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  1. I got my new HS80 RGB Wireless headphone today and behind all of the audio, there is a slight buzzing sound. It it nothing much and it drowned out by most sounds, it is just very annoying. I hear it behind all of my friends in discord and behind YouTube videos when it is silent. It also comes behind all windows notifications. If there is any fix to this, or if anyone else is having the same problem, please let me know. :) Thanks!
  2. I have had awful issues with this headset since I bought it and now I don't know what to do Context: Was playing on my PC when all my sound vanished, despite my input and output recognizing the headset and my audio being way up on everything, nothing works. iCUE constantly now marks it as unavailable, pairing doesn't work and takes hours for it to just stop. The dongle / usb constantly flashes red and then goes off after a while, then on the off chance it goes white the sound is still broken and isn't "focused" if that makes sense, the sound is there, but shooting guns ingame will make my eardrums burst. I have done literally anything in the books, repairing software, restarts, reinstall, recharging, pairing, etc. I have done everything I possibly could have and nothing has worked and I've received no help from Corsair about this issue. I have done everything. At this point I have no idea what to do. Any and all help is appreciated.
  3. I have recently picked up a pair of virtuoso xt and I am quite disappointed that it is not able to switch between audio sources seemlessly on pc. On my old virtuoso non-se, I can simply switch the audio output between my speakers and headphones by toggling the (wireless to usb) button. This is such a big QOL feature and why is it not available on the xt? On the xt, I have to bring up the sound tab on windows and set the device as default. It feels like a massive downgrade to me that I have to switch the audio output manually on the xt. There are also posts on forum and reddit which report the same problem, but it remains unsolved.
  4. I have had this headset for about 4 months. I don't exactly know how it broke, but it broke after I plugged it in into my PlayStation controller, then I took it out, and it only works on the right ear. No, it isn't my device, It only works on the right ear on all devices. Not sure why it broke like this.
  5. Schönen guten Morgen. Mein (noch relativ neues) HS70 PRO Wireless geht leider nicht mehr richtig an. Es wird zwar erkannt und gibt beim Einschalten noch einen Ton von sich (aber nur ohne, oder nur mit halber Ansage), kann aber kein Audio mehr abspielen. Das erzwingen einer Aktualisierung hat leider auch nichts geändert. Hat vielleicht noch irgendwer Ideen was man machen könnte um es wieder zum Laufen zu bringen? Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank im Voraus!
  6. I bought the headphones at Pcdiga.com about 4 weeks ago, on the first day the headphones worked well, however, on the second day so far I am experiencing: the volume is lower, daring cracking and interference in the sound ... Help
  7. I have had a virtuoso for a couple weeks and its been workin fine but today just randomly the mic stopped working i figured i just needed to unplug it and plug it in again so i did that and i could hear the voice saying mic on charge complete but it still didnt work so i tried again and this time i could hear mic on charge complete again but no other audio on my computer but my computer was picking up audio from my mic
  8. Hey there, I'm hoping to get some help with this. I've had the Virtuoso SE since the summer and it's been working beautifully, but ever since I've updated to the newest version of the software (3.37.140) the audio sounds like hot garbage with thumbtacks being poured into my ears. Now, I've done a lot of stupid things in my life that I regret, and updating my iCue software ranks high up my list - next to getting married, and drunk streaking naked down a gravel road before tripping over my own feet. I've disabled the 7.1 surround, have Windows sonic turned off, and the Auto Audio Reposition turned off, but it still sounds like someone's flatulence against my ear drums. D: When I'm listening to music, it now constantly sounds like someone is messing with the equalizer. So, on the down-beat, the mid range drops and the low end rises. On the up-beat, the mid range spikes and the low end drops. During the stressed-beats of the song, it's like there's a cacophony of a yodeling orgy shifting and sliding every range on the equalizer. I've gone through every setting I could see and perused through a lot of the forums other issues to no avail. Please help before I commit a felony. Thank you!
  9. Hello so I was just using my headset like usual watching a youtube video when all of a sudden it shut off, it has been randomly shutting off for a while now though so I thought it was that so I tried just turning it off and back on again only to realize that I didn't hear the beeps that usually go off when turning it on or off so I took it off and looked at the charging light (while it was on the charger) and don't see one I looked it up then to see if there were others with problems similar to mine or if this was a first and there was a post in 2015 that seemed like a similar problem but I couldn't find anything to help from that. Does anyone have an idea as to what might be happening or how I could fix it? Ty. I've had the headset since ~february 3 (whenever it was I had my friends over for my birthday) 2020 so it is still under warranty for the next month at least if it is unfixable WAIT nevermind it works now idk why it didnt a few minutes ago I also don't know how to resolve the thread so i guess its here forever now
  10. Hi I bought a virtuoso yesterday, I was so happy before playing Apex Legends, I don't know if it is a game or headphone problem, with the star exploding or firing any energy weapon, the sound is distorted, Its a problem of my headset or its a problem of all the virtuosos ? :(:
  11. sorry if this is a bad post 1st post... I have had a pair of corsair void pros for a while and when ever I am playing a game I have noticed occasionally that my audio will become unaligned and it completely ruins games for me. For example I play escape from tarkov and occasionally mid raid my will become flipped but on a complete 180 my forwards and backwards audio is still fine but my hearing on my right and left will be flipped. This also happens in league of legends. I do not know how to fix this I have updated my drivers on corsair and nvidia. The only fix I know to this is to restart my computer and it can still happen after the restart. I want to play my games where audio is crucial and not have to worry about not having accurate audio. Please Help.
