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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guyy, I bought the xd5 with the water tank. I plugged it in my asus PSU (asus rock Thor 1250W) and the pump didn't worke. I had in my older PC a PSU from Corsair. I plugged it in and it worked very well. But i can't build the old PSU in my new pc cause it is to weak for the rest of my system. Do u have any idea what I can do, to fix it.
  2. Hi together, after a operating system downgrade (reinstall) from windows 11 pro to windows 10 pro (newest version 10. october 2022 including all updates) - my rgbs not working correctly. I have installed a commander pro which is control my rgb´s. At the first channel I have connected my xd5 pump - after the pump I have connected my gpu block and than I have connected my XC7 cpu block. At the second chanel I have connected a 6 port fan hub with 6 LL120 fans. After the downgrade my fan rgbs are still working but the rgbs from my pump, my gpu block and my cpu block are off. The pump itself works fine. I also have reinstalled the icue software (newest version: v4.28.177) and have configured my two rgb channels. For testing I have switched the rgb pump cable into the second channel of my commander pro and reconfigured the channel in iCue software (the rgbs are still off). If I put my Fan Hub into the first channel and reconfigure the channel in iCue software the fan leds works. Before downgrade to windows 10 everything works fine fo more than 12 months. Maybe anyone of you have a similar issue and can give me some tipps for troubleshooting? I really cant imagine why it works fine for more than 12 months and after a reinstall of my operating system there is a hardware issue - I hope there is an error in my configuration 😅 Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I am currently in the process of building my first custom loop build in the 5000x case. I have a few concerns in regards to the fan/rgb situation I need some help on prior to my packages arrival though. (I messed up a few times properly measuring and bending my hardline tubes despite having the kit so I’m waiting for more tubes to try again 😅) Parts involved: XD5 Pump/Res XC7 CPU water block Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC Waterforce 2x 360mm XR5 Radiators, each rad with 3x ML120mm pro rbg fans 3x SP RBG Elite fans (included with the 5000X case) 1x ML120 pro rbg fan (Lemme know if any other specs need to be listed) Additionally I do have a Commander Pro, 2x RGB Fan Led Hubs, 2x Lighting Node Pros and the case included hubs as well After reading through various posts including Zotty’s detailed guides, I attempted to diagram out how these things will all connect. If I can piece out this puzzle prior to the build being complete I imagine I’ll have a much easier time managing the million cables it feels like it has. Excuse the sloppy fan control lines, I have various splitters that should allow it to fill out the Commander Pro as needed. I am mostly concerned about the RBG situation. Will this layout work? Can I plug in 2 RGB Fan Led Hubs into 1 Lighting node Pro then into to the Commander Pro? Or 1 hub per 1 node? Can these be consolidated in any otherway? I also have 1 more ML120mm Fan that I’d like to set up as one more exhaust but I’m not sure how easily I can set it up considering the RBG hub for the ML fans is already 6/6. Do I consider another hub for this one fan? I technically do still have the case included Lighting Node Core(I think?)? Or is there like an RGB splitter I could use. I’m kinda worried about having 6 fans intaking air (3 front 3 side) but only 3 fans exhausting through the top radiator. I appreciate any and all the help.
  4. Hey all! I have another question. As of right now i'm finally finalizing my pc build, everything should be where it is.. one issue however. As of right now, I have the pump's PWN plugged into a Commander Core XT that I bought at Best Buy but when I go into iCue I'm not able to read it's speed or be able to customize it. It's plugged into port 6 of the fans header yet nothing is showing. Hope I can find an answer soon. Thank you so much!
  5. Hey all! Another question came to mind while I was plugging in all the plugs into my mobo. I noticed that the thermal sensor plug is not fitting into my Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) mobo’s T Sensor, which is a problem. Is there any where else I could plug in the pump’s thermal sensor? Maybe a W in or W out port? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Hey all! It's Mango again! I had a quick question regarding plugging in my xd5 pump to my motherboard! I was wondering what specific port i should plug it into. My EK pump orignally was plugged into the AIO_PUMP even though it was a separate pump and reservoir, not a combo. So, my question is; where do I plug it? I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wifi). Do I plug it back into the AIO_PUMP port or a different port?
  7. Hey all! Another question about Corsair Hydro X Series products, this should be a quick one. If I don't have enough Clear XL8 coolant for my build, would it be ok to mix or top off my reservoir/pump with distilled water? I've heard many people try this with no issues but i'd like to have you guys' opinion on it. Thank you so much! Can't wait to hear back! Have an amazing day!
