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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I have a problem with my stream deck and iCue software version 4.16.194 (Lasted Version) , I use iCue stream deck plugin to control iCue lighting profile but it not work functionlly and I found some message on stream deck suggest me to install lasted version of iCue or lasted iCue Stream Deck plugin. (LOL) I try to uninstall the lasted version of iCue (V. 4.16.194) and install iCue version 4.15.153, the problem has gone.
  2. Is there any way to set a button to change scenes? I'd like to have a dark scene I can apply without it changing anything else but it appears that can only be done by opening icue itself
  3. Just purchased and installed Commander Core XT. Brilliant as it removes 4 SATA powered devices from my system to 1! However, when it comes to connecting RGB, on the 3 PIN connector, why can I not daisy chain Hydro X products and LED strips. The hydro X allows pass through so why can I not connect multiple to this? Especially as the commander Core XT only has ONE 3-pin RGB connecter. I really dont want to have to connect a led hub in again. any help/explaination is welcome. Cheers,
  4. Ok, hear me out: Can we please fix the button issue with the main tower so that when I press it, it can act as an on/off switch? perhaps add this to the iCUE software in a future update or something? I leave my computer on 24/7 and have the iCUE nexus on to show me my CPU/GPU temps at all times. I just turn off the monitor when not home or going to sleep. I don't want to have to shut down the iCUE software because it also shuts off the NEXUS display. So, I just unplug the power cable to the towers for the night. I don't see why using that button as an on/off switch is a problem. Unless I'm doing something wrong, this isn't working as a power button and upon googling everyone has this issue.
  5. iCUE v.4.16.194 Commander pro firmware v. 0.9.212 Anyone has suggestion how to get hx750i detected again? Earlier iCUE 3 worked fine.
  6. Hi, I've just upgraded to a custom water loop (Non Corsair....sorry) I'm trying to connect 11 LL120 RGB 120mm fans and 1 iCUE QL140 RGB 140mm fan. I have the commander core xt that came with the case, a commander pro, several RGB hubs, 2 PWM corsair fan hubs as well as an (open) RGB hub that came with another Corsair case. I have the Corsair 7000x case, Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero, 1200 Watt Be Quiet Dark power pro PSU. WHen I connect 6 fans to the Commander Core XT, it only recognizes 3 of the LL fans, it never recognizes the 140mm QL as a 140mm. It only recognizes the 3rd, 5th, and 6th fan. All fans work, I've tested them severasl time. I've came up with several configurations and the closest I've got is to exclude the commander core xt completely and run the commander pro with an rgb hub.....one of the exposed ones with a usb connector. I've spent several hours on this. I've researched all over the net, I've read Zotty's posts but none have the XT since it's new. I've called Support and went through what seemed like what he was reading off of a troubleshooting guide (like they are supposed to do) but no suggestions of experience with my question. I'm so frustrated with iCue and trying to set this up and not being able to find any help. I'm tp the point of wanting to remove all RGB fans and icue software to just settle for some plan fans to cool PLEASE, is there someone here than can help me and restore my love for RGB??? Thanks for any and all help with this.
  7. I have been having an issue where icue will not save my lighting settings. originally it was just the Harware Lighting settings of all deviced connected to my commander pro so i tried reinstalling the program and redoing all of my settings but now its also the lighting on my AIO. no matter how many times i try and put the lighting to how i want it, it wont seem to save when i reboot my pc
  8. when I unplug the mouse and switch to wireless mode, after about a minute or so icue will just forget that my mouse is connected in wireless mode and my button mappings will stop working. I don't have a precise timing as to when it happens as the mouse continues to function fine until I try to use one of the side buttons that relies on icue.
  9. It obviously has flaws. SERIOUS flaws. It turn your left click into a double click with no way of disabling it. And the solution is usually to ask for an RMA. Just let us downgrade the firmware back to 3.11 in Icue and save the headaches.
