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I recently purchased x2 Dark Core Pro SE mice from a local retailer, both boxes were factory sealed.


I have been able to get both mice working via USB and firmware updated through the most recent version of iCUE, but neither mouse will work via Slipstream wireless dongles, and neither detect the USB dongle. I have also tried both dongles on various other machines and neither will detect via the BIOS nor Windows. I can, however, connect both mice via Bluetooth- but then I get no sync capability via profiles in iCUE.


I am very familiar with both PC hardware and software, and it appears both USB dongles are either bricked from the factory, or perhaps defective in the same production batch. From reviewing both the forums and also the internet in general, it appears I'm not the only one who has this issue. Had I known this before I purchased these two mice, I would have likely not have bought them.


I've still got the receipt for both mice and both are covered via the local store's return policy- but before I do so, is there an easy way to rectify this situation, or is my only option returning them and exchanging for another product?


I'm also heavily invested in Corsair's ecosystem with various other products with at least 3 machines... this is very disappointing from a customer's standpoint.

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Hi Sylveria,


If multiple systems are not seeing these dongles, the easiest thing to check / do here first would be to send you replacement dongles.


In this scenario however, obviously depending on personal factors, it may be much quicker to return them to the original retailer in this scenario.


If not however, please open a ticket with support using the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page, and we will send you some replacements.

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