  12. abuchan

    Audio Issues

    I recently built a pc, and my case audio jack only works for the speakers, the microphone in my headset won't work with the audio jack on front. Then, I tried it with a different pair of earbuds and it didn't work. I have doubled and triple checked where it is plugged in on my motherboard and it still doesn't work. If you have any ideas for anything that I could do please let me know!
  13. So i bought this headset like i'd say a week or 2 ago now, and arrived a week ago. ive been using it and it has served me well except for one problem. So in the left ear cup, it seems like its filtering out a lot of the bass and also extremely quiet, whereas in the right, its normal. I tried one of those stereo audio tests (7.1 was even worse) and it sounded really odd in left channel. I dont know what to do, please help.
  14. I have a newly built PC with new corsair HS45 Headphones that come with a attachable mic. When i play any kind of audio, it is heard through the mic as well as the headphones. This happens constantly and not just through a certain application as i have tried voice recordings and get the same result. I have tried making the headphones and mic default and disabled any other possible output input devices. I have also installed Icue but unsure if this helps. Have installed drivers for audio that are for my asus motherboard. any suggestions from what i could try to fix this?
  15. Hi, i bought my virtuoso headset today but i can´t get the 96000 hz for the mic. I only get 1 channel,24bit and 48000 hz wireless and in wired mode. Can someone help me please?
  16. Hello there, to keep it simple, as the title suggests, my audio sounds weird (overall worse, like everyone has gotten a worse microphone quality, less natural-sounding, background noise like keyboard clicks are also more noticeable than before). I've previously and currently use the unedited clear chat EQ preset. Things I've tried so far: - Reinstall my audio drivers - Reinstall ICUE - Uninstall ICUE then my Realtek audio drivers and reinstall both in the same order - The above but vice versa - Clean uninstall ICUE as instructed on the support page - The above but also reinstall my Realtek audio drivers Something to note is that there is no noticeable difference between surround off and surround on, but previously, there was a notable difference between surround off and surround on (with surround on sounding overall better), which may or may not be the issue at hand, but I do not know how to go about and fix that. Appreciating any input on that issue, Sincerely, Zaruna Edit: Tried the following two things without success to fix the issue:
  17. i have recently bought the corsair virtuoso headset, please so far but when i go to play Counter Strike the footsteps sound muffled, my previous headset was the HyperX CloudII. i thought maybe i need to adjust my game volume but it just makes the muffled sound more apparent. i dont know what to do to try and make the sound clear again.
  18. Hey! I have been using the Void Pro Wireless headset for about a year now, but in the past couple months there has been crackling every so often in the audio. It's not consistent, but it happens enough and is disruptive enough that I notice it. All of my corsair stuff is up to date as well. Would it somehow be a driver that needs updating? When I bring the iCUE dashboard up it generally helps fix it a bit, but not all the time.
  19. So I have this headset(HS70 Wireless) for about a year or so now. The headset was working fine until I was cleaning the steel part of the headset(the corsair logo) and then it won't turn off even though I pushed the power button for a while, at this time the headset was still able to charge. But it's still bugged me that it won't turn off, so I have the idea to let it ran out of battery and the next morning when the battery ran out I tried to charge it, it won't charge nor show any indicator that its charging whatsoever. Any help would be much appreciated.
  20. I got my the Virtuoso for Christmas and it sounds really bad. It sounds tinny and not full at all. My Samsung buds and old Void RGB sound better than it. Did I get a lemon or am I doing something wrong?
  21. Hello, It seems that the Corsair Virtuoso RGB is extremely quiet whenever I open a game in fullscreen. However, the volume is fine whenever I watch a YouTube video or a MP4 video on desktop. I have stumbled across a couple of threads such as this one: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=190782 However, it seems that there still isn't a solution to this issue yet. Is anyone else experiencing this audio problem? Does anyone know how to fix it, thanks!
  22. My st100 rgb recently stoped giving sound true its 3.5 jack on the side, when i put it as my standard audio device in windows it goes to the mute and i cant change it, can someone help me ? i tryed forceupdating the st100 but dident help at all
  23. Hola, tengo un problema con los auriculares y el chrome. Cuando abro el navegador y entro por ejemplo, en youtube, puedo reproducir sin problema un video, pero el segundo y otro ya no escucho nada. me pasa lo mismo con netflix o cualquier otro pagina, en el momento que lo abro con chrome , sin audio, en cambio funciona perfectamente con explorer 11 o edge. Cual puede ser el problema? Chrome esta actualizado a la ultima version al igual que ICUE. Un saludo
  24. So I've had my Void Head set for over a year and they suddenly have stopped working properly. I had just cleaned my computer and was installing new drivers. My issues started after I uninstalled my Corsair Utility Engine because I couldn't get it to open anymore. I installed iCUE and all my settings moved over, but when i tried to use my headset it would connect; however I wouldn't get the audio cues anymore, I could modify the LEDs and the mic works. But for some reason my headset won't play any audio besides the mic side tone. My computer recognizes it, but it can't play any audio. I tried the windows trouble shooter and it said "Audio Services Not Responding" I then tried to re-pair my headset and dongle and it still didn't work. I honestly have no idea whats going on
  25. Title says it all really. I have done every trouble shooting thing I can find. And there is still no audio from discord. My headset was working, sound was coming in fine but now no voice audio from other people on discord. My other wired headset works fine but these stopped working suddenly. And only with discord. All other audio comes in great but no voice/sound from discord. My mic works just no sound for whatever reason. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE, discord, drivers. I bought these specifically for discord use.
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