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Can't connect K63 OR Harpoon over Bluetooth


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This is making me nuts. I can't get either of my Corsair products to connect to my Win10 laptop over Bluetooth. The only way I can use them is with the USB dongles (don't get me started on one dongle per device...)


I can connect other devices over BT - Xbox One controller, various headphones, a Wacom tablet - but neither of these Corsair devices.


When I go to "Add Bluetooth Device", Windows will at least see the Harpoon mouse, but it just keeps loping back to "Try connecting again". It won't see the keyboard at all. I know the keyboard and button presses, but they simply don't work.


I've got 2 of my 3 USB ports tied up with Corsair dongles... it'd be really nice to free them up.


Does anyone have any suggestions or guesses?


Thanks in advance.

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