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Audio Quality Issues after new software update

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Hey there,


I'm hoping to get some help with this. I've had the Virtuoso SE since the summer and it's been working beautifully, but ever since I've updated to the newest version of the software (3.37.140) the audio sounds like hot garbage with thumbtacks being poured into my ears.


Now, I've done a lot of stupid things in my life that I regret, and updating my iCue software ranks high up my list - next to getting married, and drunk streaking naked down a gravel road before tripping over my own feet.


I've disabled the 7.1 surround, have Windows sonic turned off, and the Auto Audio Reposition turned off, but it still sounds like someone's flatulence against my ear drums. D:


When I'm listening to music, it now constantly sounds like someone is messing with the equalizer. So, on the down-beat, the mid range drops and the low end rises. On the up-beat, the mid range spikes and the low end drops. During the stressed-beats of the song, it's like there's a cacophony of a yodeling orgy shifting and sliding every range on the equalizer.


I've gone through every setting I could see and perused through a lot of the forums other issues to no avail.


Please help before I commit a felony.


Thank you!

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Edit update: Closing iCue software resolved problem. Though not ideal, it'll have to do for now.
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