  8. Hey all! I'm new to the whole Hydro X Series and I did have a few questions coming into it. 1. Will I be able to use the xd5 pump normally without using a commander pro? I've been taking a look into it and I just want to make sure of the idea. Will I be able to change fans speeds/pump speeds using my MoBo? (asus rog hero viii wifi). In addition, I picked up a commander core xt from Best Buy and if I do go the non mobo route, will this work? 2. if I use my mobo for everything instead of using a commander pro, where would I plug in the Temperature Sensor Plug on the mobo? And, since it won't be connected to a Commander Pro, what does it do? Since the temp sensor plug shows me the temperature of the water through icue, where would i be able to see the temps? Or will I even be able to see it at all? Mainly, I'm just wondering how the Temp Sensor Plug works without the Commander Pro, where I can see the temp and etc. If I download iCue, will it pop up on there even without the Commander Pro? Thank you to whoever sees this and helps out! It seriously would help alot since i'm transitioning into it. I've been using EK alot but seeing Corsair and their custom loop series.. i've been thinking of transitioning. Again, thank you and I can't wait to hear back!
  9. Bonjour, J'ai fait l'acquisition d'un watercooling custom récemment. Voici la liste des éléments : - x6 Fans => QL120 RGB -> regroupés par 3 sur 2 radiateurs XRT 360 - CPU Waterblock => XC7 RGB - GPU Waterblock => XG7 RGB - Pompe => XD5 RGB J'ai aussi un HUB avec la possibilité de brancher 6 fans. Mais du coup j'ai l'impression qu'il va me manquer certains éléments ? Peut-être un commander et un autre HUB? J'ai l'impression dans un premier temps que je peux chainer la pompe XD5 avec la XG7 du GPU puis mettre ça sur un AdressableRGB? À chaque fois (XC7 / XG7 et la XD5) il y a 2 cables et j'ai l'impression que les 3 peuvent être chainés pour finir sur un seul port ARGB de la Carte Mère. Pour infos la CM est une ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula. Questions 1. Du coup est-ce que la XC7 + XG7 + XD5 sont bien chainables? Si oui le premier a un des 2 cables qui va nulle part et sur le dernier le second va dans la CM c'est bien ça? Mon véritable soucis ici est le branchement! Le HUB et le Commander PRO (que je n'ai pas pour ce dernier) ne peuvent accueillir chacun que 6 FANS! Hors j'ai 6 FANS + le FAN de la pompe! 2. Comment effectuer les branchements? Merci d'avance :)
  10. I have my fan #6 port connected to the hydro x xd5 pump and it keep reverting back from the hydrox x series pump profile to the silent profile. The fans retain their hydrox x series fan profiles though. Maybe that is the way the new software works. I am unsure. I have already tried reinstalling the software. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
  11. Hey yall, Just completed my first loop with an XD5 pump res and a cpu block. I do not have a commander pro. I wanted to ask if anyone has experience plugging in the liquid temp sensor into the MOBO and using the bios to set the fan curves/ pump curve to be based of the liquid temperature? sorry this is somewhat of an open question I just want to know if I can manually create the profiles that the commander pro uses, and if there are recommended values to set for the fan curves if doing this. Also want to know if I should leave any of the fans to be set off cpu temp alone. I have just booted it up and been playing around with it for about 60 minutes and my CPU temp has been going form low 40's to mid 50's, spiking then dropping down causing the fans to rev up every couple of minutes. my main goal is to get this to stabilize and be more constant.
  12. Bonjour, Je viens d'acquérir le kit corsair XH305i, mon soucis est sur le pompe XD5 au niveau des branchements RGB de celle ci. Il y a deux câbles RGB et je ne sais pas ou brancher le deuxième ( voir photo ) ( Voici le lien vers la photo, désoler mais quand je voulais insérer une image ça ne l'afficher pas ) https://e.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZGm27ZNjBUpeCeGI4xOrUOrUVNAkCelk9V Le premier est placé sur le port led 1 du commander pro et sur le port 2 il y a le water lock.
  13. Bonjour à tous, Suite à mon montage de premier watercooling custom avec le kit 305i, Je viens de finir le remplissage de la boucle mais la pompe fait un bruit presque identique à celui de mon vieux Disque Dur HDD... Je l'ai laissé tourner pendant 10 heures ( elle tourne encore ) et le bruit est toujours là, j'ai pencher le boitier de gauche à droite, haut en bas et même tapoter doucement sur la pompe, mais la pareil, toujours le bruit. Avez-vous des astuces ou conseils pour que le bruit s'arrête ? PS : j'ai pas encore brancher ma carte mère j'attend d'avoir passer les 24h
  14. Hello everyone ! I just finished to rebuild my pc into the 680X case. Everythingis pretty ok. But the pump make an heavy noise everytime she goes above 60% load (wich mean almost 90% of the time since i have a Gpu/Cpu loop and i use alot of heavy 3D programs). I heard about some noise on other post, but these are really far away from what i'm experiencing. For information i cleaned ALL the loop before installing pump, there is no leak and absolutly everything is ok (still a lil air in the loop but seriously nothing that would allow my pump to make that noise). It's like a squeak that can be hear at more than 10/20m from the pc with a headset. Need help. Thank you.
