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  1. Corsair understands that installing your Corsair Link devices can be a tad bit...confusing. :confused: So we decided to write a short and sweet, but in depth, installation guide for installing your Corsair Link hardware. The Installation Guide will be available by clicking the attached file below. If you believe the guide could use a little more love in certain areas, please let us know by replying to this post. Corsair Link Hardware Installation Guide.pdf
  2. I'm sorry for the delay in response. The replacement panel with longer cables will be shipped out today. Your ticket has been updated.
  3. I've asked the customer service rep. that handles the shipments to update all of your tickets. Please check the ticket back later for latest update. I'm sorry for the delay in update.
  4. zen1, Its no problem; for some it has not worked as well as it has for most. But we do understand your frustration and I do apologize. Thank you for taking the time to Voice your opinion.
  5. "When you called the computer"???? Please explain, was this from Sleep mode or on a cold boot?
  6. Ticket no. 6091044 has been updated with tracking information. Ticket no. 6074471 will ship today.
  7. r_avital First thanks for adding your thoughts and comments and I cannot speak for George per say. But I can tell you that we would like to have this worked out a long time ago but because of License issues with the Code it was just not possible. So we as a company and we as Enthusiasts with in the company agree with you and want to share it for Open source Not only for Linux users but it would open it up to a wide verity of uses beyond just computers. So it is definitely something we want to do, however it has been more of a brick wall than we would have liked it to be. And I dont think George meant anything personal when he closed the thread he just did not want it to explode into something else. So if it came off that way I know that was not his intent and I apologize for that. I cant make any promises as to what will happen in the future but we would like to be able to open this code up. And as far as I know we have been looking into that for future products but the resources have just not been there to develop our own code which is what will have to happen for us to be able to release an open source product.
  8. Sorry for the delay your parts request has been approved and will ship out in a few days.
  9. Ticket number 6071029 has been processed. The replacement front panel (with the power switch) will be shipped out soon.
  10. Please post your ticket number here. I will get someone to process them. Thanks
  11. That error would suggest the software is not detecting the USB connection. And do not update the firmware unless you you have an issue when connected to Corsairs Link and Lighting Kit. When you installed the software did you right click on the Install file and run it as an administrator?
  12. I'm sorry to hear this. We will ship you another replacement HDD cage.
  13. Ticket 6083130 has been processed. Just a quick update on this issue. We should be receiving the replacement parts soon. The I/O with longer cables should be shipped out soon. I thank everyone here for their patience.
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