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Found 18 results

  1. After my vaction the headset (Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE) isn't starting. When connected to power all LEDs are flashing red (the mic, ears and the small status LED on the Bottom). There is also a quite crackle sound coming from the speakers. I tried already the folloing thinks: Installed latest iCUE Software Installed latest Firmeware (force install) on the Dongle Updated Windows 10 Rebootet many times Tried different USB Ports Tried USB and Wirless mode on the headset Used Different Chargers Updated Motherboard drivers Removed the Headset drivers and installed them again Different USB Cables This small clip shows the problem: [ame] [/ame] Do you have any Ideas?
  2. Hello. I recently bought this headset Corsair Virtuoso wireless SE. After reading the forum, I doubted that I did not have the latest firmware. Headset firmware version v. 0.17.149 Dongle firmware version v. 0.16.80 Is this the latest firmware? Version Icue v. 4.14.179
  3. I need help with my Virtuoso SE headset! Since the update to iCUE 4 (now at 4.11.274) it cannot be updated anymore. Same for the dongle. Both are stuck at 0.17.149 (headset) and 0.16.80 (dongle) respectivly. When pressing the "Check for Updates" button, iCUE does not show up-to-date. But it also does not update the firmware. I also cannot force update because that button is greyed out. (See Attachments) I have tried different ports (no hub), soft reseting the headset, uninstalling iCUE completely/fully and uninstalling the devices in device manager. I have read a few threads, where either the dongle or the headset is at a 0.x.x version but not both. I also know from these threads that the latest firmware is somewhere in the 5.x.x range. I am pretty sure that this can only be fixed with a manual firmware update. I would greatly appreciate if some Corsair employee could send me the latest firmware as .zip or .bin. The P/N of the headset and dongle is CA-9011180.
  4. I'm currently having problems with the audio on my Virtuoso SE headset. I use a PS4 with my headset, but the sound is terrible compared to cheap headsets I also own. The best way to desribe it is tinny/ no stereo. I've checked my connection, my iCUE software, and everything is fine there. I've tried both wireless and wired, but the sound is the same. I'm not convinced that they're very compatible with PS4 than they are PC. I've tried different EQ settings, but I'm having no luck. I'm having as much luck trying to get in contact with Corsair customer service, as there only seems to be a phone number for the US and not Europe. Could anyone please help as I feel like I've wasted my money and wish I'd stuck wth a cheaper headset. Many thanks
  5. My Virtuoso SE can't maintain a charge. I've tried plugging it in with different cords and different sockets for hours at a time, and it won't stay on for longer than a few seconds. I've tried higher voltage connections, like wall sockets and fast charge USB. They work better but not enough. When I plug it in, the light next to the USB slow blinks red and never changes. The USB mode does not work when plugged in, and the Wireless mode only works for a few seconds. When unplugged, iCue reads the power levels of the battery as "Critical". I was having no problems with the headset before this issue, with no noticeable decay in charged time. I am currently using it by plugging in the USB and utilizing the mini jack, which is not optimal. Please advise, thanks.
  6. Hey there, I'm hoping to get some help with this. I've had the Virtuoso SE since the summer and it's been working beautifully, but ever since I've updated to the newest version of the software (3.37.140) the audio sounds like hot garbage with thumbtacks being poured into my ears. Now, I've done a lot of stupid things in my life that I regret, and updating my iCue software ranks high up my list - next to getting married, and drunk streaking naked down a gravel road before tripping over my own feet. I've disabled the 7.1 surround, have Windows sonic turned off, and the Auto Audio Reposition turned off, but it still sounds like someone's flatulence against my ear drums. D: When I'm listening to music, it now constantly sounds like someone is messing with the equalizer. So, on the down-beat, the mid range drops and the low end rises. On the up-beat, the mid range spikes and the low end drops. During the stressed-beats of the song, it's like there's a cacophony of a yodeling orgy shifting and sliding every range on the equalizer. I've gone through every setting I could see and perused through a lot of the forums other issues to no avail. Please help before I commit a felony. Thank you!
  7. So I have had my Virtuoso's for probably around 6 months and have had 0 problems with them...until today. I was playing and everything was fine but they were low on battery and had them plugged up. I stepped away for a few minutes and came back noticing the lights were off and assuming they were just in sleep mode. I put them on and they still wouldn't power on. After plugging and unplugging the cable I noticed they would power on and charge for a couple seconds then shutoff again. I then noticed when unplugging and plugging the microphone attachment they also turn on for a couple seconds and then turn off again. I also hear a very quiet clicking sound in the left ear when they are off. Any answers?