  15. Moin Corsair Forum! Ich denke über eine Wasserkühlung für meine nächste GPU nach. Seit einiger Zeit habe ich einen AIO-Kühler (H100i) und würde diesen auch gerne behalten. Deshalb wäre bezüglich der Wasserkühlung die Frage, ob ich einen XR7-Radiator mit einer XD5 Pumpe in einem 500d RGB SE installieren kann, um die benötigte Kühlleistung sicher abzudecken. Grob geschätzt könnte es gerae so passen, aber wahrscheinlich recht knapp werden. Hat da jemand bereits Erfahrung oder weiß genau ob das passt/nicht passt? Schonmal danke für die Antworten im voraus!
  16. So I will be getting a new PC and have thought of making a custom loop with Hydro X. I will be using the Evolv X case from Phanteks, but I selected the 500D RGB SE because Corsair doesn’t yet have a model for the Evolv X. So I made a configuration, went to the modeling and it spits out a 54mm radiator thickness (which is fine) but then has the new XD3 pump. That’s good and all, but I want the XD5 and a 33mm 360mm radiator and I can’t change the pump! Like, I click on the pump section and I can’t change it to a XD5 pump. And I’ve done this configuration before (3700X and a 2080 Super) and I forgot the price but now I don’t know how to get my XD5 configuration back. Is there a way to fix this? Can I just swap out the pumps in the cart (I have clearance) and be good to go? And also Corsair should add the option to change the pump/res for those who want a big one like me.
  17. hi hopefully this is in the right place but feel free to move it if it should be elsewhere. so i have three hydro x parts in my system (gpu, cpu blocks and the pump) all were working fine then playing doom eternal over the weekend they all stopped lighting up and the node wasnt detected within icue, i used USBDeview to check the connection to find it said it wasnt connected. i ordered a replacement with the rgb strips, hooked it all up and daisy chained the hydro x stuff, it worked for about 30 seconds. i assumed i was unlucky and got a defective on so got amazon to replace it. tested the new one in another system with only the rgb strips and worked flawlessly but as soon as i put in my main rig it stopped again almost straight away. surely i cannot of received two faulty products in a row. could the node have burnt out/fried when attached to my system? using corsair RM850X with the out of the box cables, i do have two sets of Deepcool MF120 fans on the same sata line with no problems with them. any help anyone could provide would be grateful :
  18. I am setting up a custom water loop using an xd5 pump ,finding it hard to find out if, what I want to do is run the pump pwm line from my strix rz5700xt fan header on GPU since I can set this to run off GPU temp and power the pump from the molex connection,a few I asked said it would draw too much power from the gpu I thought the pump draw was from molex and pwm line was for rpm and signal ,any help would be nice
  19. I have every thing working except my temp sensors on the commander pro. I have tried resetting it and changing out the temp sensors. I have the pump/res sensor in #1 and three other temp sensors placed through out my pc case. None of the sensors are reporting. I have a 9900k/Asrock PG9 mobo. I figure for the loop to run the most efficiently I need these temps to be reporting. Oh and another questiong does anyone know what the max rpm is on the pump for the XD5? I don't want to run it too high. I may just have a bad commander pro. I noticed there are alot of issues being reported.
  20. I am at a loss. I completed my build last week and I’m still not fully operational although I've been reading and watching dozens of articles to avoid begging for help... but I am now, here I am asking for your help. The below build is a bit of a Frankenstein, but it's me doing upgrades All the below Corsair products are powered and controlled by (or supposed to be) the Commander Pro and iCue So far, all I’ve been able to accomplish the following; Mouse, ram and a lighting node shows up in iCue Got all 5 fans to run Got 3 of the 5 fans to have RGB What I haven’t been able to accomplish is Get ComPro to even be seen in iCue Get the pump to function with ComPro, get the pump to have RGB and be seen in iCue 2a. Get sensors for pump to work RGB on other 2 fans to work Have ability to control fan speeds, ability to control pump speeds Have any enjoyment at all out of my creation I’ve tried the following; using different USB slots add additional lighting nodes and daisy chaining the two fans separately Uninstalling completely the iCue software and reinstalling. Drinking I've only succeeded at one of them. The CPU Cooler is the HydroX XD5 Water Pump/reservoir combo. I’m at a loss now, I've called out to support, but after mentioning my issues, I was told that because it involved the XD5 Water Pump, another specialist would contact me and it would take 1-2 business days. After 2 business days I sent an email and the response was a rep will be another 3-4 business days. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help shed some light on any of these issues or to tell me a way to test to help narrow down what’s going on here. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dTfQcq
  21. Hi! I set up my custom loop and filled it, but I might’ve left the fill port closed and did not allow air in. I tried to do a leak test but when I turn on the XD5, it just makes a sound and vibrates. I also have tried tilting the case, but no luck.
  22. Quick question: if I'm plugging the XD5 PWM cable into my motherboard (Asus Maximus XI Gene), rather than a Commander Pro, which fan header should I use? Choices are: AIO_PUMP, which is full speed, 1A Max Current, 12W Max Power W_PUMP+, which is full speed, 3A Max Current, 36W Max Power
  23. Hi guys. I'm planning buy a Corsair XD5. I read reviews on amazon and some users say it's necessary use it with a commander pro. Really I dont care the RGB, I only want control the pump speed by PWM signal directly on CPU header. It's possible? Thanks!
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