise of something rolling around almost? Other issues I've had on the first day on ownership, The (1)(1)(1) issue, My mic would not unmute or mute using the button on the headset, CoD:MW had audio crackling when the announcer would speak and during menu music, Audio "chop" at random intervals for a few seconds each time :laughing: :[pouts: Are Corsairs other products equally as troublesome? I was planning on looking into a few parts for a future build but this has me wary. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lmaoooooo, I figured out what it is, it's the little switch between wireless mode and wired mode. The switch very cheap and wiggly, sad to know that is actually a feature. It couldn't have been terribly more expensive to make this tiny part more sturdy. It's just annoying to have to hear it.
  18. Hello, Here i have a small List of issues if anyone could help! Thx Have this headset since release And have a problems starting after 1 month and till now i have more and more issues. But still in love with it. 1. Mic wont mute, I press the mute button and says "Mic Muted, Mic Unmuted" mic won't mute. 2. Random bzzz Sound after turning on and wont go away After I turn off and On 5-15 times. ( does anyone know why this happens ) 3. Audio Randomly Cuts off. 4. Headset will say " Charging " 2-6 Times after i plug it in to charge it obviously. And when disable voice prompts it still has the voice
  19. Hey guys! I've got an ASUS Prime B350-PLUS mobo with a Ryzen 5 2600 and CMD16GX4M4C320016 ram. Latest bios and everything. The problem is that, that I can't get them to run them anything higher than 2133 mhz. It won't post with the docp profile at 3200, but I can get it to run at 3200 with the ryzen dram calculator but it won't be stable as i get a bsod eventually and it's full of errors with memtest. Only 2133 looks stable without any errors. Should I change motherboard or any suggestions?:(:
  20. Hey Folks, I'm having some serious issues right now. It seems like 5 of my LL120 RGB Fans have stopped working in some capacity. 1 has fully stopped responding to ICUE rgb commands, 2 have started to flicker a different color under the default profile. 2 more on my H150i AIO are also having flickering issues and sometimes choose to only shine on the left side only. I have tried re-installing ICUE, force updating all firmware, Removing Commander Pro, Testing Spare LED Hub, Testing Spare RGB Fan hub. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I currently also have a support ticket open #2001016436. Best, Nestor
  21. I am having an issue since the last patch. My lighting keeps flickering and reverting back to rainbow wave and also going off and back on, this has happened since the last icue update, ive tried hard resetting my lighting node, downdating to the last version of icue and so far the only way i can get my lighting to work is to use the Link software. I have checked the power cable and the motherboard connector and it definatly seems to be a software issue of sorts or it wouldn't be working on link....... can anyone help with this please?
  22. The iCUE is causing stuttering while I'm playing a game. I suspect it's iCUE because everytime I turn my computer off, it gives me a memory error. I'm never fast enough to catch it but it's like a 0x0008560 error of some sort. When I can I'll have my phone ready to take a picture of it. The main things I've tried as far as fixing the issue was: Clean install of Windows, Disabling legacy usb/xhci, disabling cool and quiet, turning my power options to maximum performance, turning usb selective power options to off, resetting cmos, reverting overclocks, running memtest overnight no errors and reinstalling iCUE. The problem goes away when I uninstall but I have a K70 Rapidfire and Void Pro and I can't change my rgb effects or equalizer effects without it.
  23. I've been browsing through these forums looking for as many ways as possible to fix the 7.1 surround on my wired VOID headset, but the solutions that seem to work for everyone else only applies to the Wireless version (i.e. re-pairing). Since the update I've attempted to eliminate any possible areas of concern I could think of: Updated Video Drivers, Audio Drivers, and System/BIOS fully uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE after the CUE update to iCUE (done x2) checked default settings and audio devices forced firmware update on the headset fully uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for the headset disabled and enabled the device in Device Manager adjusted settings for application control before resetting to default again and all of this of course involved plenty of system reboots. I'm getting a little desperate because I've not found any solution to fix the problem. The button for Dolby Digital is toggle-able, but nothing changes in sound quality and I've lost the roomwide effect in Discord Voice.
  24. I currently have 2 monitors in use, my main monitor is in Landscape mode, while the second monitor is in Portrait mode. Whenever I open up CUE Space, all the icons on my desktop (they're all on the main monitor) would suddenly move to my secondary monitor. I've also noticed iCUE doesn't like to work with HWiNFO64, even though I have "CorsairLink and Asetek Support" unticked on HWiNFO. I've been using the old "open HWiNFO up first then open Corsair Link" trick, but the lighting would still flicker sometimes. Not a huge deal, but something that would be greatly appreciated if fixed.
  25. I just got the Corsair Scimitar pro RGB for my birthday and installed CUE but I am having 1 actual issue, and also 1 question. First, no matter what I do, I can not set the mouse to any profile. Every time I select a profile and click somewhere other than CUE it automatically reverts to the default profile for my mouse. I somewhat fixed it when I would just leave CUE open while gaming but now its permanently stuck on the default outside of CUE. I don't see any options anywhere to set a profile as default or and options that could help in any way. As for my other question, when I go to edit profile only the default seems to be enabled to allow it to be linked to a program. This is my first time posting here and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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