  10. So I've seen bits and pieces of information on this topic around the forums. But I've yet to see an actual definitive answer on why the difference exists.. What is the reasoning for the difference between the "CORSAIR Audio Visualizer"(CAV) and the standard "Audio Visualizer"(AV) options in iCUE lighting effects? From the info that I've gathered: CORSAIR Audio Visualizer requires you to run your sound through the ST100 headset stand. CAV can be displayed by the keyboard (K70 MK.2 SE) and the RAM (Dominator Platinum RGB white/gold). Audio Visualizer displays your selected audio output's volume level and can be displayed by the fans (QL120) and the Hydro X watercooling equipment through the Commander Pro. So the question is, why? Why does the keyboard and RAM absolutely HAVE to go through the headset stand? It doesn't make sense to me as to why they would limit the capabilities like that? Is there some hardware reason? Is that the only way to allow microphone input to the system? If so, could it be made to be an optional setting for people who do not use the microphone input for the lighting? I feel like it makes more sense for the Audio Visualizer setting to cover as much as possible. That's what people are going for when they are using it. There is third party software that already does this kind of thing specifically for iCUE products. Maybe integrate everything, with a "Lighting Link" setting? You can already apply effects that are not on the products lighting list (example: Rain Lighting Link applies to the mousepad and headset stand, and the effect isn't on their respective lists of choices). If anyone has a real answer to this, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance :D
  11. I think it would be cool to have a "Now Playing" option with the media controls that would just display Media Details. See my "Artists Conception" below
  12. Since the latest update, I can no longer control the Pump speed on my XD7. It shows and runs at the last setting, if I can disconnect it from my Commander Pro it runs at full speed as expected. All firmware is upto date. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. Hi, is it possible to show my fans in the Dashboard view, and if so how? If not, anyone knows why? Thanks.
  14. So I'm having an issue where sometimes iCue 4 detects all of the lights separately on my ROG Strix 3080Ti and other times it only detects all of the lights as one singular option. Does anyone know how to fix this? Uninstalling and reinstalling iCue4 always fixes the issue, but it happens so frequently that reinstalling the software every time would be a huge headache.
  15. I use my K65 rapidfire RGB at home and at work. I've installed icue software and set a rainbow rgb profile as default. But at the office, the keyboard only lites in red. I cannot install any software at work so I need to save profile to hardware. Seems that my icue version does not allow that. A picture with my profile is attached. The sd card icon does nothing when clicked. icue version is 4.14.17
  16. Hello! I have a Commander Pro with 6 LL fans. From 2 or 3 months i can't control the leds of all fans. When i start the pc sometime only one led fan work, sometime 2 and half fans work. When i go in iCUE and change rgb setting (pass from white to red for example) the first fan rest white and the other change color. I tryed to connect the RGB Hub of corsair directly to the Asus Motherboard ARGB connector (data from asus motherboard to the central pin of the hub) and only 4 leds of first fan (i have selected 96 leds int he armoury crate). I restarted the pc reconnecting the HUB to commander pro and only 4 leds of first fan work. Restarted again the pc and 2 and half fans work. I have also disable the plugin and also delete the plugin folder. I'ts like iCue and Armoury Crate share something (memory?). Others have my problem???? I tried also the unistall Armoury crate with Asus tool and clean unistall iCUE (guide on this website) and reistalled all new. Same. How can i solve this problem?
  17. Brand new build. Issue where the USB devices keep disconnecting for 4-5 seconds every 5 min or so making it unusable! Also in iCUE 4 the Commander Pro fan hub, keyboard, mouse, AIO, RAM, lighting strips are all detected but the lighting node core which controls the RGB for the fans is NOT detected. Used 2 separate lighting node core's issue persists. Its plugged into known good USB and SATA power, nothing. Lian Li 0-11 Dynamic Ryzen 5900x Asus Dark Hero x570 Asus Strix RTX 3080 Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200mhz (4x8) Corsair h150i elite capellix triple fan Corsair RMx1000 PSU
  18. Greetings my fellow iCue users, recently I have upgraded my iCue software from the third gen to the new fourth gen. Certainly an upgrade and everything, love the new UI. Yet I have encountered an issue with the now somewhat working Asus VGA and MB plugin. Before, it didn't work at all, which I accepted since it was in a beta. Now I'm able to control the lights of both my MB and 3090, yet not to the full extent. The issue is the following: Half of my GPU RGB is frozen using random static colors, perhaps it's just the lights receiving some sort of power at random. Now my question is, are there fellow users experiencing similar issues? If so, have you found a fix or a solution to the bug? In the attached picture, the GPU was configured to solely purple. As you can see, it's not working as it should! :D I appreciate any kind of help! :) Thank you guys in advance. Happy gaming!
  19. I've just installed iCUE 4 and I like it so far (still getting used to the new layout though), I'd like to see an option to adjust the size of the 'windows'/ 'tabs' when selecting the lighting options for a device (image linked below) so that the name of the effect(s) is fully visible and readable. https://imgur.com/s7dPFOy Thanks.
  20. Hello, I just got the corsair dark core pro se, am trying to map the sniper and DPI function to my k100 keyboard, but all I get is back or forward button? is their something am missing or they just never added other mouse buttons/functions on the keyboard?
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