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  1. Hi all, I'm having some trouble getting iCue to recognise a newly purchased and installed H115i Pro XT RGB. The pump lights have lit up and are cycling through (what I assume) to be a standard rainbow cycle, the pump is cooling well after configuring it in my motherboard's BIOS and 2x Noctua NF-A14s I've attached to the radiator and Corsair Commander Pro are running fine. Cooling wise I'm pleased, however I cannot get iCue to recognise it in order to monitor pump speed and customise RGB. If it helps, here's my PC's spec [running latest Windows 10]: Ryzen 5 5600X Gigabyte Aorus X570I Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB 3600Mhz CL16 Sabrent Rocket 1TB NVME (TLC) [boot drive, various other drives for game and recording libraries] Corsair SF600 Platinum PSU PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 6700 XT Cooler Master NR200P (using vented side panel and horizontal GPU layout) Corsair Commander Pro, attached are: 2x NF-A12x15 bottom intakes, 2x NF-A14 side intakes (H115i rad) & 2x Cooler Master Sickle Flow fans exhausting up top. H115i Pro XT RGB in the USB 1 header Monitoring and controlling fan speeds and component temperature is fine through the Commander Pro in iCue. However, the H115i Pro XT RGB refuses to show up. So far I've tried: -Disbaled fast boot and XM-something hand off under USB settings in motherboard BIOS (following a post on Corsair forums), -Updated motherboard's chipset drivers to latest, -Reinstalled iCue 4 (per Corsair's clean install guide), -Installed the iCue v3.x on the H115i Pro XT RGB's product page under 'Support - Downloads', -Using USBDeview to try and locate H115i (no success, can see Commander Pro as only Corsair device), -Windows 10 Device Manager that reveals 'Corsair composite virtual device' which apparently has the latest/most optimised drivers - possibly Commander Pro? -No micro-USB cable on hand small enough to plug into the back of the motherboard to see if it's a Commander Pro compatibility issue. It would press against and possibly damage the RAM modules. Any further troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated. I have read this is a problem on AMD systems and if it requires an RMA I'd rather avoid it. Also other users who have experienced the same problem have reported plugging their case USB into the Commander Pro's USB header and pump usb directly into the motherboard has solved the issue - I'd rather avoid this due to further cable management and tinkering after squeezing the H115i into the NR200. The cooler is running seemingly fine and I'm content with performance. It would just be nice to see it in iCue and customise colour schemes - this is also why I went for the H115i over NZXT X63 (in my girlfriend's SSUPD Mesh system) and Cooler Master 280mm AIO due to already having the Commander Pro for 6 fans. At the end of the day I can't actually see the cooler behind the rad on the side bracket and am pleased with performance - lowest temps I've seen since building this sysytem, was previously using a Noctua NH-U9S which I've kept in case this AIO bricks. EDIT 1: I should mention the motherboard (Gigabyte Aorus X570I) has only 2 USB headers - 1 for case and 1 for other components. I've the NR200 front panel USB plugged into larger and Commander Pro plugged into smaller.
  2. Buenas, acabo de comprar los Virtuoso RGB Wireless hace apenas 5 días. Sólo que comencé a tener un problema que realmente no logro entender. A veces la conexión por USB tiene un pequeño fallo y se escucha un pitido, sin embargo lo extraño es que sólo sucede cuando los tengo puestos y me levanto de la silla. Es como si tuviera un falso contacto, pero si no los llevo puestos, incluso agitandolos para replicar el fallo no sucede. Otra cosa de la que me di cuenta es que el volumen es más alto cuando está en modo wireless que cuando está por conexión USB. ¿Alguna idea de a que se deba?
