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Corsiar Virtuoso XT - Bluetooth on iPhone cuts out when switching audio source on the iPhone

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Hi folks, 

Is anyone having a problem with the Virtuoso XT's and Bluetooth going silent?  

In some more detail, I have the headphones connected wirelessly to a PC and my iPhone 13 Pro at the same time.  Sometimes, when switching audio sources on the iPhone, audio cuts out completely.  For example, if I toggle from something like Sirius XM to a Facebook video or a Tiktok live video is another common one, the audio goes silent after maybe 1 second of audio.  The only way to restore is either toggle Bluetooth off/on, or go into iPhones control center, and toggle audio to the iPhone speakers and back to the Virtuoso's.  The phone still sees them connected to Bluetooth.  

This is only happening with the Virtuoso's.  AirPods Pro work fine.  Speakers on the phone work fine.  Is this a known bug on the firmware of the headphones?  Any help would be appreciated. 

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