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Hi together,

after a operating system downgrade (reinstall) from windows 11 pro to windows 10 pro (newest version 10. october 2022 including all updates) - my rgbs not working correctly.

I have installed a commander pro which is control my rgb´s.
At the first channel I have connected my xd5 pump - after the pump I have connected my gpu block and than I have connected my XC7 cpu block.
At the second chanel I have connected a 6 port fan hub with 6 LL120 fans.

After the downgrade my fan rgbs are still working but the rgbs from my pump, my gpu block and my cpu block are off. The pump itself works fine.
I also have reinstalled the icue software (newest version: v4.28.177) and have configured my two rgb channels.

For testing I have switched the rgb pump cable into the second channel of my commander pro and reconfigured the channel in iCue software (the rgbs are still off).
If I put my Fan Hub into the first channel and reconfigure the channel in iCue software the fan leds works.

Before downgrade to windows 10 everything works fine fo more than 12 months.

Maybe anyone of you have a similar issue and can give me some tipps for troubleshooting?
I really cant imagine why it works fine for more than 12 months and after a reinstall of my operating system there is a hardware issue - I hope there is an error in my configuration 😅


Many thanks in advance. 

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Presumably you reinstalled CUE 4.28 after installing Windows 10 and rechecked the Channel 1 Lighting Setup.  The OS and CUE do not have a lot of influence over this, so most "lights out" problems are physical.  You can try connecting the XG7 and XC7 to the Commander Pro LED port individually to see if they light up.  The path for the three is serial, so if an LED goes bad on the XD5, it may prevent the downstream LEDs from lighting up.  

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