  3. So I'm pulling my hair out here with Corsair. My USB devices keep disconnecting and reconnecting at random, multiple times per day. Something is causing a reset on all USB devices connected to the X470 chipset. I've tried all the solutions on this forum to no avail. The problem has persisted across multiple iterations of gear (different cases, CPUs, internal and external drives, RAM configs, PSUs, GPUs, etc) and across multiple clean Windows installations. Current gear list below: MAIN COMPONENTS: Ryzen 7 3700X - PBO Enabled - No Overclock MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon - Latest 2D BIOS (have reflashed various BIOS versions and reset CMOS many times - no change) 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3000MHz C15 - XMP Enabled EVGA RTX2080 XC Black Edition w/ EVGA PowerLink EVGA SuperNova G3 750W PSU PERIPHERALS/ACCESSORIES: Corsair H150i Pro Lighting Node Pro 8 x Corsair LED Strips Commander Pro 6 x HD120 RGB Fans ST100 Headphone Stand HS70 Wireless Headphones Corsair Light Enhancement Kit (Dummy RAM Modules w/ RGB) M65 RGB Pro Mouse K70 Mk.2 SE Keyboard SOFTWARE: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1909 - fully updated iCUE 3.26.95 (earlier versions exhibit same behavior) Mystic Light - uninstalled - have tried both installed w/ service disabled/manual start and completely uninstalled - no difference HWInfo64 - 6.22 stable - Corsair/Asetek Support Disabled, Persistent Driver Disabled Using USBLogView to monitor the disconnects and the devices being disconnected, I have narrowed it down to all ports deriving from the X470 chipset. The 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports on the back of the motherboard deriving from the CPU do NOT disconnect; they work fine. All other ports, according to the MSI X470 GPC manual, derive from the X470 chipset, and all of them disconnect - this includes front USB 3.1 Gen 1, internal USB 2.0, rear USB 2.0, and rear USB 3.1 Gen 2. I have tried swapping devices around, and it's always the same ports that disconnect (and the same 4 ports that don't), regardless of the device connected to it. At the recommendation of other users around the net, I have installed the NZXT Internal USB Hub - plugged the hub into one of the USB 2.0 internal headers, then plugged the Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro into that. I have the H150i connected to the other internal USB 2.0 header, not to the hub. USB disconnects and reconnects randomly, anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, sometimes even going 6-7 hours, but definitely multiple timers per day. I use my computer for gaming and, more importantly, as a DAW (digital audio workstation) and for instrument playback and recording. I'll be in the middle of playing or recording, and everything but the peripherals attached to the rear USB 3.1 Gen 1 will disconnect and reconnect - not good when trying to record a take. As a side note, I am also still having trouble with iCUE and 3rd Gen Ryzen voltages/temps. While the latest RAM and iCUE updates have given the illusion that CPU usage has been reduced (i.e. task manager doesn't show iCUE using a large portion of CPU or high power usage anymore), if you actually monitor CPU voltage, frequency, and temperatures using Ryzen Master, you will clearly see a huge difference (reduction) in all 3 when iCUE is closed. This issue still has not been fixed, merely masked, and it's unacceptable at this point. That aside, I'm at the end of my rope here. I don't know what else to try. I've waited and waited for software and firmware updates to fix the issues I've been having, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm at the point where I'm about to uninstall everything Corsair (an extensive list of gear) and move onto something else. I've used Corsair gear in the past with good results, but the last 1.5 years have been extremely frustrating. Does anyone have any further suggestions before I jump ship? I really don't want to, but it's getting to that point...
  4. Hallo, leider bekomme ich die beiden Geräte K57 und Dark Core SE nicht an einem USB Empfänger gepairt? Das ist doch aber möglich oder? (einen Button: Pair Additional Slipstream Device hab ich nicht???) ich muss beide USB Empfänger verwenden und wenn diese auch noch nebeneinander in dem Ports stecken schaltet sich die Mouse ab? stören die sich gegenseitig? wenn ich beide USB Empfänger verwenden kann aber nicht die Beleuchtungsverknüpfung verwenden? (geht nur wenn ich ein Gerät über USB anschließe?) also wie kann ich denn K57 und Dark Core SE an einem USB Empfänger betreiben?
