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Hs80 Static/white noise behind all audio

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I got my new HS80 RGB Wireless headphone today and behind all of the audio, there is a slight buzzing sound. It it nothing much and it drowned out  by most sounds, it is just very annoying. I hear it behind all of my friends in discord and behind YouTube videos when it is silent. It also comes behind all windows notifications. If there is any fix to this, or if anyone else is having the same problem, please let me know. :)


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same here, every time some sound is played there is static , wireless / usb mode , even after restart . it stays there 
Corsair do you have any fix for that, bcz this is software issue at best, This issue is present from first version of Corsair Void RGB USB headset. and they still didnt fixed it and ignore this issue.

Corsair please Fix it.
we love this brand but this makes us move away to other brands...

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