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Corsair K70 White rgb WIRED, key and lighting issues.

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I went on vacation and came back to my keyboard acting weird, my enter key doesnt work (the main one) print key doesnt work, backward slash doesnt work, down arrow key doesnt work. down arrow and red and f9 and 4789 keys are constantly blinking. the keyboard will sometimes completely turn red, itll constantly spam f9 and open onedrive which is weird. talked to customer service on the phone and i was going to select an advanced rma but ive tried three different cards and nothing will work. I told them and they didnt seem to care, i bought this keyboard back in january. No smashing or hitting the keys, no liquid, nobody touches it besides me. 

Troubleshooting ive done

Reset the keyboard through corsair software (multiple times) 

forced firmware update

Soft reset manually by holding esc key

Fully reset pc 


Nothing works.


at this point I feel like switching to logitech or someone else, been using corsair for 7 years, ram, headset, keyboards. for a $180 keyboard this is a disappointment. 


Any ideas what I can do? 

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