  5. Hi all, We're pleased to announce that we'll have USB 3.1 Type-C upgrade kits available for the immensely popular Crystal Series 570X and Obsidian Series 750D very soon! These kits add a USB 3.1 Type-C port on your chassis' front I/O and plug into the USB 3.1 Type-C motherboard front panel header that have started to appear on some motherboards. Both kits are priced at USD $19.99 and will be available on our webstore. Links: Crystal 570X kit - http://www.corsair.com/en-us/crystal-570x-rgb-usb-3-1-type-c-i-o-panel-upgrade-kit Obsidian 750D kit - http://www.corsair.com/en-us/obsidian-series-750d-usb-3-1-type-c-i-o-panel-upgrade-kit Photos! Installed example for Crystal 570X: Close up of Crystal 570X kit: Installed example for Obsidian 750D: Obsidian 750D kit: Connectors on Obsidian 750D kit:
  6. I recently purchased x2 Dark Core Pro SE mice from a local retailer, both boxes were factory sealed. I have been able to get both mice working via USB and firmware updated through the most recent version of iCUE, but neither mouse will work via Slipstream wireless dongles, and neither detect the USB dongle. I have also tried both dongles on various other machines and neither will detect via the BIOS nor Windows. I can, however, connect both mice via Bluetooth- but then I get no sync capability via profiles in iCUE. I am very familiar with both PC hardware and software, and it appears both USB dongles are either bricked from the factory, or perhaps defective in the same production batch. From reviewing both the forums and also the internet in general, it appears I'm not the only one who has this issue. Had I known this before I purchased these two mice, I would have likely not have bought them. I've still got the receipt for both mice and both are covered via the local store's return policy- but before I do so, is there an easy way to rectify this situation, or is my only option returning them and exchanging for another product? I'm also heavily invested in Corsair's ecosystem with various other products with at least 3 machines... this is very disappointing from a customer's standpoint.
  7. Hi People, looking for some help over here. I bought a K65 rapidfire and I love it so I decided to trust the brand and go corsair all the way, It didn't end up well. I had to exchange my M65 pro cos it wouldn't click out of the box and still can figure out the damn VOID USB Headset. On the one hand I had the CUE problem with steam voice that hasn't been fixed yet, the only workaround I found is to rollback to the previous CUE version. And on the other, and this is what I can't really figure out, I'm getting occasional distorted or saturated audio. The headset seems to be alright if i manually change the driver from the corsair one to the generic USB Audio Device driver that comes with windows, but I only get stereo audio that way, no 7.1. If you have the time listen to the attached audio file, it will makes things clear, its like some sort of distortion build that that keeps getting worst, dolby and FPS competition make it really obvious, but its there lurking in all the profiles. I had tried almost anything I can think off, short of formatting (IT guy over here, and been trying stuff for 2 weeks) and I also have two ignored tickets with corsair support (593488 & 597223), no good news so far. Any ideas on what to try next? It does look driver related, since switching to the windows driver gives me good stereo audio. Thanks in advance. Some of the things I have tried are: - Removing and reinstalling CUE. - CUE previous version. - Disabling onboard audio from the bios. - Disabling all other audio devices. - Switching USB ports, all over. - Starting the PC without the headset hooked up. Recording_4.zip
  8. Hi all, New forum member here. I have recently noticed that with the iCUE software running in the background, all iOS devices plugged to the Mac will not be detected. In console, this message appears: 028001.068426 usbmuxd@(null): AppleUSBHostUserClient::openGated: could not open provider iPhone. provider already opened for exclusive access by iCUE iCUE will have to quit and iOS devices reconnected for a successful detection. Am using first-gen Corsair K70 RGB on macOS 11.2.2.
  9. Hallo liebes Forum, Ich habe eine PS5 in meinem Schrank und würde sie gerne extern belüften. Da ich noch einen LL120 über habe, habe ich mir einen USB 12V auf 3/4 Pin Adapter gekauft und der Lüfter läuft, leider noch kein RGB. Hat jemand dafür eine Lösung? Die extern funktioniert? Hub und dann Sata auf USB ? Oder gibt es eine Lösung mit Raspery Pi? ES WÜRDE MICH riesig freuen wenn jemand eine Idee hätte :) Bleibt gesund!
  10. I've installed iCUE, and nothing is detected, even though I have a commander pro. I have 9 LL120s connected to 2 RGB LED Hubs which is connected to a Commander Pro. All sata power, RGB LED Hub etc. are connected. USB cable from Commander Pro is also connected to motherboard I have tried switching USB ports, to no avail. This only occured after I switched out my CPU, motherboard, SSD, and graphics card(recently) Before that, the Commander Pro was detected in iCUE but I could not control 2 of my fans' RGB. I had a profile set up and all fans were showing the correct lighting pattern except 2 fans. These same 2 fans are right now not following the lighting pattern of the other fans. Please help, do I have a faulty RGB LED Hub, or Commander Pro, or LL120 fans?
