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CORSAIR Voyager A1600 Issues =(

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So yesterday I got my new CORSAIR Voyager A1600 in. First off despite having problems I will say this, this laptop is actually gorgeous, and a powerhouse for it's price in my opinion. So happy with my purchase, but I have run into some pretty gnarly problems that I can't seem to fix. Any help and feedback is appreciated.

Upon setting up my new laptop, everything seemed to run fine at first, transitioning from the Integrated graphics to the GPU was doing awesome, tried a few games, luck on on, not so much the other but I'm sure I need to tinker with it. Then when I closed the game it would go back to integrated graphics right? Smooth sailin. So I was at work, working on updating the heck out of everything on my breaks right. Had windows updates going, the steamdeck, facecam, all the other stuff. Left those running and downloading and went back to work, came back to a dark screen. And It wouldn't post past the CORSAIR logo. Took me like 6 hours of trying to powercycle, button mash this, try that in the BIOS. Eventually, I got it to work. I can only boot into DGPU mode in the BIOS. But then my PC starts to run a little warm and fans kick on, and it's using battery life up the wazoo lol.

Without beating around the bush, Problem: Can't boot to windows with integrated graphics or "Hybrid Mode" in the bios. I have updated all drivers, software updates, etc.

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Alright. Sweet. Just figured it out from another thread. Even if the Adrenaline Software tells you everything is up to date, it may not be lol. Now we know. I just downloaded the Chipset update from the https://www.corsair.com/us/en/downloads page, did a clean install, rebooted, went into BIOS and turned on the Hybrid mode, and everything booted fine. And now I have that brightness slider I've been squinting looking for lol.

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Thanks. I hope mine would turn on, so I can do the BIOS update. I don't know yet how to power cycle this.

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Ok, I was able to fix it (for now).

Here is what i did:

1. Unplug power supply from laptop.

2. Open the lid.

3. Press and hold power button more than 10 seconds many times.

4. Close lid.

5. Plug the power supply. Wait less than 30 seconds.

6. Unplug power supply from laptop.

7. Open lid.

8. Press the power button normally. Do not hold.

9. This powered up my laptop. Wait until booted up. Screen was still blank on mine. I used my finger print reader to scan my finger. I put my finger lightly on the power button to have it scanned. The screen lit up. Windows / laptop is alive.

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