  8. I recently switched cases from a thermaltake view 71 TG to a Cooler Master Cosmos C700P I did not change anything in between the swap but now my K95 Platinum XT, M55 Pro, and Virtuoso SE are all stuck in the color red. My case fans led strips and even motherboard are all having no issues reading that I want them purple but these 3 are. Also when I unplug any of them from USB and plug them back in, they pair then make the sound like I unplugged them. Please help!
  9. Hello, I recently bought the Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB SE and I really liked them. It's true they could be more comfortable, but I think they sound pretty awesome. The problem is that the wired/wireless button is kinda loose and it makes a really annoying sound. This only happens when I'm using a hoddie or when I move it with my finger. The sound is something like "clack clack clack" and I can hear it inside the headset, Idk if this is normal or is an factoy problem. Thanks a lot!
  10. Guten Tag zusammen. Ich habe seit kurzem das Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE und war eigentlich sehr zufrieden. Allerdings habe ich seit heute das problem das sobald ich den Wireless Adapter einstecke sich die lautstärke automatisch auf 100% stellt und sich auch nicht wieder runter regeln läst, bis ich den Adapter wieder entferne. ich habe schoin einiges versucht, wie z.B. die iCUE Programm Deinstaliert, Neustart,... Nun bin ich etwas Ratlos und hoffe ihr könnt mir bei diesem Problem weiter helfen. Betriebssystem ist Windows 10.
  11. Hello everyone, I just got my Virtuoso SE and noticed that the volume wheel is pretty hard to turn. When wearing the headset it also makes alot of noise, like metal rubbing against plastic. From the outside it looks like the wheel is indeed rubbing against the inner side from the hole (see picture below). Is this normal or a production error? Thanks!
  12. When i switch from USB mode to wireless mode the audio get's increased by 10-15% and i don't know how to fix this issue
  13. Hi all, I recently got the Virtuoso SE RGB headset, about 2.5 months ago. So far, it's worked fantastic, but recently the swivels for the ear cups have become quite loose. When I first recieved the headset, the swivels were nice and firm, but now they spin almost freely. Is there a way to tighten the swivels back to the way they were out of the box? Thanks!
  14. Hello, everyone, I've recently purchased the Virtuoso Wireless SE and I am enjoying it a lot and how clean and sleek it looks and convenient it is to use on my laptop I just have a few questions about the headset. Is there a proper way of putting them away? Can I just yank out the USB that gives it the wireless and how would I properly turn it off? I can't seem to find the USB in my bottom right task and right-click to safely remove it.
  15. Bonjour suite a plusieurs lecture de sujet et ne trouvant pas ma réponce je demande un peut d'aide ici. je viens de me faire un setup périphérie full Corsair et je trouve plusieurs problème a l'utilisation d'ICUE , mes en particulier un problème liée a mon casque model virtuoso wirelesse SE RGB . il ne tien que 5h en batterie je voudrai s'avoir si c'est normale étant vendu et détailler par beaucoup sur YouTube a 20h d'autonomie. deuxième problème : comment supprimer définitivement c'est fichue profile qui revienne a chaque démarrage .? et également pourquoi ma souris a changer de nom du jour au lendemain sans pouvoir réglée ce problème voir photo
  16. Trying to find out how common of an issue this is... The Microphone that Ive received from two different Virtuoso SE's are loose near the connector, close to where the mic mute button is. Does it get worse over time? If so, How have you dealt with the problem? Did you notice it straight away?
  17. Hello, Here i have a small List of issues if anyone could help! Thx Have this headset since release And have a problems starting after 1 month and till now i have more and more issues. But still in love with it. 1. Mic wont mute, I press the mute button and says "Mic Muted, Mic Unmuted" mic won't mute. 2. Random bzzz Sound after turning on and wont go away After I turn off and On 5-15 times. ( does anyone know why this happens ) 3. Audio Randomly Cuts off. 4. Headset will say " Charging " 2-6 Times after i plug it in to charge it obviously. And when disable voice prompts it still has the voice
  18. I left my Corsair Virtuoso SE plugged in overnight and when I turned it on this morning, it indicated that it had critical battery (notification sounds and red LED). Then I proceeded to use the headset in USB mode for around 2 - 3 hours and decided to use it in wireless mode again and, in 5 minutes, the headset indicated again that it had low battery. Apart from what just happened today, the battery life of the headset is lackluster at best, with luck I get 4 hours of battery life compared to the advertised 20. I have already made sure that I'm running the latest iCUE version and headset / dongle firmware versions. Apart from RMA, is there a solution for this problem? EDIT: I'm using my headset in wireless mode in a computer that has iCUE installed, led turned green and battery status in the Software is "high". I am measuring how many hours the battery will last, I will update later with more details.
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