  11. Hello, I've been using the virtuoso non-SE for a few days now and updated the headset's firmware recently. Since the update I noticed that the dongle flashes red while the PC is off. Has anyone else come across this issue and how do you fix it? Thanks
  12. For a start, in the iCue softare I always had my pre-installed corsair rgb hub and my Commander Pro. As my Mainboard: ASUS b450F Gaming II comes only with 1 USB header, i pluged the Commander Pro into the Mainboard USB header and my RGB Hub in the USB port of the Commander Pro and Everything worked fine. So now i have reinstalled my Computer, everything is the same, BUT my RGB does not show up in iCue. What I already tried: - unplug commander pro and plug the RGB Hub to the Motherboard header -> RGB hub showed up and worked fine (i think something is wrong with the usb ports of Commander pro) - Update iCue and the Firmware of Commander pro - I bought this USB HUB: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07DLVJ726/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I pluged it into the Motherboard and at Hub header my RBG HUB and Commander pro and both DO NOT show up in iCue or work. Pls Help
  13. Under other circumstances the headset works fine, but when it is plugged in via USB and I am using an Xbox One controller also plugged in via USB, the headset will turn itself off at random intervals with no sounds or notifications. Just having the controller plugged in does not cause this, but using it in a game does. Unplugging the headset will fix this issue, but plugging the headset in again after the controller is no longer in use will often cause random shut-offs again (reboot is required to fix). I have tried disabling/enabling the CUE software, uninstalling/reinstalling it and no changes to the problem. Has this issue or anything similar come up before and is there any known solutions? Thanks.
  14. So I'm not sure what's causing this but wanted to put this in here to see if anyone else has experienced this. I'm also not sure if its even limited to iCUE, although it seems to be as all my RGB and everything corsair except the mouse and basic keyboard functions stops working for 5-10 seconds or so. Anyways, from what I can tell, completely randomly but every 15-30 min or so, iCUE will seem to crash for a 5-10 seconds and then everything reboots and for the most part starts working again. Sound cuts out of my headset (Corsair Virtuoso RGB, but also did it with my Astro A50), and like I said all the RGB goes back to its default setting before catching back up to the lighting link. Most times everything comes back but sometimes if I go back into iCUE certain items like the headset and the mouse wont show up. I've tried uninstalling and deleting all profiles for iCUE, no fix. I've updated the bios, amd chipset drivers, everything has the latest firmware and iCUE has the latest build although this has been happening for quite a few builds prior as well. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. I have two NVME's with windows installed on them. The older one has iCue and everything is working just fine. The newer windows install has iCue running and I can't configure the fan profiles correctly because it keeps losing a connection to the fans, hydro x pump etc. The Performance tab pops into existence and then out of existence. Since everything is rock solid when I boot to the other NVME I know it's not a hardware issue. Instead it's some kind of USB communication problem I'd guess? Any thoughts on how I can fix this? I was about to (painfully) install windows again on the new NVME, just after getting everything setup, to try to fix this problem.
  16. Make no mistake, I didn't think it was possible for a headphone stand to have said effect on a system, which is why it's been "years of" issues. I have always had regularly random BSODs with my system from a certain point in time. It's an aging motherboard, modded for some new tech, so there is expected to be some discomfort at times. Growing pains, if you will. I will be upgrading soon, but this machine is still fast and responsive, as a result of tweaking and tweaking the tweaks for many years. And the board is a very solid board for its age. Anyways, on to the problem, and efforts I've given (also randomly and sporadically as life doesn't make such investigations a smooth process) in trying to assess the factors responsible for every sort of random crash, or make system adjustments to fix it. So, I have flashed the mobo bios with mods, and updated on board chip firmware, I have laced through the BIOS changing different settings, I have ran diagnostic tests on everything. I have solid quality components, and I have always built my own rigs, as well as building custom gaming rigs for others. I repair cell phones, tablets, electronics, etc so I have enough experience to be able to assess issues, and over time I can usually narrow things down to the heart of the issue. There has always been the thought in the back of my mind that the headset stand was a possible factor, but I didn't think that by being plugged in and not used for anything but holding up my headphones and displaying synced RGB lighting, that it would cause regular crashes. And I mean on every OS I've tried from every release of Windows since I received the stand, which have been many because after several BSODs, my solution is to start fresh and pay attention to when the BSODs start kicking in, and draw similarities until they point somewhere vague or specific. Also several Linux gui distros, ubuntu debian and arch based. Modified versions of Windows, as well. But the issue being so random and sporadic but regular, that I knew they were coming, yet no regularity so as to indicate anything specific... EXCEPT the times for whatever reason I had the headphone stand unplugged, and I would think everything was going great and decide to make sure everything was plugged in and working, and oh.. the stand right let's plug it in and get it set up too. Then usually not immediately, but still soon enough that thinking back I could start to see a peripheral timing association with the stand being plugged in.. but still stubbornly believed it wouldn't have that effect. Especially since the BSODs occurred at times when there were no obvious functions involving the stand going on - wasn't plugging or unplugging anything into the usb ports - in fact, it never happened when I was doing those things. The only thing is that I noticed there was a difference in functions between the usb port on the top near the upright base, and the one on the right side of the base. Almost as if one functioned as USB2.0 and the other as USB3.1 despite the fact they are both blue, which should indicate USB3.0/3.1 functionality. I did however, end up thoroughly checking the hub it was sometimes plugged into, thinking it was the hub and not the stand. lol yep. Anyways, this last install of 20H1 crashed on me a few times and I finally decided (who knows what finally triggers us to jump off that cliff, after standing on the edge of it looking down for so long - idk ask Freud) that the stand might be the issue and I needed to finally try specifically testing. Well I have had it unplugged for several days, and no issues with my system, no glitchy things happening, no random slower than normal boots, and NO BSODs... so far. Hopefully I don't get a red herring BSOD, and end up getting thrown off the stand focus, although this thread might assist in keeping from that possible eventuality. Ultimately, I'd like to see if anyone else might have similar issues. I couldn't find many in relation to this in a search, and the times I did, the user seemed to feel it was other issue with the stand, like the USB ports on the stand causing the BSODs, and I mean the 2 extra ports, not the main power port for the stand - which is a possibility. Anyways, I wanted to give my specifics and see if it triggered anyone else's memory or realizations of past or present experiences with the ST100 stand. Perhaps I can get some confirmation, or a nudge in a different direction, but still related to the stand, as I am positive that is the device causing the issues. And answering why would be the ultimate goal, although with computer tech - many why's go unanswered as an accepted loss. In any event, hopefully I can get some help here, or better yet help others. Thanks for the interest, and my most sympathetic apologies for the length of the... meandering type of explanation. Hopefully it was somewhat clear.
  17. Pre-sales: I am considering CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for purchase. 2 questions: Question #1 Is there a newer keyboard which matches the MK.2 for the current ~$130 price? I need, USB, Per-Key RGB, keypad, toggle light on caps lock state(?), not flimsy. Question #2 Nowhere in specs or marketing video is it clear that I will get full per-key RGB of the nature I MUST have. I've seen per-key RBG advertised by a single, solidary 3rd party seller, but the corsair site sort of backhandedly says yes to pre-key lighting control, but I can not find a specific statement or spec that is an unconditional yes. In particular for my personal needs, I could care less about rainbow colors, and it is nice to have optional per-key lighting with keypresses... BUT that is not enough. Before I buy I MUST know that I can get a static white background, and I MUST know that I can additionally statically specify the color of each, any, or every key individually against a white background or dark background consisting of the rest of the keys. This is important to me because at the age of 75, my sight is OK, but not as good as it used to be, and there is a chance that I will slowly go blind. The lighting of the keys with complete static control is and would be very helpful to me until I kick the bucket. Sincerely, JS
  18. I recently bought a K95 keyboard and I'm really in love with it, but every time I turn on my computer, it doesn't seem to recognize the USB passthrough and I have to manually disconnect and reconnect the cable to make it work. (I have both cables connected to USB 3.0 since using just the keyboard cable won't make the passthrough work) Any thoughts on what could be happening? Thanks!
  19. I just bought this headphones and they were fine a couple hours ago but now the mic just doesnt unmute, any suggestions in what i should do???
  20. Bonjour! J'ai récemment changé de boitier. J'ai voulu tester l'usb en façade avec mon téléphone et je me suis rendu compte que ca se déconnectait et se reconnectait sans cesse. J'ai donc cru que les ports usb étaient morts, mais en testant avec une clé USB, tout fonctionnait. Par contre quant j'ai repris un autre téléphone, le problème revenait. J'ai aussi changé le câble, rien n'y fait. J'ai essayé les ports USB de ma carte mère, et ceux de mon ancien boitier et là aucun problème. J'ai bien vérifié que Windows ne mettait pas en veille mon port, toujours rien. Le cable USB3 est bien branché, je ne comprend donc pas d'où vient le problème. Les pilotes sont aussi bien à jour. Si quelqu'un aurait une idée je suis preneur
  21. Hi everyone, I have this problem with my Corsair keyboard, it happens randomly. When I use the volume control on the keyboard it stops working and it's like if the control is stuck on zero volume, or sometimes it happens the opposite, the volume keeps going to 100 and keyboard stops working. In Icue there's a red triangle on the keyboard, the only way to fix this is to unplug the usb cable and connect it again. I made a video of the problem: https://streamable.com/623bvm I want to know what's the problem: the motherboard or the keyboard? Thanks to everyone for the help! :biggrin:
  22. Hi! I've recently been having a few infrequent and intermittent PC freezes whilst gaming, so I've been running HWInfo to see if anything stands out. Clutching at straws, I've noticed that the 5v rail is dropping to 4.52v and the 3.3v rail is dropping to 3.056v. I know that software monitoring of PSU voltages is unreliable at best, so I decided to try using my USB Link Dongle as I've read that that gives more accurate voltages. I haven't been using it because I could never get it to work...but it still doesn't work properly. If I look in device manager the Corsair USBXp Driver is under hidden devices and showing as disconnected (Code 45). If I disconnect the USB header and plug it back in again, I hear the connect sound and then an immediate disconnect sound. The light on the dongle flashes green for less than a second. The PSU doesn't show in iCUE. I did manage to get the PSU to show in iCUE once by uninstalling the USBXp driver and restarting the PC. The device in device manager was still showing as disconnected but it did appear in iCUE. However, once I restarted the PC again, it disappeared and I can't get it back again by following the same process. I've tried using both USB ports on my Commander Pro...I haven't yet tried plugging it directly into the motherboard, however, as that would require some rewiring. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated!
  23. Hi everyone, odd issue experiencing here. This is my third day using a new H100i v2 (Brand new system build), less than 10 hours up time. For some reason today I kept on getting a USB Connect/Disconnect notification. Got a Plug and Play monitor program as Windows Event logging didn't tell me anything. Tracked it down to the cooler. I have Corsair Link set to Performance with my PSU. The issue so far is that about every 10 seconds the USB plug and play sound triggers. During the "removed phase" The LED no longer light up, and the fans connected to the cooler stops. During the "plugged in" phase, LED lights up, fans spins. I googled around and found that if I updated the firmware might help. (Post from 2013). Another suggested to Disabled "USB selective suspend setting". I couldn't track down a new firmware, so I opted for the latter. No improvements with the issue. Playing around with FanXpert 4 (current setting set to Silent) and noticed that if I set it higher than Slient (Standard, Turbo, Full Speed) issue goes away. USB plugged in soun, LED lights up, fan spins. Setting it back to slient, the USB disconnect sound, LED turns off, fans stops. So What am I doing wrong? Please help. There isn't a spolier/hidden tag to hide the long post is there? Plug and Play Log:
  24. I purchased a Harpoon Wireless through Amazon and I received the first one a couple of weeks ago. When I tried plugging it in my PC did not recognize the Splistream USB Dongle. It literally didn't take any action or make any noise when plugging into the machine. I tried all of the USB ports on my machine. However it worked Wired, and via bluetooth. I forced updated the mouse, I tried resetting, however the initial pair option was blocked out and not clickable in iCUE, so I chalked it up to defective product. And I got an replacement through Amazon. Sadly I am experiencing the same issues with the replacement. My PC is not recognizing the Slipstream USB dongle. It still works wired and Bluetooth. I have also already submitted a support ticket for this issue, figured I would reach out here to see if the community has any pointers. Thanks.
  25. Hello, I recently upgraded to the new QL140 Fans. I have 5 of them, 3 as case fans and 2 as fans for my 115i AIO. I have the fans connected to Commander Pro for PWM control and the the including Lighting Node Core RGB Hub for Lighting Control. From the start of getting these new fans and RGB controlled I have been having USB issues non-stop. Sometimes when I turn on the computer, all the fans spin but do light up and once I get into Windows I open iCue I see the Lighting Node core has not been detected. After lots and lots of troubeshooting I found out that the only way I can get Lighting Node Core to work is by unplugging it from the USB header WHILE THE PC IS RUNNING and then reconnect it. This was the Lighting Node Core is detected instantly and usually sticks around until the next reboot. I have Fast Boot and Fast Start disabled in my Bios.I have attached a screenshot of USBDeview (while the node was detected). After taking screenshot and reboot it was gone again. Short of getting a new PC, how can I get back to normal with this?
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